How to Make Strong Coffee That Keeps You Awake.

How to Make Strong Coffee

Drinking coffee in the morning is the most noticeable thing we do. The mass of people love coffee after waking up in the morning, some people prefer to have a cup of strong and some people like coffee that tastes weak. Because it has lots of benefits including getting cured of heart diseases, lower risk of diabetes and reduction of suicide risk and depression. Making a strong cup of coffee is not very tricky, it’s simple and easy with just a few minutes, We are here to let you know how to make strong coffee that keeps you awake and helps you get rid of lots of diseases.

First of all, we are going to talk about what is strong called and how does it tastes, then we will be describing how you can make strong coffee right at your home that keeps you awake. If you want to know how this article is for you, so without further ado, let’s get into it.

What is Strong Coffee Called

How to Make Strong Coffee

Strong coffee is the most familiar name when it comes to talking about how strong the coffee is, it’s one of the demandable things for coffee drinkers everywhere.

If you are looking for the exact definition of what strong coffee is? Then it could be kind of tricky to be described. To have a strong cup of coffee whether It’s about caffeine content or flavor. You may know what is caffeine and how much caffeine is in a cup of coffee. Before we start the article we need to get something out of the way first. Whenever you tend to make coffee, you will choose coffee either has more caffeine or bitter flavor. In terms of making coffee, first, Let’s talk about how to make coffee more caffeinated.      

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How to Make Coffee More Caffeinated


Whenever your body is getting increasingly weak or your thoughts are fading and your eyes are being glazed, or you sleep a lot that is being an obstacle for you and looking for how to make strong coffee that keeps you awake, you need more caffeine right at your cup, even as caffeine as possible. To know the method, think about some steps below.

1. Choose Lighter Roast to Make Your Coffee Strong


Before you make the strong coffee, Don’t forget to choose the lighter roasted coffee beans. Because lighter roast contains more caffeine, remember, the lighter the roast, the more caffeine will be contained at your cup of coffee.       

2. Grind Beans as Finely as Possible

The greater amount of caffeine is extracted from beans that are finely ground. Finer grounds give you the greatest energy boost, as well as a fresh cup of java.

There have various brands of coffee grind machines in the market, also have many brands of the best coffee maker with builtin grinder available nowadays which gives you desire finer grounds. Just imagine in the old era when these types of smart machines are not innovated then people how to grind coffee beans without a grinder?

3. Brew longer to Make Your Coffee Strong

To get the great amount of caffeine, you need to brew the coffee longer so that the coffee can have the amount of caffeine you are looking  for       

4. Know The Ratios

Whenever you are going to brew with your coffee maker, you will be able to customize either with the largest size available or a smaller cup. However, if you tend to get more caffeine, brew two small cups of coffee instead of brewing a bigger cup of coffee due to having more water than the smaller cups.

5. Add Some Espresso to Your Coffee

Espresso has a high caffeine volume. So if you want to get more caffeine you can either drink espresso yourself or add it to your regular coffee.   

There have many brands of best super-automatic espresso machines in the market, those make espresso with a high caffeine volume. See the Saeco Picobaristo Review the model no. HD8927/47 is the best espresso maker out of those.

There are a lot more ways to make strong coffee, what we have shared is the most precise way to make your own. However, if you can’t get through this process, try different brewing methods which might bring the exact result that you are after. To get more strong flavor try the steps described below

How to Make Strong Flavored Coffee

Flavored Coffee

There are many ways to make more strong flavor for your cup of joe. Here are three necessary steps to follow when it comes to making your own.   

1. Adjust Water-to-Grounds Ratio

How to Make Strong Coffee

In a regular brewed coffee, the normal ratio is 2 scoops (2 tablespoons) of grounds to one cup (6 ounces) of water. If you want more strong flavor, you will need to add more grounds.     

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2. Choose a Darker Roast


When you tend to have a strong cup of coffee, choose a darker roast due to having a stronger flavor, because the longer the beans roast the rich flavor will be contained.

There have many different types of best home coffee roaster available in the current market by which you can easily roast your coffee beans at your own home maintaining your expected coffee roast levels whether it is lighter, medium, medium-dark, or dark roast.

3. Try Different Brewing Method 

If you are trying to get the more strong flavor and can’t be happy with, try different brewing methods.

However, for sure, you will get the as strong flavor as you are looking for through the mentioned method.     

What Do You Need to Make a Strong Cup of Coffee?

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Strong Cup of Coffee

1. Strong Coffee Beans


Strong coffee beans enable the coffee to have a more strong flavor. There are many different types of coffee beans out there, but we would suggest using the perfect blend of arabica and robusta to create more flavored and caffeine content.     

Arabica & Robusta Coffee Beans


2. Fresh Coffee

Strong coffee is defined when the coffee gets enough strength to taste, and the more the fresh coffee the more strength will be in. fresh coffee ensures that your coffee tastes good.     

3. Coffee Grounds


When you are going to make a strong cup of coffee, you need to consider how the coffee grounds are. You can make the coffee grounds either coarse or finer, however, the more the coffee is finer the more you will get the stronger flavor in your cup of coffee.

4. Proper Brewing Ratios

As I mentioned earlier, if you want a stronger flavor at your cup of coffee, you will need to know the proper brewing ratios, to increase the flavor, add more grounds to your coffee.  

5. Proper Brewing Methods


There are plenty of coffee brewers out there. Also, the brewing methods are different based on the coffee machine. And you focus your own brewing methods. As I mentioned earlier, if you are not getting the precise taste from your coffee, you can try the different brewing methods to bring out the desired taste of your coffee.

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Strong coffee has lots of benefits. There are many people who always prefer to consume strong coffee due to having enough flavors. For using the darker roast, that coffee might taste a little bit bitter, however, proper brewing method doesn’t let you taste bad. We described how to make it strong so that you can get the same what we have experienced. Also, we have reviewed Keurig coffee makers (Keurig K475 Review, Keurig K575 Review, and Keurig K Elite Review) where you will know how to make a strong cup of coffee with Keurig.


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