15 Best Super Automatic Espresso Machines 2023


You may not be satisfied with the coffee or espresso you make at home. That’s where this best super automatic espresso machine guide comes into play. You may be hoping for a different, professional taste or not wanting to put much effort into making one. Or, the reason maybe both.

The reason might be something different as well. You may be fearing that you do not have the required skills like that of a barista. Do you want to know the funny thing?

Most espressos that you are served with come from machines. Yes, it may require some level of expertise but if you have an espresso machine super automatic then all you need is your fingers. And, coffee, and milk or water (and, an electric source too).

However, as you can imagine, a convenient machine like this will not be cheap. Furthermore, there will be parts of the machine that to understand will require an engineering degree from you. So, how exactly can you find the best super automatic espresso machine for home when you do not even know what it has in it?

The answer is simple- look from a user’s point of view. This, too, is a hard task to do and therefore we are here with a buying guide that will ease your path to an everyday amazing espresso.

You will also find reviews of fifteen of the best espresso machine super automatic available so that you can at least start looking somewhere.

Our Top 15 list of espresso machine superautomatic. Click each of the below to see the latest price and read the customer reviews on Amazon.


Our 15 Best Super Automatic Espresso Machine Reviews

Best Super Automatic Espresso Machine Reviews

We also have complete articles on the Best Commercial Espresso Machine, and the history of espresso machines, in case if you want to check those out.

You may know espresso is used as a base for most coffee drinks. This is true for latte and cappuccino as well. And we have a detailed article on what is the difference between a latte and a cappuccino? By the way, do you have your own best latte machine for home use or cappuccino maker? If not, you can read here how to choose the best cappuccino maker for your home as well as the best latte machines.

However, let’s start the reviews of super automatic espresso machines which are the best.

1. Saeco PicoBaristo HD8927/47- Best Value Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Saeco PicoBaristo

While making Saeco espresso machine reviews I love to do Saeco PicoBaristo HD8927/47 review and here it is. This high-quality Saeco super automatic espresso machine is made in a compact size to suit your low-space needs. You can easily keep it on the kitchen counter without sacrificing much space. However, that does not cut down the features you are going to enjoy (Ok, maybe a bit).

You still get your great choices of coffee. And, you also get to choose them very easily. There isn’t a tough learning curve when it comes to this super automatic coffee machine.

Are you worried that adding an espresso machine to your kitchen will take up too much space? Then, you can stop worrying because it’s not something only you worry about. Many others do along with the brands that manufacture espresso machines.

Furthermore, some control is given to you with the integrated burr grinder which activities are almost the same as other best burr coffee grinders in the market. You can set the grinder to many different settings. In this sense, this is the best coffee maker with grinder. Apart from that, you can also control the strength and temperatures. See the Saeco Picobaristo manual.

Since the machine is something compact, the problem it has is also related to size. You may find that you need to refill the water reservoir way too often. Other than that, there is another great irritation that you may have to face.

The opening of the bean hopper has a magnet in it and often the machine signals that the hopper is not closed. While in reality, it is. This may delay your task and also cause frustration in the long run.

The coffee this Saeco PicoBaristo makes is of excellent taste and quality, you will just love it. And you can enjoy all the amazing benefits of drinking coffee by consuming its caffeine. Now, do you know what is caffeine? and how much caffeine is in a cup of coffee?

However, you could ask for more features. The grinder keeps the taste fresh. On the other hand, in order to drink the freshest coffee every day, somebody even roasts the coffee beans by their own best home coffee roaster controlling the coffee roast levels as per their requirements. By the way, Behmor and Gene Cafe are the best brands for a home coffee roaster in the current marker for more info, you can see our Behmor 1600 Plus Review and Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster Review.

For a Saeco PicoBaristo this size and of this capacity, the price may seem a bit expensive. However, it is very well-built and looks like a quality product as well.

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  • Well built and meant to last.
  • Very compact.
  • Looks great.
  • The great taste of whatever served.
  • Easy to set and use.
  • Easy to clean.


  • There could be more features.
  • The magnet system at the bean hopper
  • causes trouble.
  • A bit expensive.

2. DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica- Best Rated Super Automatic Espresso Machine

DELONGHI ESAM3300 Magnifica

When it comes to buying such complex products, you look for the best brands, don’t you? DeLonghi is one such reliable brand for a coffee machine and ESAM3300 super-automatic espresso machine. Want something that is both affordable and of around the best quality? You have it here. Read the Delonghi ESAM3300 review.

Delonghi ESAM3300 pretty much has all the features that make a super-automatic so desirable. Talking about the convenience of course. You have the choice to make any kind of coffee you want. (O, listen it doesn’t mean that you can make Turkish coffee here, for that you have to know how to make Turkish coffee and of course you don’t need any of the automatic coffee machines).

All you have to is press the right buttons and it is not even hard to learn what to press. Also Delonghi esam3300 manual will help to learn. The quality of the drink is fantastic as well. And, all credit goes to the machine’s grinding capabilities and steaming capabilities and of course the brewing. There is no shortcoming at all in these cases.

The two group head for getting served is very fast as well. What you may have a slight problem with is the grinder and the type of coffee bean you use. The coffee hopper does not have the best design and the beans may not drop in as easily as you would want it to.

Other than that, it does not work well with oily beans. So, if you want the best out of this machine, you will need to choose the beans correctly. Other than that, the water reservoir may seem a bit small for some.

However, that may feel a bit contradictory as the machine itself is not the most compact. Other than that, although coffee is mainly for mornings, the machine may be a disturbance then as it can be noisy.

When it comes to price, this machine is a good deal among other Delonghi espresso machine. Because it has the quality build to last very long. And it offers great service as long as it works. So, for the price, Delonghi esam3300 best super automatic espresso machine is really worth it.

Let’s Watch a Video Review:


  • Great brand reputation.
  • Works fast.
  • Lots of options.
  • Easy to select the options.
  • Quite simple and easy to clean.
  • Makes great coffee.
  • Looks great.
  • Good durability and value for the price.


  • Not compact but reservoir capacity
  • seems small.
  • Can be noisy.
  • Not great for oily beans.

3. Breville Oracle Touch- Best Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

The same brand of Breville, we also have a detailed article on Breville Barista Express Review model no. Bes870xl, in case, if you want to check that out.

Breville Oracle Touch

It is the age of touchscreen or just a screen and a voice so we cannot blame you if you want a touchscreen espresso machine now, can we? You have already come across the name Breville several times here and this is just to put into notice that this brand is that good! And, this Breville oracle touch espresso machine is even better with its swipe and select features. Let’s dive into the Breville oracle touch review.

You are not always in the mood for one type of coffee and this machine knows that. So, it gives you the option to choose from the many types available just with a swipe and select. Apart from that, it uses various other technology to provide you the best possible coffee.

It has dedicated systems for maintaining temperature, pressure, and everything that matters. However, as it is with digital things, this malfunction and are often not consistent. So, the temperature may be off some days and you may be tasting a different type of the same coffee.

Apart from that, all cups may not fit under the group head. However, this machine does have attention paid to its details. Just the description will tell you how precisely the arts have been made and put together. So, when it works and is perfect, it provides you with the best service.

Breville oracle touch manual may be a bit hard to understand at first but once you understand it, you will find the machine very easy to use. Furthermore, it has a good capacity. Also, you do not have to go through too much to refill the reservoir because it is cleverly placed.

Apart from that, the machine has a triple heat system that heats the right parts to the right temperature. Breville oracle touch grinder does its job well and also lets you control a bit. Other than that, the machine sure is expensive. You may save 10% of its amount if you go for Breville oracle touch refurbished.

Much more expensive than other super automatics. However, it is quite worth it as well if you want the features. Also, it is worth it to use in cafes and restaurants. So, it is the best commercial super-automatic espresso machine.

In terms of the commercial espresso machine, we have two detailed articles on La Pavoni Espresso Machine Review and Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine Review. Out of these two, you can use Rancilio Silvia at home also commercially like this Breville oracle touch.

Let’s Watch a Video Review:


  • Very convenient to use with the touchscreen.
  • Clever design.
  • Very efficient and functional.
  • Quite fast.
  • Special care to minute details regarding temperature, and pressure.
  • Good taste of the coffee.
  • Lasts long.


  • The more digital parts, the more can go wrong or be inaccurate.
  • Quite expensive.

4. Mr. Coffee Espresso And Cappuccino Maker- Best Semi Automatic Espresso Machine

Mr Coffee Cafe Barista

You know the satisfaction you feel when drinking from transparent glass and seeing the juice level reduce? It feels better when a machine is doing its job and you see the liquid level reducing. Mr. Coffee Espresso machine gives you that pleasure.

The design of this Mr. coffee café barista is quite different from others. It cannot serve several cups at a time but it sure has a good boiler capacity. You will love the transparent milk container and the organized design of this machine. It is hard not to love it.

Using this Mr. coffee espresso maker is very easy as well. You just have to click buttons and you are good to go. It does everything on its own starting from grinding to frothing to brewing.

Other than that, the machine seems to drip a bit. This will cause a waste of liquid and coffee and also cause more Mr coffee cafe barista cleaning issues. Other than that, the frother is not something everyone likes about this machine but that is quite expected as this is essentially an espresso machine.

This machine is a great choice for the price it comes at. There are loopholes in the design where wrong materials are used in the wrong parts. But, you just have to clean it well before use and see how things go.

Let’s Watch a Video Review:


  • A very unique yet organized design.
  • Transparent milk container.
  • The pump and brewer does a great job.
  • Very convenient and easy to use.
  • Great value for money.
  • Good control over the type of coffee.


  • The frother is not very great.
  • Not the best construction.

5. Gaggia Brera- Best Budget Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Gaggia Brera- Best Budget Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Let’s start Gaggia Brera review. When you are looking for a super automatic espresso machine, you are looking for ease of use. The Gaggia Brera espresso machine provides exactly that when you are making espresso. It gives you several other options to utilize as well.

Breaking the myth that super-automatics do not provide you with control, Gaggia Brera super automatic espresso machine gives you control over several things. It comes with a steaming wand that you can use both to froth milk or as a water dispenser. This lets you choose the type of coffee you want- espresso, cappuccino or is it a latte?

You can choose whatever you want very easily because the machine provides you with your options quite clearly. All you need to is press buttons and the LED display will be at your service. Other than that, the most frequent Gaggia Brera parts that you need access to are placed in an accessible position with a very clever design.

Although the machine is quite bulky, it does not have as much capacity as one would wish it to. The boiler empties quite quickly and requires refilling. Furthermore, Gaggia Brera descaling automatically which reduces the water level even more. Now you may count these as Gaggia Brera problems.

What you may not like is that this machine does require some attention for maintenance. Apart from that, you will need some time to figure it out- it is a big machine with many capabilities. However, the espresso or coffee it makes has a brilliant taste.

You can choose to have the freshest coffee as well by using whole coffee beans into the Gaggia Brera grinder. Other than that, the group head may have a bit of a narrow opening which may lead to stuck coffee. When it comes to price, this machine offers the greatest value.

It is priced quite low, providing you with the best flavors of coffee and with minimum headache. Due to Gaggia Brera best price you may not looking for Gaggia Brera refurbished.

Let’s Watch a Video Review:


  • Very easy to use.
  • LED display makes things clear.
  • Excellent taste of the coffee.
  • Convenient and clever design.
  • Great value for money.
  • Gives several programmable options.
  • Good quality build.


  • Needs attention.
  • Poor water capacity.
  • A bit bulky compared to capacity.

6. Saeco Incanto Classic- Best Materials, And High-Quality Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Saeco Incanto Classic Espresso Machine

Saeco Incanto review: Sometimes it is the face of things that puts you at rest. Waking up to make coffee on this machine may have the same effect. This elegant piece of art does a great job of providing you with a really tasty coffee as well.

Apart from that, this beauty does not take away space from other objects- the Saeco Incanto Classic is quite compact. However, the compactness does come with its cons. The water reservoir may seem too small or it may just be so small that it would need refills several times in a day.

Built with the best quality materials by a renowned brand this machine will not only help you wake up well but also sleep well. The ceramic Saeco Incanto grinder does a great job but not if you use oily beans. While the machine claims to have a good boiler with great heating capacity, the temperature used may be less than perfect.

You may not like the temperature at which the coffee is served. Apart from that, the machine is easy to operate only after you get through the learning phase. The learning and figuring it out phase can be quite difficult. But not to be worried about there has a Saeco Incanto manual with the machine.

The taste of the coffee you make depends a lot on how well you learn to use the machine. Apart from that, cleaning the machine is not that hard because it has automatic cleaning features. However, you may find it a burden to clean the drip tray.

The machine is priced a bit higher than others but for the features and quality, it may just be worth it. Let’s not forget it’s classy looks either.


  • Great to look at- will be an amazing addition to the counter.
  • Very compact.
  • Makes great coffee.
  • Regular use gets easy and consistent.
  • Not noisy.
  • The boiler does its functions well.
  • The milk frother is quite efficient- probably the best part.
  • Good value for money.


  • The temperature used may be inaccurate.
  • Cleaning drip tray may be messy.
  • Difficult learning curve.

7. Saeco Xelsis SM7684/04- Best Hygiesteam System Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Saeco Xelsis Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Let’s dive into Saeco Xelsis review. Does each member of your family prefer a different kind of coffee? Then, you can try out this Philips Saeco Xelsis 7684 espresso machine that respects each of the user’s needs. You can create profiles on this machine using the screen an keep your coffee customized for daily use.

Once you set it following the Saeco Xelsis manual, you can just click a button and get the same coffee you prefer regularly. As a machine, this machine does wonders. It has a large footprint but it serves larger needs as well.

The reservoir capacity is great and the machine is very easy to operate as well. However, the taste of the coffee it makes is not the best. You sure get a variety of beverages to choose from but the machine should have focus more on the espresso taste rather than the variety.

The grinder helps to keep the taste fresh. However, you cannot just put in oily beans as that causes a bit of trouble. Other than that, you can adjust the machine to handle any form of the beans- needing or not needing grinding. In terms of grinding, we also have detailed articles on the best coffee grinder for French press and how to grind coffee beans without a grinder, in case if you want to check those out.

The machine seems to waste beans at times and abort making coffee midway. Cleaning it is not tough at all but the different parts need different methods which are easy as well. Another issue that most people faced was that the coffee served was not hot enough. In that case, you have to learn some tips on how to keep your coffee hot for long.

When it comes to the price, this machine is quite expensive. There has Saeco Xelsis refurbished also get to Amazon, if you want to buy it. You sure do get a lot of options and features and all of them are quite effective. In the long run, may occur some Saeco Xelsis problems with the bean hopper or grinder.


  • Serves the different needs well.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • Using it is super easy as well.
  • A lot of features and options.
  • Well built and made to last.
  • Good capacity.


  • A bit expensive.
  • Drip tray gets filled quickly.
  • Coffee is only warm.
  • The taste is not the best.
  • Not all beans are suitable for it and some get stuck too.

8. Delonghi ECAM22110B- Best Compact Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Delonghi ECAM22110B

Want something that does not acquire half your counter space to provide you with what you need? The Delonghi ECAM22110B machine is what you should acquire then. It is a compactly sized machine with the capacity to do much more.

It is very cleverly designed so that you can access its parts easily. The compact size does not limit its capacity at all. The water container is of great capacity and you will have nothing more to ask from it than what it provides.

The machine itself looks quite good however, the plate on which you put the cup gets scratches easily. But, it has a warming feature which you can use to keep your drink warm until you have it. You can get a few drinks at a time because of the many group heads. Furthermore, the time taken by the machine to prepare the drinks is not much either.

While learning to use the machine at first may need some time as the Delonghi ecam22110b manual is not very straightforward, once you get a hang of it, it’s easy. The built-in grinder and the frother help to provide you with the fresh taste of an espresso. However, you will need to level up your skills to program the machine right.

You can adjust many settings starting from the grinder settings to the proportions. Once you do, your daily life becomes easy. However, the machine can prove to be a bit noisy for the mornings.

Cleaning the machine is nothing extraordinarily tough. However, you may have to push the beans in at times as the design does not make it fall in automatically.

The machine is quite durable with a few minor issues occurring over time. But, the price is also quite reasonable for all the features it provides among the other Delonghi espresso machine.


  • A very compact and elegant machine.
  • Has a good capacity for making coffee.
  • Deals with the ingredients well.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Lots of features and options.
  • Good value for money and durable.
  • Very fast.


  • Beans may get stuck.
  • Learning curve.

9. Miele CM6350- Best One Touch Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Miele CM6350- Best One Touch Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Ever thought about how awkward the waiting time before both you and your guest gets coffee can be? Not really because it does not get awkward. However, if you still want your guest to have the most comfortable time, you could wish to serve both of you at the same time.

That is exactly what this Miele super automatic espresso machine does. You can apparently, get two cups of coffee at once by clicking one button. Also, you can choose to not do that, no worries. This is the Miele CM6350 coffee system. Let’s dive into the Miele CM6350 review

Have you watched the movie Blade Runner? Or any other Cyberpunk movie with extra robotic stuff going around? If you have and if you liked it then you will love the sleek, simple yet grey-ish appearance this Miele espresso machine has.

Miele cm6350 countertop coffee machine is very easy to use and you get the options to adjust the type of drink you want. You can adjust the pressure, the ground type, and more. And, the machine follows route well too.

It has a good capacity and will serve you well. Cleaning is easy as well. However, you will need to learn the Miele CM6350 manual to adjust for your preference a bit and you will mess it up at first. Other than that, the machine works great while it does but may not be the most durable.

This is a higher price ranged super auto espresso machine but you could get the Miele cm6350 refurbished, then maybe you could save 10% of your money.

The customer service may not be very responsive either.


  • Great looking compact machine.
  • Serves two cups at once.
  • Many features.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Good adjustability and capacity.
  • Easy to clean.


  • May be hard to learn at first.
  • Customer service may be bad.

10. KRUPS EA9010- Best Versatile Super Automatic Espresso Machine


Want something that does not put a limit on the variety of drinks you can have much? Then, you can try this Krups EA9010 espresso maker that gives you 17 different recipes to choose from. Moreover, you get to choose them at an easy click of a button. This is a versatile machine among all other Krups espresso machine. Let’s dive into Krups EA9010 review.

While the operation is easy, you may not find setting up the machine the easiest. Figure it out and you will be in for a great ride. The taste you get of the coffee is great as well.

The grinder does a great job of grinding the beans. You can easily adjust the settings, temperature and all. However, the grinder does not do very well with oily beans so be careful with that.

You can also adjust the temperature and pressure of the boilers and group head. Moreover, you get easy access to it as well. Talk about convenience!

The machine is not bulky so you can keep it on a small space where it will look great doing its job. It is quite an expensive machine and the durability of the parts may be a bit disappointing. You may need to send it to repair several times.

Cleaning is no headache at all. Most of the cleaning is done by the machine itself. You just have to do the necessary and it is completely easy.

In terms of cleaning we also have detailed articles on how to clean a coffee maker with vinegar and how to clean a burr grinder, in case if you want to check those out.

When it comes to value, you may find better ones out there that offer more. But, you won’t find the same design and ease of access.


  • Does its functions well.
  • Offers a good variety of options.
  • Very easy to use and access.
  • Temperature and pressure control are great.
  • Good capacity.


  • Quite expensive.
  • Not the most durable and maintenance-free.
  • Not good with oily beans.
  • Might be difficult to setup.

11. Gaggia Titanium- Best Two Boilers Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Gaggia Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Want to enjoy a flavor that you thought super-automatic machines were not capable of providing you with? Then, you are yet to experience the Gaggia 90500 titanium super automatic espresso machine. It comes with two boilers and it has amazing flavors in store for you.

The two boilers give you the required temperature for steaming and brewing at the same time, and this leads to the greatest coffee flavor ever. Furthermore, this Gaggia super automatic espresso machine has its grinder as well. So, you cannot even imagine how fresh and good the coffee will taste.

It is not only one kind of coffee that you can taste. You have the option to choose the type of coffee you want to have. And, choosing it and putting the machine to action is no big deal at all. Furthermore Gaggia titanium manual will help you.

You get an LCD screen that makes everything clear for you. You will be able to control the machine in no time at all! Setup is not tough either. Furthermore, you get a warming plate to keep your drink warm until you consume it.

There are a few problems you may face in the long run. Firstly, cleaning the machine is not at all easy. It is not for Gaggia titanium parts or size but because of the coffee beans. The machine has a design that lets coffee beans be stuck and get everywhere. So, that can be a headache.

Other than that, the machine’s steam wand is not of the best quality and needs attention. While the machine is built to last, you will need to incur some maintenance costs in the long run.

However, for the initial low reasonable price and its great service daily, in the long run, you will love this Gaggia espresso machine.


  • Extremely great flavor of the coffee.
  • Very fast in making and serving.
  • Multiple options for control.
  • Easy to understand for the LCD.
  • Great value for the price.
  • Good capacity.


  • Coffee beans get stuck.
  • Hard to clean.
  • Problematic steam wand.

12. Jura Capresso Impressa F9- Best Touch Screen Super Automatic Coffee and Espresso Center

Jura Capresso Impressa F9

This is yet another espresso machine that lets you deal with things the way you deal with things on your smartphone. That is, by touching the screen. All you have to do to get your coffee is just touch a few icons on this Jura f9 machine.

As you can imagine, using this Jura Capresso is not difficult at all, and is very convenient than all other Jura espresso machines. However, it’s the strongest point can be its weakest as well. There were complaints about the touchscreen not working along with the start button.

So, that can be a huge problem in the long run. Apart from that, the basic parts of the machine like the boiler, brewer, group head do a great job. They serve their purpose very well but to get the best taste, you need to put in some efforts.

Firstly, the machine works best with freshly roasted high-quality beans. It is best if you do not use oily beans. Other than that, it does feature a frother but the frother somewhat do the job- it can only serve its purpose but not in a proper way.

The machine is easy to clean but it requires maintenance and repairs at different points in time. The problem you may face in this case is poor customer service. You can reach them easily but the repair or service they provide will require further repair.

While the machine has good capacity and materials in the build, it may not be the best out there. You will find better ones at the price it comes at. However, when it works, it is consistent in its services.


  • Very convenient to use.
  • Easy to figure out.
  • Many features including internet connectivity.
  • Makes great coffee with the right ingredients.
  • Consistent in service.
  • Fast and furious.


  • Not the best value for money.
  • Needs maintenance and repairs.
  • Parts malfunction.

13. Delonghi Eletta- Best Multifunctional Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Delonghi Eletta

Let’s start the Delonghi Eletta fully automatic coffee machine review. Want to enjoy convenience at its best? The Delonghi super automatic espresso machine just might be able to give you the most relaxedly made espresso ever. Delonghi Eletta is highly functional and takes care of most of the difficult jobs itself. Let’s continue Delonghi Eletta review.

First of all, it has a clever design that makes everything easily accessible to you. You can fill the boilers up fast and easy. It has two boilers which make things more organized and fast.

You get to choose from a variety of coffee servings. And, you get to do this very simply without any headache at all. All you have to do is click a few buttons and you are free to enjoy your drink.

Most cups will fit under the group head this machine features. Furthermore, the machine will serve your drink quite fast as well. The temperatures its parts reaches are quite accurate.

So, the taste of the drink that you get served with is fresh and amazing. Furthermore, you can use the frother quite easily too. The machine looks great on any type of kitchen counter with its simple yet great build.

It will last for years providing you with the best convenience. The only thing you may not like is that the coffee container is a bit small. You will need to refill it often but if you run out of coffee while the machine is halfway making it, you will have to start all over again by disposing of the present cup.

Cleaning this machine up is a breeze. Also, the machine will last for the price you buy it at. It is of great value.


  • Extremely user-friendly and convenient to use.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Makes great coffee.
  • Provides various options.
  • The grinder has its own set of options.
  • High quality build.


  • The coffee container is small.

14. Nivona Caferomatica 859- Best Professional Brew Super Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine

Nivona Caferomatica 859

Looking for a machine with great capacity that will serve you fast as well? Then, this Nivona espresso machine may be able to fulfill your needs. It is a well-made machine with loads of features to make your daily life better and easier.

Firstly, it is not the most compact unit but it isn’t huge either. You just have to leave some space for it. Then, it is a professional at what it does.

You do not have to worry about the basic functions. The pump, the grinder, the brewer, each one of the parts does a great job. You can also adjust the grinder and you can choose not to use it at all because of the bypass doser.

So, you can use both grounds and not ground coffee beans. The pump functions at different pressures as well. And, all you have to do is set the machine to do it. The user interface is super easy and simple with it a well.

The speed at which the machine serves both cups simultaneously will amaze you. Make your guest watch too so that he gets amazed as well. You can also expect the taste to be great because a grinder that works so well barely goes wrong.

The milk frother is great too but might not be the best since it is an espresso machine. Other than that, the machine is a bit on the expensive side and may require maintenance and repair over the lifetime.


  • A moderately compact and good looking machine.
  • Does it functions well.
  • Easy to operate and customize.
  • Lots of options for adjusting.
  • Quite fast.
  • The great taste of the coffee.
  • Easy to clean.


  • A bit expensive.
  • Will require maintenance.

15. Siemens EQ.6 Plus S300- Best User-Friendly Super Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine

Siemens EQ.6 Plus S300

If you are familiar with the electronic world then you probably have heard of the name Siemens. It is one of the best or at least the most active providers of electronics. And, you can completely rely on the quality of the products it provides.

This Espresso coffee machine proves even more that brand reputation matters. Not only does it excel when it comes to quality, but it also excels while doing its job as well. Therefore, you get to enjoy excellent service in the long run.

Now, good things do not cut out the possibility of even better things. This machine offers you a lot of options as well. It has a grinder that helps to provide you the best taste.

Then again, you can adjust the pump pressure, temperature, and also the strength of your coffee. And, all these, quite easily with clicks of buttons. However, you may need a bit of time to learn what to click and when to click it.

The temperatures are quite accurate and when it serves it is capable of serving two at a time. The group head is placed at a good height so bring out those eerily shaped giant mugs out and this machine will deal with them easily.

You may have to go through some maintenance and repair over the long term but the build quality of this machine is great.


  • Great brand reputation.
  • Does the basic functions well.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Offers several features.
  • Group head height is efficient.
  • Built to last.


  • A bit expensive.

What Is A Super-Automatic Espresso Machine?

An espresso machine starting grinding through an In-built grinder then brewing, steaming, frothing milk, and finally makes a coffee for you automatically on its own is called a super-automatic espresso machine. You don’t need to do anything only add water, coffee beans and push the button.

A super-automatic espresso machine controls the coffee dosage, perfectly fills the portafilter by its automatic brewing unit and tamps the coffee grounds, heats the water to the deserving temperature, and its milk frothing system makes the variety of drinks. All these processes are completely automated you just select your necessary drink options.

How To Choose The Best Superautomatic Espresso Machine: The Buying Guide

We also have a detailed article on the best automatic pour over coffee makers review and buying guide, in case if you want to check that out.

How To Choose The Best Super Automatic Espresso Machine

There are parts you cannot open and see when it comes to an automatic espresso machine. Luckily, you do not have to do that to find the best. Here are some factors you can check to end up with the perfect espresso machine for yourself by reading our best automatic espresso machine reviews.

Check Out Your Needs

Before you jump to check out the various automatic espresso machines available, let’s see what you need first. Now, you may be someone who likes variety- espresso one day and cappuccino the next. Then, you need a machine that gives you the option to choose anyone easily.

However, if you are not this someone, then the money on such a highly-capable machine is wasted. That’s why you should know your needs first.

Apart from that, you need to pin down the number of cups you may need to serve per day. You may be using the machine for home or a cafe. Whichever it is, the machine should have the capacity to meet the needs.

Another consideration is your counter space. Espresso machines come in many sizes. Although super automatic machines are large, you will find comparatively smaller ones with a more fitting shape as per your needs.

So, the very first thing to do is to see what you need and do not need. This will help you find something within your budget as well.

Know The Types Of Espresso Machines

You are here looking for a super-automatic espresso machine. Now, what might have attracted you to this machine may be the term ‘super’. Why not? Superheroes save the day and a super machine should do the same.

But, only if you need it to. There are other types that you should consider before actually buying a super automatic machine.

Manual Espresso Machines:

Flair Manual Espresso Machine
Flair Manual Espresso Machine (Click on the photo)

As you can imagine, this is the simplest form of an espresso machine where you have to do pretty much everything. The only thing the machine does is give you a platform to make coffee and heat things up while you do the rest. It is cheaper and needs some skills to master.

Semi Automatic Espresso Machines:

Mr Coffee Cafe Barista
Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine (Click on the photo)

This type of machine provides you with some backup and convenience while also giving you control. If you are someone who likes to experiment or has to deal with different levels of the taste of people, then this may be something you need. It gives you some control over the grinder, steam wand, temperature, etc.

You have to manually froth the milk in this type of machine. So, you need to put in some effort and build some skills as well. Frothing the milk is the essence of cappuccinos so if you are an enthusiast, semi-automatic is the way to go. Then choose your best semi automatic espresso machine.

Super Automatic Espresso Machines:

Saeco Xelsis Super Automatic Espresso Machine
Super Automatic Espresso Machine (Click on the photo)

It is finally time to talk about the star of this buying guide. With superautomatic espresso machines, you are only left with the task of powering it on, clicking some buttons, proving, milk, water, and coffee. The rest is left on the machine itself.

This is a great thing for people who have the least time and skills for making espresso. It only needs you to click and enjoy. Even the cleaning process is handled by the machine itself at times.

However, if you want to have some control over the espresso then you don’t get it with this machine. Apart from that, it does not affect your skill whatsoever. Plus, they are quite expensive since they provide you with so much peace.

Coffee Pod Machines:

If you are looking for something cheap and compact with minimal capabilities. Then, coffee pod machines are the way to go. They can only provide you with the basics while you have to do some work to get your daily coffee.

Check The Adjustability.

Super-automatic machines do not let you do much. However, some of them have features that help you do the least you need. For example, you may want to control how much water you put in the espresso or milk.

While most superautomatic machines won’t care, you may find a few that let you adjust this issue. Then again, you have to check how much does it let you adjust? For example, you may get the range from very dense to watery consistency.

There are many other such features that you may find that you need to adjust. The best thing to do would be to know what super-automatic machines are capable of doing and listing your own needs. The one you buy should be able to meet all your needs.  

Check The Boiler.

There is more to a boiler than just it’s capacity. Of course, you have to select a boiler size that does not need refilling every ten minutes. Apart from that, it should be easy to keep and handle as well.

Another thing you have to consider is the boiler type. Here are the three you will find:

One Boiler with Dual Use:

Single Boiler Espresso Machine With Dual Use

This is the kind of machine that comes with a single boiler but two thermostats. Since you need two different temperatures for steaming and brewing, the two specific thermostats are dedicated to one task each. You will have to manually turn a switch to shift the thermostat and process.

One Boiler with Heat Exchange:

One Boiler Heat Exchange

This is also a machine with just one boiler but the temperature control process is a bit different. In this care, the temperature for brewing is brought at the group head itself, not the boiler. The boiler is dedicated to steaming milk and when it’s the type for brewing, the group head gets the required temperature.

Double Boiler:

Double Boiler for Espresso Machine

These are machines with two different boilers each dedicated separately to deal with steaming and brewing tasks. Each boiler has its perfect temperature for itself and works separately. As you can imagine, machines with two boilers will be quite expensive.

Depending on your budget and your willingness to give efforts, choose the right type of boiler for your machine.

Decide on The Frothing Options.

In Built Frother
In-Built frother

Do you want to froth the milk when you make espresso or do you want the machine to do it? You will find a few machines that have in-built frothers, others come with steam wands, and many offer none. If you want a certain feature then it will come at a price.

Steam Wand Frother
Steam Wand Frother

Therefore, what you have to decide is do you want such a feature and what form should this feature be in? If you like your coffee black then you do not need any frothing options and you can spend the money allocated for it otherwise.

Look for a Grinder.

Most super-automatic espresso machines do not only provide you with the fastest espresso but also the freshest one. The credit goes to the freshly ground coffee beans. However, many machines do not have a grinder in them.

Look for a Grinder

While the flavor will be affected due to the absence of a grinder, you will also have to pay less for the machine. If you want the classic, best, coffee flavor then feel free to get a machine that has an in-built grinder. It will be more cost-effective.

Apart from that, also check the settings and adjustable options that the grinder provides you with.

Check The Number of Group Heads.

Number of Group Heads

If you need the machine for home-use only then this is not a big deal. Family members can wait but customers cannot wait for long and you should not make them. Normally espresso machines can serve up to four cups at a time. So, that is the highest you can go and it will require more money and space as well.

Other than that, you can also consider machines that provide the cup too without needing you to put the cup in place.

Check The Maintenance Needs.

When you are using a complex machine like a super-automatic espresso machine, you have to go through maintenance at some point There will be electric parts that you cannot fix yourself and it will have some costs. Other than that, you will have to clean some parts yourself too.

Check The Maintenance Needs

Luckily most of these types of machines come with an automatic cleaning cycle of their own. You may just have to wash the necessary a click a button for the rest. If you are looking for peace, then choose a machine that requires minimum maintenance.

Don’t Forget The Quality.

The machine you buy should look good and last long. It should be made of materials that do not rust over time or lose their appeal. Furthermore, you should also check how well-built each of the parts is.

Look for Ease of Use.

This is not of concern when you just have to push a button. But, if the machine allows you to adjust certain things to your liking, then it should let you do so easily. A manual with clear instructions should be included.

Best Super Automatic Espresso Machines: The Benefits

Super Automatic Espresso machines are superb at providing a few benefits. What you will undoubtedly enjoy are:

The Benefits Of Best Super Automatic Espresso Machines

Minimum Need for Efforts:

Just like supermoms, these super machines take care of everything. All you need to do is just press a button or two. Your artistically excellent espresso will be there in no time.

No Need for Super Barista Skills:

If the lack of barista skills was what was keeping you from devouring espresso every day, then the super machine is here to save you. As you know, it requires no skill of any sort to provide you with the best.

Consistent Performance:

With a super machine, you do not have to worry about reduced quality or taste at all. As long as you are using the same beans and not adjusting anything else, you will get espressos tasting the same throughout the machine’s lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Take Care Of A Super Automatic Espresso Machine?

While the machine will have its own extremely helpful recycling cycles, you will need to put in a bit of effort as well. Firstly, the machine will do the descaling itself, but you need to provide the descaling solution and water first to let it do so.

Other than that, rinsing and cleaning what is exposed to the outside rests on you. But, the most difficult part- cleaning the internals is something the machine will do itself.

Do Super Automatic Espresso Machines Allow You No Control?

Apparently, that is a misconception. Technology has crossed bounds and espresso machines arrive in various forms. Super-automatic ones will also provide you with the option to adjust or choose many different things.

All you need to do is check if the machine you are checking out has the required features. Out of all the machines available, you will find at least one that does let you control the things you want to.

In Conclusion

The best home super automatic espresso machine not only reduces your daily work but also boosts you up for the day with its product. However, an expensive machine not working can ruin your day. This is why you need to find the best super automatic espresso machine out there to serve your needs.

Finding the top super automatic espresso machines is not easy without extensive research and commitment. Luckily our buying guide has got you covered. Now, you know what to look for and you also know some of the best players in the market from which you may find your soul machine.


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