How To Make Bulletproof Coffee At Home (Recipe With MCT Oil)


When you are used to consuming a regular cup of coffee, bulletproof coffee is the trendiest thing that people start loving to drink every morning instead of taking breakfast integrating kind of food.

It’s a kind of small meal you can boost yourself with for the whole day long. With a combination of bulletproof coffee beans, coconut oil, and grass-fed butter or ghee, bulletproof coffee is made that gives a frothy, smooth rich flavored taste.

We are here to describe how to make bulletproof coffee at home with some aspects of bulletproof coffee including what is bulletproof coffee, bulletproof coffee benefits, and so on.

How To Make Bulletproof Coffee At Home
How To Make Bulletproof Coffee At Home

To know more about this magical breakfast, focus on the entire article, and read on.

What Is Bulletproof Coffee?

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What Is Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee sounds a bit interesting while making coffee every morning on your countertop.

The actual definition of bulletproof coffee is a kind of coffee that combined bulletproof coffee beans (which is called high-performance upgraded beans), coconut oil, and grass-fed butter producing the creamy, frothy satisfying drink.

Because all of the ingredients are blended, therefore, the drink gets foamy and eliminates acidity and bitterness for a richer taste.

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Bulletproof Coffee Ingredients

The Ingredients of Bulletproof Coffee

There are few ingredients to make bulletproof coffee including coffee beans, grass-fed butter, and coconut oil as well as some crucial things you need to know about these.

1) Bulletproof Coffee Beans


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Bulletproof coffee uses the beans that are a bit different than regular coffee beans. It has its own beans that are specially treated and plays a role to make bulletproof coffee.

But it’s not mandatory to use only the Bulletproof coffee beans, you can use any other best quality of coffee beans. And the coffee roast levels depend on up to your choice.

Like if you love the medium, medium-dark, or dark roast coffee you can easily buy accordingly from the market or can roast yourself at your home with your best home coffee roaster.

Then grinds to expected grind size by one of the best burr coffee grinders as bulletproof coffee requires finely grounds coffee.

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Let’s Watch a Video Review: Bulletproof Coffee Beans, How to Make Bulletproof Coffee

2) Grass Fed Butter


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Grass-fed butter is the crucial thing that is used to make bulletproof coffee. As I mentioned earlier, bulletproof coffee has rich fats that work as a staple in the bulletproof diet.

With bulletproof coffee, the grass-fed butter impacts as fuel on your body to boost your activities and movements.

Also, it ensures a healthy drink with healthy fats. Bulletproof coffee without butter is considered normal coffee and not frothy as you want.

3) Bulletproof Coffee Coconut Oil

The Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil is one of the healthiest ingredients to make bulletproof coffee. It has unique fatty acids that affect your body to boost fat burning and increase your body and brain energy.

With bulletproof coffee, it raises HDL cholesterol in your blood that reduces heart disease risk. Most people of the western world especially health-conscious people consume coconut food as it an exotic food.    


4) You Can Use MCT Oil Instead

Bulletproof MCT Oil

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Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil is relatively similar to coconut oil, also it’s extracted from coconut oil. The difference between coconut oil is MCT oil has a lower smoke point whereas coconut oil doesn’t have that much.

It’s not used only bulletproof coffee but also used in salad dressings and as a dietary supplement.

As concentrated from coconut oil it helps burn fat and boost metabolism so you have more energy into your body and brain.

If your goal is weight loss, then the MCT oil is the best option to add your coffee.

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Bulletproof Coffee Benefits

As bulletproof coffee is a combination of coconut oil, MCT oil, bulletproof coffee beans, and grass-fed butter; bulletproof coffee plays a role to increase your health benefit.

So Let’s look at what are the benefits of drinking bulletproof coffee right below?

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The Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee
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Improves Mood And Feelings

bulletproof coffee improves mood and feelings of general wellbeing by increasing testosterone.

Testosterone is a steroid hormone that stimulates the development of male reproductive tissues such as tastes and Prostate.

It also promoting secondary sexual characteristics such as increased muscle, bone mass, and the growth of body hair.

So, have a bulletproof coffee and increase your testosterone.

Increase Energy

Bulletproof coffee combines the effects of caffeine and high-powered fats, therefore it increases energy.

Drinking a cup of bulletproof coffee in the morning will lead to work with more flexibility and the ability to work faster.

So you can have bulletproof coffee in the morning as a healthy breakfast.

By the way, do you know what is caffeine and how much caffeine is in a cup of coffee?

Impacts Weight Loss And Metabolism

Bulletproof coffee weight loss- Though grass-fed butter is used in bulletproof coffee, it plays a key role in the impact of weight loss and metabolism. Because it has unsaturated fats that have been considered healthy.

So replacing with regular butter with grass-fed butter in bulletproof coffee reduce your risk of heart disease.        

Increases Brain Power

Often, bulletproof coffee is combined with MCT oil that contains medium-length chains of fats called triglycerides. Therefore MCTs are digested with many health benefits.

MCT oil is great for ketosis, bulletproof coffee can have any keto coffee creamer recipe with a dash of MCT oil.

Your bulletproof coffee can be an instant source of energy and can be converted into ketones to fuel your brain.

Improves Strength

In bulletproof coffee, there is MCT oil or coconut oil is used that increases lean muscle mass with testosterone containing healthy fats, therefore it can improve the strength of your body.

After drinking a cup of bulletproof coffee, you will feel energetic while you are working as well as feeling smooth and fresh due to boosted brain energy.

The Best Way Of How To Make Bulletproof Coffee At Home

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How To Make Bulletproof Coffee

If you want to make bulletproof coffee at home on your own in the morning, you will need to follow some easy steps of our keto bulletproof coffee recipe at below:

  • Brew your coffee
  • Add 2 Tbsp grass-fed butter
  • Add 1-2 Tbsp MCT or coconut oil

Take coffee grounds and a coffee maker what you have now, Chemex or French press. Then, brew your coffee as you normally do.

Now the question is where to buy bulletproof coffee? There are many ways you can buy bulletproof coffee heading either to a super shop or coffee shop near you or you check it online.

Once the coffee is brewed, pour the coffee into a blender. Great!  You’re good to go making bulletproof coffee.

It depends on your prospective quantify how many cups you want to make. But for one cup of bulletproof coffee, add 2 Tbsp grass-fed butter. Instead of this, you can use ghee too. Then add 1-2 Tbsp MCT or coconut oil. (Whereas you can make bulletproof coffee without MCT oil)

Now It’s time to blend because without blending bulletproof coffee doesn’t get that much frothy and creamy. So, blend on high for about 30 seconds or more until the coffee looks frothy like a latte. 

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Bulletproof coffee is a great and trendiest thing I’ve ever had.

Also, this is a kind of coffee that combines grass-fed butter, MCT oil or coconut oil, and highly-treated coffee beans ensuring lots of benefits such as the lower risk of heart disease, development of male, Improvement of entire body and brain.

Fortunately, if you want to know how to make bulletproof coffee at home, it’s as easier as regular coffee you make every morning.

All you have to do is brew coffee as you normally do and blend it with additional ingredients, that’s it.

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