Keurig K Elite Reviews 2023: Everything You Must Know


In this article I’m going to share my long term Keurig k elite reviews, talk about the good side and the bad side, tell you about all the features and different versions, show you how to use it, clean it, and pretty much everything else you need to know. It’s a deep dive.

Taking the time and making coffee is something great, we all love it, but the reality is quite different for some of us.

For someone like me, who is always on the run, it’s just not worth it to take the time and prepare my own coffee by myself every day and every time I need a cup.

And that’s when the single-serve coffee makers came to the rescue. All I gotta do is put a pod, press a button, and voila – a fresh cup of coffee is ready for me.

Besides, there’s no waste as well. If I need one cup, then that is what I get; no more or no less.

In short – Keurig k elite is definitely one of the best single-serve pod coffee makers you can get. I have used the previous ones, the plus series, and I know what this Keurig elite is all about.

If you are planning to get the Keurig k-elite or even if you already own one, this is going to be an extremely helpful article.

I’m gonna pour out all the experience that I gathered by thoroughly using this and the other coffee makers available in the market. First, we are gonna start with a short keurig k-elite review, then we will jump into details.

K Elite Coffee Maker

Keurig K Elite Reviews (in short) with Specifications, Pros & Cons


  • Cup/brew Sizes: 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz
  • Water reservoir: 75 oz
  • Temp control: Yes
  • Strength control: Yes
  • Dimension: 9.9″W x 12.7″D x 13.1″H
  • Weight: 8.0 lbs
  • Auto on/off: Yes
  • Other features: Removable metal drip tray, removable water tank, premium finish, high altitude settings, iced coffee, strong brew, hot water on demand, low noise.

This has to be the most functional single-serve pod coffee maker out there in the market. The price is around 150 bucks (depends on the color and the accessories it comes with) and the features it offers are too good.

Also, the performance is solid and there are no complaints around it. Well, there are some things that could have been different, but that comes down to personal preference.

The only thing I wish it had was the carafe brewing option, which the previous version (Keurig plus/2.0) had.

The Pros The Cons

 The Keurig elite looks good
It’s super easy to use
Very easy to clean and maintain
It has a large water reservoir
Strong coffee brewing option
Iced coffee brewing option
On-demand hot water with a separate button
It brews coffee very fast (under a minute)
Comparatively silent operation
Have different cup sizes for brewing
A removable metal drip tray
Ground coffee can be used by re-usable k-cup
Programmable settings
Auto on and off
High altitude settings
Water Temperature control
Maintenance reminder
Water reminder

Θ No carafe brewing option
Θ Comparatively pricey
Θ You have to separately buy the Reusable cup
Θ Limited colors
Θ Splash of coffee
Θ The highest temp is not hot enough for some people

About The Keurig Brand

Keurig Logo

One of the most well-known brands of household goods is Keurig. They offer a variety of high-quality coffee makers and coffee-making accessories with various features and costs.

They have contributed significantly to establishing a good reputation in their industry since the early 1990s. Keurig is a well-known and trustworthy brand in the United States.

Design, Build Quality, And Unboxing The Keurig K-elite

Keurig K Elite Unboxing

As you open the packaging of the Keurig k-elite coffee maker for the first time, you will find the coffee maker itself (no brainer), 6 k cup pods, a filter kit, and also a quick start guide (which is not that useful tbh).

The pod coffee maker comes in three different colors (brushed silver, brushed slate, and brushed gold) and they are excellent in my personal opinion.

 It’s 13.1 inches in height (goes up to 16.5 inches when the top lid is open), 9.9 inches wide, and 12.7 inches deep. The power cord is about 26 inches.

So, now you know how much space you’ll need to put this on your kitchen or table.

The build quality is quite great as It’s made of quality plastic and metal materials; the overall finish looks premium.

When it comes to the looks, it’s quite personal but Keurig has done a great job in my opinion. The design is clean and minimalistic, yet functional.

Let’s Watch Keurig Elite Reviews Video: Unboxing & Setup

Top Features Of Keurig K Elite

Superfast Operation:

You are getting a cup of coffee in under a minute and that is amazing if you ask me. I’ve tried it a couple of times using a timer and it did that perfectly under a minute every time. Besides, it’s easy and intuitive to use. All you gotta do is press a specific button and it will do what it’s meant to do.

Multiple Brewing Options:

K Elite Multiple Brewing Options

You can make strong coffee, iced coffee (cold brew), or just make hot water for your instant noodles, oatmeal, tea, or anything you want. I love how easy it is to make coffee with coffee pods.

Different Cup Sizes:

Keurig K Cup Pod Sizes

Keurig k-elite has 5 different cup sizes. All you have to do is press a button for each cup size and you will get coffee in the exact amount.

Removable Water Tank and Drip Tray:

K Elite Water Reservoir

The 75 oz large water tank can fill around 8 cups of coffee; that means – you don’t have to frequently fill the water tank and it’s a handy feature. Since the water tank is removable, it becomes easy to fill it and clean it the way you like.

K Elite Removable Drip Tray

It’s not uncommon for us to make mistakes or fumble every now and then when holding our coffee cup. The drip tray is there to make sure the spilled water or coffee does not spread everywhere. The drip tray is metal and the build quality is great. Besides, you can remove it and place a travel mug easily.

P.s. There’s a blinking add water light

Programmable Time And Temperature:

K Elite Programmable Settings

There’s a built-in programmable on/off feature that allows you to set the exact time your coffee maker turns on in the morning. The auto-off button turns off your brewer after two hours of no use. If you know how to use it right, you’ll like this feature.

You can also change the temperature. I like my coffee hot but if you want to dim it down bit, I’m not going to judge (maybe a little bit).

Reusable K-Cup:

Reusable K-Cup
Click on Picture to Buy it

If you don’t like the taste of the k-cups or if you want something fresh and stronger, you can always use the reusable k-cups for that. This also reduces plastic waste and saves money.

Performance Of The Keurig K-Elite

Performance of Keurig K-Elite

Not only me but thousands of other people have been using the K-elite happily, but how good is the actual performance?

Look, I’m going to be real here.

There’s always a difference between a manually made freshly brewed coffee and a pod coffee machine. For some people, the difference is insignificant and they prefer convenience over that; other people might be too picky regarding that.

If you have tried coffee from a Keurig machine, and you like the taste (which is good if you ask me), then it’s a sure shot for you.

The convenience and customization are insane when it comes to Keurig K-elite. It’s super easy and intuitive to use and I had no complaints about the performance.

It takes about three minutes for the water to heat up for the first time. And then it would take about 30 seconds to re-heat when you choose to make another cup.

One thing you might complain about is the highest temp being not high enough.

Pro Tip: Simply brew a cup of hot water before making you a cup of coffee. This would make sure the water reaches ideal temp and your mug is warm at the same time.

You can easily use a reusable K cup if you want to use fresh ground coffee beans, or just simply press the strong brew button if you are craving something strong. Making coffee can’t get easier than this.

Pro Tip: If the machine doesn’t start, then simply open the lid and close again and the buttons will light up.

Let’s Watch a Video On Keurig K Elite Reviews:

How To Use Keurig K-Elite Pod Coffee Maker (Step By Step)

How To Use Keurig K-Elite Pod Coffee Maker

Step 1: Get the water

Remove the water tank and fill it with water. Make sure you insert the water filter kit beforehand. If you are using filtered water, then you don’t need it.

Note: make sure you are not filling it beyond the maximum water level indication.

Step 2: Power up

Connect the power plug and press the power button. It will turn green and the machine will start making a deep humming noise, which indicates that the water is heating up. It will take about three minutes to heat up and the humming noise will stop. There’s no other way to make sure that the water is heated up, you have to listen for the noise to stop.

Step 3: Brew a dummy

To get the optimal temperature, I would highly suggest that you run a cup of hot water beforehand.

Simply press the hot water button, select the cup size button, and let it brew hot water. This will ensure your cup is warm and you get the optimum temperature from the machine.

Step 4: Put the pod hit the button

Simply open the top lid, put your k pod and close it. Then press the choose the cup size and it will brew a beautiful cup of coffee for you under a minute.

Pro Tip – heat your coffee cup for 60 seconds in the microwave if you want a hotter cuppa coffee

How To Use The Reusable K-cup With Keurig Coffee Maker

How to Use the Reusable K-Cup with Keurig Coffee Maker

Set up the cup with a filter and put coffee with the desired amount; there’s an indication for a small cup and large cup.

Then turn and close the lid to start brewing. This brew is going to be comparatively stronger and there might be some sediments at the bottom.

After you are done, get the pod out, throw out the coffee ground, do it right away, otherwise, it’s gonna get solid and harder to clean.

Problems/ Shortcomings Of Keurig K-Elite Single Serve Coffee Maker

Problems and Shortcomings of Keurig K-Elite

Nothing is perfect and there are things that you have to manage. It’s the same for Keurig K-elite; none of the shortcomings is a deal breaker but it’s better to know them beforehand. That way you know what to expect and what not to.

1 – No lcd touch panel:

The previous version of this machine, the plus series, used to come with LCD touch panels. Some people found it inconvenient hence the company changed it with buttons which are more practical. Even I prefer using buttons, but it felt like going backward. They could have introduced a better touch panel. Personally, I don’t find it to be a big issue.

2 – Separate  buy the reusable k cup:

I wish they had included the re-usable K cup with the main product. It’s a hassle to buy it separately. It costs around 10 bucks online.

3 – Splatter:

This is a real issue that bugs me sometimes. Whenever I’m using a short mug, the long fall of coffee creates splatter. It’s not a big deal to wipe it up instantly to keep things clean, but they could have done a better job to prevent this splatter issue.

4 – Temperature:

As I have mentioned earlier, the temp is decent but not very high which some people might have preferred. They should integrate a system to increase the temp a bit higher.

5 – Taste:

It comes down to something personal but the taste might not be everyone’s cup of coffee. People who prefer convenience over perfection would go for pod coffee makers. But if you compare it to others of its own league, then it can definitely be among the top contenders for taste.

6 – No carafe brewing option

The previous version of the plus series, such as the Keurig k475 or K-575 had the carafe brewing option. Well, the K-elite does have a travel mug brewing option up to 7.2” tall, but not having a carafe brewing option is a downside.

7 – No Water heating indicator:

There’s no way of knowing if the water is heated or not. You have to listen for the humming noise to stop to know that water is heated and it’s ready to brew. Having a simple LED indicator could have helped.

Cleaning/ Descaling The Keurig K-Elite Single Serve Coffee Maker

Descaling The Keurig K-Elite

Honestly, it’s super simple and easy to clean or descale the Keurig K-elite.

There’s a descaling light that will come up when it’s time to descale your Keurig.

You can use vinegar or Urnex cleaner to do it very easily.

All you gotta do is empty the packet of Urnex in the water reservoir, fill the rest with water, and then brew the water out.

Then, rinse the water tank and to flush the interior – brew clean water 2 to 3 more times. It’s as easy as that.

To clean the pod holder, use a urnex cleaning pod and follow the same rinsing procedure to clean it up.

Note: Remove the filter while you use a cleaning agent.

Let’s Watch a Video: How to Descale Your Keurig Better Than Vinegar

Or if you want to use vinegar, read our article on how to clean a coffee maker with vinegar.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some of the Keurig k elite problems?

Keurig K-Elite does not come with carafe brewing options, has splatter issues when using a shorter mug, and you have to buy the reusable k cup separately.

Where can I find the Keurig K-elite User manual?

In the Keurig K elite user manual, you will find information on how to use, how to descale, how to troubleshoot, and other relevant information regarding parts and warranty.

How long does a Keurig Elite last?

You can expect it to last around 3-5 years in general. With proper care and use, it might last even longer.

Can I use my own coffee with Keurig Elite?

Yes, you can use your own coffee ground when you use a reusable k-cup with the Keurig elite.

What Pods are compatible with Keurig Elite?

It will be compatible with all k-cups and reusable k-cups.

What are the alternatives of Keurig K-Elite?

An alternative from Keurig brand would be Keurig k-select coffee maker. Alternative from another brand would be Nespresso Vertuoline, and if you want to look.

What Is The Difference Between Keurig K-Elite And K-Elite C?

The difference is not in the machine but in the packaging. Keurig K-Elite comes in regular packaging and pricing and the Keurig K-elite C comes at a higher price since it has more stuff with it. K-Elite has – 6 K-cups, 1 water filter kit. K elite C has 15 K-cups, 1 water filter kit, and one Reusable K-cup.

Final Verdict: Should You Get It?

When it comes to pod coffee makers, Keurig rules this kingdom; and the k-elite is among the most elite single serve coffee makers. Hopefully, I have been able to portray that through my Keurig k elite reviews in detail.

If you prefer functionality and want to make coffee with ease, then this is definitely one of the best options.

With all the customization and programmable features, choosing this machine is a no-brainer.

Besides, it’s easy to clean and maintain.

If you carefully go over the shortcomings section of this article, you’ll know what to expect and be ready for it. I’ll leave the final decision for you and go make some coffee with my Keurig elite.


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