Best Latte Machine For Home 2023


Does the thought of sipping on a mug of piping hot, smooth and creamy latte make you crave one immediately?  With a latte machine at home, you’ll be able to satiate that thirst in a jiffy.

Before anything else, invest in the best latte machine for home this season, and this doesn’t have to be a complicated process.

No brainer alert: Latte is an espresso-based specialty coffee drink. Made with a shot of espresso (or two shots if you like it strong), and lightly foamed milk.

Getting a latte machine for the home will make your life comfortable and interesting. Believe me, you’re getting way more than you bargain for.

Cappuccino, Macchiato, Flat White, and more espresso-based coffee drinks can easily be prepared with a latte machine.

Interested and looking to spend a few bucks? Stay with us! We tell you what you should look for when buying a latte machine.

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What Is The Best Home Latte Machine?- List Of Our 8 Best Latte Makers

Image Name of the Product Type Best Feature Price
Breville-Barista-Pro Breville Barista Pro Semi-Automatic Best Built-in Burr Grinder Check Price
DeLonghi-Ec680m-Dedica De’Longhi Dedica Espresso Machine Semi-Automatic Best for Beginners Check Price
Calphalon-Temp-IQ-Espresso-Machine Calphalon Espresso Machine Semi-Automatic Best High-Capacity Check Price
The-Keurig-Rivo-Cappuccino-and-Latte-System The Keurig Rivo Cappuccino and Latte System Pod Coffee Machine Best for Fast Service Check Price
EspressoWorks-Espresso-Machine EspressoWorks Barista Series Semi-Automatic Best for Versatility Check Price
DeLonghi-Magnifica-XS De’Longhi Magnifica XS Espresso Machine Super-Automatic Best for Efficiency Check Price
Breville-Oracle-Touch-Espresso-Machine Breville Oracle Touch Espresso Machine Super-Automatic Best for Professionals Check Price
Brim-19-Bar-Espresso-Maker Brim 19 Bar Espresso Machine Semi-Automatic Best Value Check Price

Best At Home Latte Machine Reviews With Pros & Cons:

1. Breville Barista Pro – Best Built-in Burr Grinder Latte Machine For Home

Breville Barista Pro


Type – Semi-Automatic

Material – Stainless Steel

Dimensions – 13 x 12 x 13 inches

Capacity – 2 liters

Ease of Use – Moderate

Ease of cleaning – Slightly Complex

Milk Steaming – Steam Wand

Breville Barista Pro espresso machine comes with a handful of upgrades from Breville’s earlier editions.

Some of the machine’s highlights would be the 3-second water heating technology. Making it more efficient in its delivery time. After that, you get the steam wand which can exude an amazing amount of pressure. This feature would heat up and froth your cup of milk without any technical drawbacks.

Another feature you do not want to miss would be the top-notch built-in burr grinder. You can tune down the grind size and adjust it according to your requirements. For this feature, this machine Breville Bes878bss is also categorized as a coffee maker with grinder list.

This is a must buy for all aspiring home baristas as well as coffee aficionados. They’ll truly be able to appreciate all of the features and grow their brewing skillset Breville bes878bss barista pro espresso machine has to offer.

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Let’s Watch a Video: Breville Barista Pro Review.

What We Like: Take Note:

Fast machine prep time i.e., 3-second

Thermo-jet technology delivers a strong heating system

Convenient 3-way solenoid valve

Steam wand has high pressure

Modern design with a hefty built

Θ Quite costly and big in size

Θ High learning curve

Θ Complex aftercare

Θ Easy to get Messy

2. De’Longhi Dedica Espresso Maker – Best Latte Machine for Beginners

DeLonghi Ec680m Dedica


Type – Semi-Automatic

Material – Stainless Steel

Dimensions – 12.99 x 5.9 x 12.99 inches

Capacity – 1 Liter

Ease of Use – Easy

Ease of cleaning – Easy

Milk Steaming – Steam Wand

De’Longhi introduced Dedica so that you can get somewhat of an idea and expertise of a professional espresso machine but in a compact version. It is hard to deliver high-end professional brew from such a small machine but nonetheless, DE’LONGHI EC680M doesn’t disappoint.

One of its outstanding features would be how reliable the temperature control is. Other than that, you can pull a quality shot of espresso using this Delonghi Dedica espresso machine. With super-easy user controls, this takes the brewing experience to a completely new level.

Astonishingly this small machine even has a cup warmer tray which keeps your espresso wares heated. Amazing how De’Longhi managed to incorporate these features into a tiny machine.

DeLonghi Ec680m Dedica 15-bar pump espresso machine would be a fine pick for anyone who’s living alone and likes a mean cup of espresso. Since it doesn’t require much skill, anyone who isn’t ready to put in the effort to brew a shot seems like a good candidate.

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Let’s Watch a Video: How To Set Up and Use Delonghi Dedica EC680

What We Like: Take Note:

Compact and stylish

Pulls professional espresso shots

User-friendly build

Durable Stainless-steel design

Automatic power-off quality

Θ Expensive

Θ High chances of being clogged

Θ Steam wand doesn’t deliver

Θ Mostly caters to individuals

3. Calphalon Temp IQ Espresso Machine – Best High Capacity Latte Maker For Home

Calphalon Temp IQ Espresso Machine


Type – Semi-Automatic

Material – Stainless Steel

Dimensions – 15.6 x 14.5 x 17.3 inches

Capacity – 2.8 Liters

Ease of Use – Easy

Ease of cleaning – Moderate

Milk Steaming – Steam Wand

The Calphalon Temp IQ Espresso Machine with Grinder is this dainty semi-automatic espresso machine which actually makes coffee-based beverages easier and more convenient.

To brew with more ease and efficiency Calphalon Temp IQ Espresso Machine has quite the features that’ll help anyone enjoy brewing coffee.

It doesn’t offer any unnecessary features that you’ll only be using once in a while. They’ve made the control panel simpler than ever.

They’ve got a good quality grinder to grind your coffee. You can get two cups of espresso shots at a single run with its double spout – an ergonomic touch.

People who don’t wanna invest in a higher learning curve-based machine and couples are the ideal target pool for this Calphalon espresso machine.

Let’s Watch a Video: Calphalon Temp IQ Espresso Machine Review

What We Like: Take Note:

Can pull Excellent espressos

Easy to Operate

Comes with the essentials for brewing i.e., tamper, cleaning needle, stainless-steel jug

Simple design with a modern touch

Double pouring spout makes two cups of espresso possible

Θ Expensive

Θ Plastic infused design

Θ Doesn’t come with a dosing spoon

4. The Keurig Rivo Cappuccino and Latte System – Best Home Latte Machine For Fast Service

The Keurig Rivo Cappuccino and Latte System


Type – Pod Coffee Machine

Material – Lightweight Plastic

Dimensions – 11.37 x 10.75 x 11.37 inches

Capacity – 60 oz

Ease of Use – Easy

Ease of cleaning – Easy

Milk Steaming – Automatic Frothing Cannister

The Keurig Rivo Cappuccino and Latte System is the go-to Pod coffee machine which made brewing coffee super easy. You can get fancy coffee beverages like – Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White, and Macchiatos at the press of a button.

With its pleasing modern take on the appearance, it really stands out from its competitors. This machine is well balanced with a large water reservoir aided by professional grade pressure levels. Serving you with a quality water pump.

You can optimize the size and strength of your beverage using the machine’s easy controls. With multiple froth settings, you get a quick fix at any time. All in all, the Keurig Rivo is the best single serve coffee maker for those who prefer fast coffee without any extra hassle of aftercare.

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What We Like: Take Note:

Modern Design

Two sizes options for espresso shots

Easy to Use

Easy to Clean up

Three Types of frothing options


Θ Limited options of pod

Θ Frother overflowing trouble

5. EspressoWorks Barista Series – Best Versatile Latte Machine For Home

EspressoWorks Espresso Machine


Type – Semi-Automatic

Material – Stainless Steel

Dimensions – 8.5″ W x 10″ D x 12″ H

Capacity – 1.4 Liters

Ease of Use – Easy

Ease of cleaning – Easy

Milk Steaming – Automatic Frothing Cannister

The EspressoWorks Espresso Machine is a 10 pc all in one espresso machine built to accommodate versatility and deliver at ease.

With a high-end technological assistance, this machine only takes 45 seconds to rev up the system. With its advanced thermoblock heating system, it only takes seconds to brew any coffee beverage. The machine comes with a 19-bar pump pressure espresso system, means you’ll get a quality extraction.

Equipped with more options of an automatic frother and a professional-grade portafilter, its ability to brew a barista like coffee is quite decent.

EspressoWorks 10 pc all-in-one barista bundle espresso machine is an ideal pick for all small families.

Note: When in use, it can be pretty noisy.

Let’s Watch a Video: Initial Unlocking The EspressoWorks 10 Pc All In One Espresso Machine

What We Like: Take Note:

Heats up quickly

Easy to use

Compact and modern design

Front-view water tank

Θ No temperature adjustment

Θ Not programmable

Θ Limited Options for coffee

6. DeLonghi Magnifica XS – Best Home Latte Machine For Efficiency

DeLonghi Magnifica XS


Type – Super-Automatic

Material – Stainless Steel, Plastic

Dimensions – 17 x 9.4 x 13.8 inches

Capacity – 1.8 Liters

Ease of Use – Moderate

Ease of cleaning – Easy

Milk Steaming – Steam Wand

The DeLonghi Magnifica XS aka Delonghi Ecam22110sb is a powerful compact espresso machine that takes your latte making experience to a whole new dimension. This super-automatic espresso machine is here to make your life easier.

Incorporated with barista level skilled technology this is most definitely praise worthy. Aside from its look, there are multiple brew settings, not to mention an excellent built-in burr grinder allowing you to micro adjust your drink anyway to want.

The temperature control of this machine is impeccable. You can brew and steam almost in an instant.

With a 5-coffee strength setting and 4 cup size options, Delonghi Magnifica espresso machine ECAM22110SB can serve quite a few varieties of coffee at ease. This is a good pick for both family and office space.

What We Like: Take Note:

Comes with 13 settings

Generates less heat

Convenient water tank position

Compact size


Θ Display is slightly lacking

Θ Steam wand is not practical

7. Breville Oracle Touch – Best For Professionals Home Espresso/Latte Machine

Breville Oracle Touch Espresso Machine


Type – Super-Automatic

Material – Stainless Steel

Dimensions – 14.7 x 14.5 x 17.6 inches

Capacity – 67 oz

Ease of Use – Moderate

Ease of cleaning – Easy

Milk Steaming – Steam Wand

The Breville Oracle Touch espresso machine is a super-automatic machine equipped to deliver quality and quantity with its new hybrid addition. This hybrid version gives you the best of both worlds of a semi-automatic and a super-automatic coffee lover.

With its high-end multiple brew setting, a built-in burr grinder, a portafilter basket, a steam wand to a bean hopper. This Breville oracle touch bes990bss espresso machine has got everything you could ask for.

Starting from the coffee type to the cup size, it’s all programmable. If you want you can even switch from the super-automatic to semi-automatic and do minimal handwork at will.

Breville Oracle Touch Review is definitely not for a hobbyist coffee drinker who’s got a tight budget. For those who can afford to invest in it, you will never look back on your coffee brewing experience.

What We Like: Take Note:

Brews great espresso

Automatic settings for key variables

Good for both aspiring baristas and professionals

High-quality build of components

Built in burr grinder

Θ Not a pro grade grinder

Θ Multiple drink settings might need re-programming at times

8. Brim 19 Bar Espresso Maker – Best Value Latte Machine For Home

Brim 19 Bar Espresso Maker


Type –Semi-Automatic

Material – Stainless Steel

Dimensions – 10.74 x 11.22 x 13.14 inches

Capacity – 71 Fluid Ounces

Ease of Use – Easy

Ease of cleaning – Slightly Complex

Milk Steaming – Steam Wand

Boasting a modern design, Brim 19 bar espresso machine comes as a compact delivery of both excellence and ease. This heavy-duty machine sports a stainless-steel look which also promises durability.

The simplicity of the controls assists intuitively with the coffee making. Apart from taking a minimum of 30 minutes to prep, this machine has no visible downsides.

The smart intuitive control panel will actually give out signals to refill the water tank when it’s almost empty making it more practical and smarter in its wake.

Almost similar to the Breville BES878BSS Barista Pro. Brim would still be considered a deal breaker in terms of ease in operations and price point. This product would be an ideal choice for the blooming baristas and coffee aficionados.

What We Like: Take Note:

Brews quality espresso

Pro-grade tamper

Easy to use

High-end material build

Value for money

Θ Makes loud noise in use

Θ Complex Cleanup

Θ Time-consuming setup

What Is Latte Coffee?

What Is Latte Coffee

Latte means ‘coffee and milk’ in Italian. Espresso shot only sits at the base and milk dominates the flavor palate of this coffee.

Unlike any other coffee drink, a cup of good latte stands out from others. The top of this beverage is etched with beautiful latte art. Baristas have to go through rigorous training to master the latte art. Lattes are large drinks, around 10-12 ounces.

A standard latte is composed of 1/3 espresso, 2/3 frothed milk topped with a layer of micro-foam. A combination of rich espresso with thick creamy milk makes it an irresistible mouthwatering mug of deliciousness.

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Flavors Of Latte

Flavors Of Latte

There is a latte for everyone. You can decorate a latte with a huge range of flavors. Starting from basic vanilla to fancy festive flavors like pumpkin pie spice; you name it, you can have it.

If you’re someone who is lactose or dairy intolerant then you can customize the milk options with alternatives like soy milk, nut milk, coconut milk. Whatever you prefer.

The idea of a latte can be constructed and customized to cater to a variety of preferences. Although originally it is a coffee drink, you can have it with matcha or tea as well. Lattes leave a light heartwarming impression of a mellowed-down caffeine hit.

Matcha flavored latte
The green one is Matcha flavored latte

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Step By Step Latte Recipe:

To brew a cup of latte in your home, you’ll need an espresso machine and a milk frother.

Step By Step Latte Recipe

Some of the things you need to take care of before you brew a latte are:

  • – Using ground espresso beans for the espresso shot
  • – A standard latte cup (10-12 ounces)
  • – The milk you’d prefer
  • – A container for the milk.
  • Begin with pulling a good espresso shot. If you’re an amateur keep practicing pulling shots, you’ll get good eventually. Set the shot aside and start frothing the milk.
  • Using the milk frother, stretch the milk till it gets a light fluffiness to it. This fluff is what we call a micro-foam.
  • Milk mixed for lattes is much thicker and creamier than a cappuccino. It’s not super aerated. Add in the stretched milk to your cup of espresso and set the top with a small layer of milk micro-foam.

This is how you can brew a latte at home and all this will take you around 20 minutes; starting from prep time to final product.

Note: You can customize the serving size of your latte keeping the ratio of your ingredients in standard portions.

Go bananas with your latte coffee!

For a more detailed insight behind the mechanics, follow this article Perfect Espresso: How To Use An Espresso Machine To Pull The Espresso Shot

Top 8 Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Latte Machine For Home

How to Choose the Best Latte Machine for Home

When you’re investing in a coffee machine look into the type of operations, range of settings, and most importantly the capacity to adjust, and a few other things. Let us list them down below in detail for your convenience.

1 – Types of Latte Machine

There are mainly four different types of latte machines out there in the market (Super-Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Automatic, and Coffee Pod Machine). Make sure which one best suits you and your latte making style.

We have discussed the types of latte machines in this article down below for your convenience.

2 – Price Point

Set a specific range. A budget gives you more control over what you pick. Prices vary depending on the machine’s capability to cope up with more and more demands. A multifaceted machine definitely costs more than a machine that can only cope with a few options at a time.

Naturally when options in a machine increase so do the price point.

Cheap range machines are not set to serve and live up to multiple settings, hence they cannot deliver in the same caliber as an expensive machine.

3 – Size

Not everyone is free to pick a machine that’ll fit in their space. Apartments are getting only smaller and smaller day by day. For those who need to think about kitchen counter space, size is a big issue.

A large machine that takes up a major portion of their counter is a big ask. So, some companies have thought from their customer’s point and tried sorting this by introducing compact lines without compromising on the delivery point of the machines.

4 – Water Reservoir Capacity

If you don’t wanna go through refilling the water after every use, make sure the tank is big enough to not run out on you often. Multiple brews need a significantly large water tank.

Another major factor is the cleaning. Generally, removable water tanks come in big sizes and it is more practical for cleaning.

You don’t have to take your entire machine with you to clean just one compartment, you can just take the tank out and rinse it out in the sink.

5 – Integrated Grinder

A good grinder is promising enough for a quality cup of espresso. A burr coffee grinder is considered the best in its class. Super-automatic machines have built-in burr grinders but all semi-automatics don’t come with a built-in burr grinder.

Make sure when you’re investing in a latte machine without a grinder your budget should be less considerate for the machine since you’ll have to purchase a grinder separately.

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6 – Steam Wand or Automatic Frother?

Steam wand allows you to manually froth milk for your latte, it allows you more control and customization. This might be suitable for the enthusiastic or people who tend to get real professional with their coffee.

On the other hand, the automatic frother comes in a separate compartment of its own with the latte machine. It’s easier to froth the milk with it and there are limited options when it comes to frothing in a different consistency.

7 – Convenience and Usage

How easy the machine is to use should be something important for everyone. If you like to tinker with things and has no issue learning a new complex machine, then it shouldn’t bother you. However, if you want things to be simple, then get something that has an easy operation.

Also, time is a big convenience factor.

Most of the machines need a separate time for preparation before brewing. This time restraint is a limitation for some end users when it crosses a certain threshold. Super-automatic machines are quick to assist in coffee-making while semi-automatics take around 5 to 10 minutes to get preheated and grind your coffee beans.

If you want a quick coffee and are willing to spend a few bucks for it go for the super-automatic machines.

8 – Cleaning and Maintenance

Investing in a machine that is a drag to clean will weigh you down both physically and financially. Make sure the latte machine is easy to clean. Simply not caring for a machine properly might transpire for future damages.

To ensure better performance and longevity keep your latte machine clean and treat it with the care it requires.

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What Are The 4 Types Of Latte Machines?

Four types of operations are mainly seen in latte machines – Super-Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Automatic, and Coffee Pod Machine.

1 – Super-Automatic Latte Machine (One-Touch)

Super Automatic Latte Machine

Think you got no brewing skills?

Super-Automatic latte machines can help you with that. This machine would serve you as a barista on a single command. For those who’re not willing to invest their time and effort, this is just right.

Super-automatic lines come with a built-in grinder, making it quick, easy, and convenient for you to have a freshly brewed cup of coffee every time. A separate compartment is dedicated to brewing controls executing the professional coffee extraction process.

All these controls make it easier for you to enjoy a variety of espresso-based coffee beverages like a cappuccino, flat white, macchiato, latte, and more without the effort.

This machine takes care of the coffee-making from start to finish on a single command letting you enjoy your time.

2 & 3 – Semi-Automatic and Automatic Latte Machine (Beginner Friendly)

Semi Automatice Latte Machine

Semi-automatics are handcrafted to deliver a pleasant experience for newbie brewers. Equipped with easy controls, semi-automatics don’t need a lot of experience to deal with.

Once you understand how it works and practices the ropes it is only a matter of time till you become the barista of your machine. Unlike the super-automatic which takes care of itself, here you have to be the one in charge of that.

Starting from pulling an espresso shot to frothing the milk, you’re in complete charge to make it perfect.

Automatic latte machines on the other hand are distinguished by one simple upgrade – “timer”. Having a timer makes sure you don’t have to keep a close eye on your coffee; you can set it up and start prepping other stuff. So, comparing semi-automatic you may prefer the best automatic latte machine for home use.

4 – Coffee Pod Machine (Easy)

Coffee Pod Latte Machine

This is hands down the most simplified way to brew a cup of latte. Pre extracted coffee is sealed off in pods and these machines help break down that coffee in your cup.

Pod machines come with single controls. The coffee pods come in a vast array of flavors. You can pick anyone you like and have the most exotic cup of coffee with this machine.

Coffee pods come in different sizes and different pod machines require a specific shape of the pod to cater to.

Coffee pod machines are simple and easy to look after. Those who enjoy a quick cup of joe can definitely try out the pod coffee maker.

How Do You Use A Latte Machine?

How Do You Use A Latte Machine

Step 1 – Since we’re talking about a machine, start by preparing i.e., preheat the machine. You’d want to measure out the beans for your espresso and set it into the grinder, or if the machine comes with an automated function to scale and grind your espresso beans, get it going.

Step 2 – Set ground coffee in the portafilter, level, and tamp it for better extraction. This step is crucial for a balanced flavor profile.

Step 3 – Set portafilter in the machine and dial in for brewing. Pull your shot of espresso. Now move on to steaming milk.

Step 4 – Heat up and froth the milk using the steam wand or automated frother, (if your machine doesn’t have one get a handheld milk frother) build the foam on the milk lightly, too much and it won’t fit the latte style anymore.

Step 5 – Mix and layer the milk with the espresso base and your latte is ready to roll.

Step 6 – Enjoy it the way you want and thank us by sharing this article with friends and family.

Is It Worth Buying A Latte Machine For Home?

Is It Worth Buying A Latte Machine For Home

Of course, it is!

From the perspective of investment cost, this is more than worth it. Undoubtedly frequenting café costs are cut down significantly since this machine serves as a long-term utility.

Plus there is more to a latte machine than simply brewing a latte. You’ll have the liberty to try out other espresso-based beverages and room to improve as a barista.

So, if you’re a true latte lover get yourself a machine for your benefit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Make A Good Latte At Home?

The key to making a good latte lies in the milk. Apart from pulling a mean shot of espresso, you have to steam and froth the milk.

Make sure you don’t overdo the frothing process and mix in the milk to the espresso in a way that the milk pours in first and the milk foam only sits on top.

What Is The Best Milk For A Latte?

Whole milk is used by baristas universally. Whole milk has a high-fat content so it can retain the milk foam more constructively without dissolving fast.

When Making A Latte What Goes In First?

Always the espresso sits as the base for a latte. In that milk is mixed in and topped with milk micro-foam.

This is because the foam content is so little, if you want to retain it, use a spoon to hold the foam back when you’re mixing the milk in with espresso.

How Much Milk Is In A Double Shot Of Latte?

You’ll need around 320ml of steamed milk if you’re going with a double shot of espresso. Usually, a latte this size is considered to be large.

What Machine Do I Need To Make A Latte At Home?

It is best if you can get a semi-automatic machine for a latte. This gives you more room for control and all in all the process isn’t too slow.

Final Verdict

The Brim 19 Bar is our top pick for the best latte machine for home use. This versatile semi-automatic machine can serve with commercial agility and deliver great value. Although others have ranked in close calls this machine still stands out.

This article has a vast range of latte machines. All of them can help you brew latte, cappuccino, macchiato, flat white, and many more coffee-based beverages.

We hope our article can give you comprehensive value and suggestions to help pick the best latte maker for home use.

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