Best Home Coffee Roaster Machines (Top 15 Reviews In 2023)


Today you are going to read our complete best home coffee roaster reviews. When people visit your house or stay at your house, you want them to have the best time and the most delicious food. As morning shows the day, you want their morning meal to be the best. And, what is a morning meal without great coffee?

It is not just for your guests, when all you have to look forward in your day is a cup of coffee, you want to have the best coffee as well. You take time preparing it, delaying your work, so that you can work better. It, in fact, has a kind of therapeutic effect on you, doesn’t it?

Coffee roasters home has its many benefits that we will talk about later. Right now, the most important thing you should know is that the process and the aroma of coffee being roasted in a roaster may be the only certain part of your uncertain day. This is why you can consider a home coffee roaster that will not only relax your nerves but also help you make the best coffee.

Home Coffee Roaster Reviews

As is common with coffee roasters machines like this, choosing the best home coffee roasters is necessary but tough. This is why you have to study the machine, compare and finally, choose. It’s not just the machine you have to study, it is your needs as well.

The buying guide will give you a heads up on factors you have to consider while the reviews will give you a reality check on the coffee roast machines.

Let’s get started!

Our Top 15 list of coffee roasters for home. Click each of the below will take you to Amazon to see the latest price and read the customer reviews.


Our 15 Best Home Coffee Roaster Reviews

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1. KALDI Mini Size (200~250g)- Best Coffee Roaster For Home

KALDI Mini Coffee Roaster

Do you not roast a lot of coffee beans at a time? Apart from that, do you trust your eyes and mind more than you would trust a roaster? Then, this mini size KALDI home coffee roaster may be something that you want in your home.

Firstly, the mini size makes it very portable. Do you want to know what else makes it portable? It’s the use of gas as a fuel. Apparently, you can place this roaster anywhere if there is a good gas source.

Other than that, this machine is lightweight and compact so it is easy to set as well. The capacity is not exactly mini at 250 grams but there is one problem you may face. The beans seem to pop out when they are being roasted and fall on the counter or ground. You can use the hopper to deal with this problem somewhat.

Also, beware of the electric connection it needs as it may not be suitable for all countries. Other than these difficulties, the machine is amazing. It lets you roast the beans just to your liking, giving you full control over the process.

You get to control both the temperature and the time completely. However, you need to trust your skills a lot for this. One wrong move and you get a batch that is not roasted right to your liking.

Apart from that, you can trust the brand to provide you with a well-built machine. It will last and it will not require much maintenance either. You have to use your hands a lot and the roast level will not be consistent every time. But, that is something you have to blame yourself because you control it.

The price is quite reasonable for the quality it comes with. You are buying it for a long time so it is cost-efficient. In this sense, it is the best coffee roaster for home.

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  • Small footprint.
  • Very portable.
  • Easy to set and use.
  • Provides great control over the roast level.
  • Well-built and meant to last.
  • Quite a reasonable price.
  • Comes with everything that the roaster needs.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.


  • Beans may spill over.
  • The electric configuration may not fit.
  • Needs a lot of skill and awareness on the user’s part.

2. KALDI WIDE (300g)- Best Overall Home Coffee Roaster


At times, despite the convenience most roasters offer, you want full control over your beans rather than the ease. This is exactly what this KALDI wide coffee roaster provides you with- control. It is a manual machine with a gas stove system offering you loads of pros with a few cons.

Setting this machine up is super easy when you figure out the gas source. Furthermore, it is a great, elegant, and robust machine that lives up to your expectations. You can roast quite a lot of coffee beans in one go. Although it says it can roast 300 gm, a customer claimed you can go as far as 320 gm with it. The machine gives services like a commercial coffee roaster. So, you can use it as the best coffee roaster machine for small business.

However, there seems to be a gap between its parts that often leads to coffee being wasted. Other than that, it is fairly fun and easy to use. You get to control the temperature and everything very easily and accurately.

Even the way you cool the beans gives you full control over its roast level. However, this also means that you will have to build up your skills or have initial skills that will help you get the best results.

Other than that, you may need to maintain the roaster from time to time by lubricating the bearings and other parts. The roaster is quite big so it will occupy some space in your kitchen. However, since it uses gas, you can place it anywhere you want by using a portable gas source.

This roaster is not cheap and so is not its quality and build. It is something that is built to last and will not disappoint you in the long run. So, a roaster that you can rely on is much more valuable than a cheap roaster that just causes hundreds of problems.

Let’s Watch a Video Review:


  • Great roasting capacity at a time.
  • Provides full control over the roast level.
  • Easy to use.
  • Quite easy to clean as well.
  • Excellent build quality and the materials used are top-notch as well.
  • Built to last.
  • Looks great.
  • Can be used conveniently anywhere.
  • Makes a great roast.
  • Includes everything needed.


  • A bit expensive.
  • Needs skills.
  • Coffee may get wasted.
  • Needs a bit of maintenance.

3. IMEX CR-100- Best Beginners Coffee Roaster Home Machine

Best Beginners Home Coffee Roaster

When you are a person living in the twenty-first century, energy consumption is an important factor to consider. It is not just for a lower cost but overall sustainability as well. Apparently, the Green Coffee Beans roaster consumes as less energy as possible to save the interest of the world and you.

It has clearly defined voltage requirements. However, it’s greatest good intention can lead to its greatest flaw as well. In a few cases, the roaster would not generate enough heat for the beans. It may have been a design flaw where less energy consumption led to less energy produced.

However, that is a rare case and in most cases, the roaster excelled. It does not have the highest capacity but it has just enough- 130-170 gm per cycle. You get to control the roast level by choosing the temperatures.

This is quite easy to do. Furthermore, the cooling cycle is quite efficient as well. There is no steep learning curve for this machine.

Apart from that, it is made from stainless steel so rust will most likely not touch it. So, it is here to stay. Also, the roasted beans you get have a consistent roast because of the heat circulation method the roaster uses.

You will also find the roaster quite easy to clean and maintain. Furthermore, it offers great value for money because it is the cheapest among the first four roasters we reviewed. So, you get quality, functionality and also convenience at a very reasonable price.

While the functionality may not be the best, the machine provides a few features that help you. However, you will find the best coffee roaster machine offering more convenience features at present. It is quite old-fashion.

Let’s Watch a Video Review:


  • Saves energy to some extent.
  • Does a good job on mild roasts.
  • Easy to learn and operate.
  • Temperatures are quite accurate.
  • Good cooling system.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Quite affordable.


  • May not make enough heat.
  • Needs continuous attention.

4. Behmor 1600 Plus- Best Customizable Drum Coffee Roaster For Home

Behmor Coffee Roaster

Want to roast a big batch of coffee beans because there are so many coffee lovers around you? Then, read this complete Behmor 1600 Plus review, this coffee roaster can fulfill your need. Apparently, it has one of the highest capacities in the roaster world- 1 pound in one go.

As you can expect from a roaster of such capacity, it takes up some space. However, it has more of an organized oven-like look. It is the best when it comes to doing its job.

You will have good control over the roast level and stuff because you get to control the temperature and time. Apparently, you can also set up profiles to easily choose what you want the next time you roast. Furthermore, the roaster will rotate the coffee beans for a consistent roast.

One trouble you may face is with the safety feature. Of course, the safety feature is necessary but maybe this roaster tries to keep things too safe. Apparently, if the temperature reaches a certain point in the second chamber, the machine just shuts off without moving the beans to the cooling cycle.

This leads to a roast that is darker than you desire. However, this roaster is not exactly the best choice for darker roasts because of the safety feature itself. Apart from that, one great part of the Behmor coffee roaster is the filter. You roast quite a lot of beans in one go but the machine does not produce a lot of smoke.

The credit goes to the filter. So, you can use it both indoors and outdoors. Apart from that, you have to clean the roaster manually but the parts are arranged in a way that you do not have to go through much trouble to clean it.

This machine is of a reasonable price compared to its capacity. However, you will need some time to get the best results out of it as it has a steep learning curve.

Let’s Watch a Video Review:


  • Great capacity for roasting.
  • Good materials and parts used for roasting.
  • Provides a consistent roast.
  • Great control over the roast.
  • Produces less smoke.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Reasonable price for its capacity.


  • Steep learning curve.
  • Safety feature can ruin batches.

5. Fresh Roast SR540- Best Small Batch Roasting Home Coffee Roaster

FreshRoast SR540

Want to roast coffee applying minimum effort? Then, the Fresh Roast SR540 is what you are looking for. Apparently, it does not have the greatest capacity, so if you do not roast a lot of coffee beans in one go, this would be a great choice.

In fact, you get a lot of easy options when handling this roaster. It lets you control the temperature, heat, and also the time easily by turning knobs. Apparently, you get to set each of them to nine different levels. Can you believe it?

Seems too good to be true, right? Trust your gut feelings and it is too good to be true. Apparently, adjusting the three settings exactly to your liking can be a very difficult task. A customer mentioned that even the highest setting will not let you have a very dark roast. The roast level will just be around the medium.

Moreover, customers also wished for a higher speed of the fan. It just does not do the best job on the chaffs. So, while you do enjoy a lot of control over the type of roast you make, you do not get the best results.

You may get the best results if your needs match the roaster’s ability but even for that, you will have to know the perfect combination of settings. However, the transparent design gives you the upper hand as you can see the color of the beans throughout the process.

Feeding the beans is easy and it won’t even create a mess. Apart from that, cleaning the whole thing is easy as well. You get the whole unit at a very reasonable price as well.

However, the durability of the roaster is not ascertained. You have to check when you get the package whether it is damaged or not. Furthermore, with time, parts of it may stop working. Apparently, it does not use the best materials in its build.

Let’s Watch a Video Review:


  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Compact yet elegant build.
  • Provides many levels of control.
  • Quite easy to clean.
  • The transparent container gives you a good update.
  • Good value for the money.


  • The heat level and fan level are not the highest at their most.
  • Needs some meddling to get what you really want.
  • May not be the most durable.

6. JIAWANSHUN Electric Roasting Machine- Best Multi Uses Home Coffee Roaster

Jiawanshun Coffee Roaster

Do not want to spend a lot of money on a machine just to roast coffee beans? Then, consider buying this coffee roaster machine that allows you to make popcorns and roast seeds as well. What can be said about this machine is that it has one name but many purposes.

Apparently, this is quite a large roaster with a capacity to roast around 300-500 gm of coffee beans at a time. However, you will find it more convenient to roaster smaller amounts at a time as that will provide better results. Other than that, it does not really provide a very consistent roast as it does not auto-rotate.

The best part about this machine is the ease of use. You pretty much have to do nothing to get it going. Just set the temperature for the roast and wait.

There is even mentioned time for the different levels of cracks. For example, you get one roast level at twenty minutes, another at forty, etc. And, this timing is quite accurate.

However, the temperature may not be as accurate. A few customers complained about it and also it is only in celsius so you may have to go through a learning curve.

While there are many parts of the roaster that are not the best designed, it still does not make cleaning it difficult. It is, in fact, a breeze to clean this roaster. Other than that, the transparent lid lets you keep track of the level your coffee beans are at.

The roaster is quite affordable. However, it may not be of the best quality. But, the quality and functionality it provides at this price point are actually of great value.


  • A very good capacity.
  • Supports several food items.
  • Very easy to operate.
  • Simple yet clever structure and design.
  • Very affordable.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Provides a good update.
  • Quite accurate in timing.


  • The temperature is not very accurate.
  • Not of the best quality.

7. DYVEE Gas Burner Home Roaster- Best Designed Coffee Roasting Machine

Best Designed Home Coffee Roaster

Want a coffee roaster that will fit in and look good in any kind of interior of a house? Then, you can check this Dyvee coffee roaster out as it has a transparent body in the middle that fits in about anywhere. This roaster is like a beauty with skills as it does not only the looks that it has got.

In fact, the main attraction of this roaster, the drum, is made of quartz glass. So, you can watch and enjoy the coffee beans being roasted, changing colors. This will not only give you pleasure but it will also help you know when to stop roasting.

The roaster has a great capacity of 400 grams at a time as well. However, it is best to roast smaller amounts like 200-300 grams at a time as the beans can spill out. The opening is small but since you can rotate the drum, you have to be careful.

Setting this roaster up is very easy despite its size. You can set it up on a gas burner or your gas stove, both will be easy. The wooden handle does not conduct heat much and it will keep your hands completely safe as long as you do not touch the metal parts.

Furthermore, the unit is very easy to clean. You can see the cleaning results quite well as the glass will probably shine. Also, this unit is very easy to operate at the click of a button.

The electric source it needs is quite commonly available. Also, the machine is of excellent quality despite its medium-range price. You will be amazed at the satisfaction this machine provides you with.


  • The looks are to die for.
  • Excellent quality build.
  • Offers a fully transparent drum.
  • The handle is very effective.
  • Very easy to set up.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Great capacity.
  • Great value for money.


  • Beans may spill out at times.

8. BOCABOCA Coffee Bean Roaster 500- Best Large Capacity Roasting At Home

Bocaboca Coffee Roaster Review

Before buying a coffee roaster machine let’s dive into the Bocaboca coffee roaster review. Actually here it is of Bocaboca 500 review. If you like to keep your home organized you most likely want to keep the mess hidden. The BOCABOCA roaster keeps most of its internal things hidden in its wooden exterior. Apparently, it may give your kitchen or dining room the organized look it was missing.

As you need electricity to work this machine, the wooden box serves a separate purpose. In fact, it completely keeps you protected from electric shocks. Apparently, the wooden outlook may give you the feeling that you won’t know anything that’s going o in the machine.

But, that’s not the case. In fact, the upper portion of the roaster that has the drum has a transparent glass on it. Through this glass, you can see whatever that goes inside the drum. Therefore, you can easily check the color of the coffee beans you are working on.

Furthermore, controlling this roaster is super easy. You get all the controls on one side of the roaster. They are in the form of dials that you turn.

While the Bocaboca coffee bean roaster does a great job of roasting, you may smell trouble when cooling. Apparently, it does not come with a cooler. You have to buy the cooler separately if you want to or you have to find some other process to do the job.

This is not very expected of a roaster that costs so much. Apart from that, cleaning it won’t be easy at all. Detaching the drum and then cleaning wood? Does not sound simple, does it?

Apart from that, you may receive a defected product. Which is alright if you can return and get a better product, But, still, considering the price, customers should not have to go through so much trouble.


  • A very organized looking roaster.
  • Has a transparent drum.
  • Give you good control over the roasted beans.
  • Very easy to control.
  • Does a good job and efficiently too.
  • Quite compact.


  • Does not come with a cooler.
  • Quite expensive.
  • May come with defective parts.
  • Not the easiest to clean.

9. TOPCHANCES 110V Stainless Steel- Best For Intermediate Home Coffee Roaster

TOPCHANCES Home Coffee Roaster

Want such a roaster in your house that will grab attention because of its old-school science-project like the design? Then, this TopChances coffee roaster has the looks to do so. It does not even matter if your guests want coffee or not, they will surely notice this unit and want coffee just to see how it works.

Apparently, it has a unique design where the drum that contains the coffee beans can rotate. Moreover, the stainless steel construction makes the roaster quite long-lasting and also a good recipient of heat. As a result, you get faster results when you roast coffee beans in it.

Furthermore, the roast will be consistent as well as the drum will be rotating to give all the coffee beans equal rights. However, due to the lack of a transparent view, you may find it a bit difficult to know which state your coffee beans are in.

You need to trust the roaster’s judgment and as you know, it can turn out to be wrong at times. However, operating and giving the roaster instructions is really easy. Once you get a hang on it- the best settings to roast your coffee beans just to your preferences, this roaster will give you excellent results.

However, this is only as long as the roaster works. Apparently, the roaster is not very long-lasting and its various parts may cause trouble. Some may not work properly, some may malfunction and others may just break down.

While it is easy to clean the roaster, it may not be as easy to maintain it in the long run. It is still worth the risk because of its price and performance. In fact, it provides one of the best performances at its price level.


  • A traditional rogue looking drum roaster.
  • Cleverly built with suitable materials.
  • Provides a fast result.
  • The result is quite accurate as well.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Quite cheap compared to others.
  • Very easy to clean as well.
  • Good capacity.
  • Supports nuts as well.


  • Does not have a cooling mechanism.
  • Not transparent.
  • May not last.

10. Hario Retro- Best Value Home Coffee Roaster

Hario Retro Coffee Roaster

This is another product you can consider if you prefer quality over quality. It is on the expensive side compared to the number of coffee beans it allows you to roast at a time which is only fifty grams. Despite the price and capacity, this roaster can win hearts.

The Hario Retro coffee roaster is quite small with a drum-like glass body. In fact, this is the most attractive part of the roaster. The shape, the lines along with the shape and the quality of the glass itself will be a treat to your and your guest’s eyes.

Of course, the glass drum is heat-resistant. So, when you put in your coffee beans and heat it, the drum will hold the heat in so that your coffee gets roasted fast. Furthermore, if you were having a hard time roasting beans to your desired level of darkness then no worries at all, this roaster will let you burn your beans even. (But, don’t do that as that’s not healthy).

It makes great dark roasts of coffee like French roast, Italian, Spanish, Espresso, New Orleans, and Continental roasts. Do you know what is French roast coffee and what the rest of the others? These are all the variations name of dark roasted coffee beans.

Setting up this machine is very easy. All you have to do is provide the heat source. The quality of the machine is without a doubt the best as it is handcrafted by the Japanese. And, we all know how efficient the Japanese are.

While cleaning it will be easy, you will have to be very careful. Other than that, you will get a clear control over the roast type as you can see the whole process the beans go through. However, the cooling phase is not the best in this unit.

In terms of quality value, it would be the best at home coffee roaster but the unit is very expensive and most people avoid buying this roaster for the price.


  • Extremely high-quality roster handcrafted by the Japanese.
  • The glass drum is super efficient and roasts beans fast.
  • Very easy to use as it pretty much comes ready to use.
  • The handle is very comfortable and suitable.
  • Makes great dark roasts.


  • Very expensive for its capacity.
  • Needs care.
  • The cooling phase is not the most effective.

11. DAVIDLEE Handy- Best Portable Home Coffee Bean Roaster Set

DAVIDLEE Home Coffee Roaster

At first glance, you may mistake this machine for a fan or the sewing machine from the Disney fairy-tale ‘Sleeping Beauty’. However, this is indeed a magical machine that does its magic on coffee beans. But, it is best to keep it away from kids.

It is a drum coffee roaster with a rotating handle and heat source below. As you can imagine, the ability to rotate the drum containing the coffee beans allows you to have the chance of making a consistent roast. Yes, you do have to put in a lot of effort but that it one of the reasons that the price is lower.

Apparently, this roast coffee machine is made from stainless steel that is also heat resistant. Stainless steel prevents harmful corrosion and rust. Furthermore, the heat resistance helps to keep the heat in for a faster roast.

As air is also essential for a good roast, the mesh-like design of the drum really helps. In fact, it also provides the user with the view to know the state of the beans. You can see the color of the beans to see if it has reached the desired level of roast.

However, this may make some beans spill out as well and that is one of the main shortcomings of the roaster. Apart from that, the capacity of the roaster is quite good too. It can roast around 200-250 coffee beans in one go.

While it does not come with a cooling unit, it provides you with the ease of cleaning. Furthermore, the quality of the build and functionality of great value at this price point. However, it is not the best or compact looking roaster. But, it sure is portable.


  • A very easy to understand design.
  • Very easy and effective to use as well.
  • Quite transparent in its actions.
  • Made with suitable materials that serve their purpose.
  • Ample heat and airflow.
  • Great value for the price.


  • The mesh design may spill beans out.
  • Quite manual.

12. Nuvo Classic Handy Eco Friendly- Best Simple And Easy To Use Coffee Roaster At Home

Nuvo Classic Eco Friendly

Want something simple, easy to use, and also have full control over it? Then, you can try the Nuvo classic eco-friendly handy coffee roaster. As it is a handy roaster, you have to every roast manually so it requires a bit of effort and attention as well.

Are you ready to put in some effort and check continuously? Then, this roaster may be for you. In fact, the quality of the roast that it provides is amazing.

You can use two methods to roast the coffee beans in this roaster. Apparently, you can choose to roast it by the direct circulation of heat or heated air circulation. If you have a gas stovetop then this roaster is as easy as a breeze to use.

In fact, it is made from natural beech tree and a leather handle. The material of the part that holds the beans does its job greatly. Furthermore, the leather handle protects your hand really well.

Other than that, you get a nice lid to cover the opening up so that you can control the type of heat your beans receive. However, there are slight problems with this design. Firstly, the lid is screwed with the roaster with just one screw. If you shake or move the roaster a bit too fast, the screw may come off, getting the lid off and spilling beans all over. That would lead to a lot of cleaning chores.

Other than that, the lid may not properly close over the mouth of the roaster and this can cause the same trouble- spilled coffee beans. Also, as it is manual, you will have to rotate and move the roaster a bit so the beans that were not receiving heat can receive some too.

This unit comes at a very affordable price because, well, you have to do most of the job yourself. You cannot complain about the quality either because it simply is top-notch.


  • Very simple design.
  • Excellent materials used for building it.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Handles protect your hand well.
  • Roasts the bean well.
  • Lets you see the roast level.
  • Good value for the price.
  • Built to last.


  • Needs some effort and attention.
  • The lid needs more screw and a better design.

13. Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy- Best Budget Home Coffee Roaster

Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Coffee Bean Roaster

Do you prefer quality over quantity when it comes to your morning coffee? Then, what you need is the Nuvo Eco Ceramic handy coffee bean roaster. Apparently, not only does its looks put you at ease in this busy daily life but its process also helps you accomplish the first task of the day in the best way. And besides preparing to drink a cup of hot coffee in the morning what would be the first task for a coffee drinker! By the way, do you know how to keep your coffee hot for long?

Ok, come to the point, as you can imagine from its spoon-like shape, it is completely manual. However, it is made from the best material for thermal conductivity and consistency: Ceramic. The shape of the roaster also helps you distribute the heat among the coffee beans and also accommodates quite some of it.

Truth be told, this roaster does not have a great capacity. If you try putting too many coffee beans in it, the beans will pop and jump out when cracking. It may even hurt your hand.

Apart from that, you get a nice handle that keeps your hands safe from the heat. However, some people claimed that the handle could be thicker so that the heat wouldn’t reach their hands. Apparently, at higher temperatures, it does reach your hand slightly. In fact, you may find the handle a bit too short too.

You have to move the roaster manually to get a consistent roast. Among all the other things, which will amaze you the most is the build quality of this piece of art. Apart from that, you will have to put in some effort when using this roaster as it’s completely manual.

Cleaning is very easy as well. The price is very cheap and reasonable too.

Based on the budget price under $100 besides this Novo Eco Ceramic Handy, you can also buy Nesco coffee roaster CR-04-13

If you often camping and love to drink fresh and strong coffee over there just instantly after roasting the beans. then this small handy Nuvo Eco Ceramic coffee bean roaster will be the best option. You can easily carry it in your bag. By the way, do you know how to make strong coffee? and how to make coffee while camping?


  • A fully manual piece of the roaster.
  • Well designed with a very effective shape.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Quite safe to use if careful.
  • Provides consistent and great results.
  • The materials used in the build are top-notch.


  • The beans may pop out and hurt you.
  • The handle may be too short and thin.

14. Beanplus- Best Advanced Home Coffee Roaster

Beanplus Coffee Roaster

You want to leave as much of the work possible on the roaster itself, don’t you? The Beanplus Coffee Roaster pretty much takes care of everything. All you have to do is put in the beans, tell it what to do, and carry it out.

The roaster has a very matte, sleek look that will grab the attention of most of your guests because it is just that classy. Apart from that, watching your coffee beans get roasted will be fun too. Because, yes, you can see them getting roasted through the transparent glass body.

Furthermore, you can also see the ‘S’ wing doing its thing to keep the roasting consistent throughout the whole process. Apart from that, you get to control the unit very easily too. All you have to do is turn the knobs it provides you with to the right temperature and time.

Then, you can just watch till the beans reach the roast level you want. Furthermore, it takes care of the smoke it produces. So, using it indoors won’t suffocate you at all.

You can also cool the roasted beans quite easily. Furthermore, since you can take its parts out, you can easily clean them too. However, you have to be careful about the things you use to clean it as it can get scratches easily.

Overall, it is a good roaster but it does come at a higher price than usual. If it suits your needs then it is worth it.


  • Does everything on its own for you.
  • Very easy to set and use.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Provides a good consistent roast.
  • Great looks.
  • Built to last.
  • Easy controls.
  • Transparent view.
  • Handles the smoke it produces well.


  • A bit expensive.

15. OTTIMO J-100CR- Best Alternative At Home Coffee Bean Roaster

OTTIMO Coffee Roaster

Are you looking for a coffee bean roaster that not only lets you roast the coffee bean perfectly but also lets you carry it out easily? Then, this Ottimo coffee roaster review will not disappoint you. Because it keeps up its high standard of performance until the very end.

Firstly, this Ottimo home coffee roaster has kind of like a complex structure. You won’t be able to see a thing from the front side, It has a wooden front like the view that gives it a retro vibe. However, the top part of the machine has a transparent lid that makes things easier.

Through this transparent lid, you can look inside to find the part that will hold and roast the coffee beans. You can keep track of the color to see if the beans have reached the perfect roast level. Using this roaster is one of the easiest jobs you will ever do in life.

In fact, you just have to connect it and set it to what you want from it. You have nine options to choose from and you just have to turn a knob to do it. However, the accuracy may not be so great.

But, things do not end there. The roaster has a shell separator that separates the roasted beans itself and helps you carry it out of the machine easily. So, even though the roaster has a very complex structure, working with it is not very difficult.

However, cleaning it up may be difficult as it comes with many different parts. Also, it has high airflow for cooling and does not make much noise. So, it is a great option for those who love to roast coffee beans before their morning coffee.

However, it is a bit expensive.


  • Complex yet easy to use design.
  • Gives off a retro vibe.
  • Very easy to set with its knobs.
  • The transparent lid is the gem.
  • The shell separator really makes the process even easier.
  • Cools the roasted beans perfectly fast.


  • Maybe a bit difficult to clean.
  • May not provide an even roast.

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How To Choose The Best Home Coffee Roaster

These are a few things you can understand considering despite not being a roaster engineer.

The Type Of Coffee Roasters Machines You Want:

If you wanted, you could roast your coffee beans on the stove as well. That would, of course, require quite a lot of ‘Do It Yourself’ stuff and modifications to the utensils you have. So that you do not have to go through the trouble of being a scientist to roast coffee beans, the actual scientists have created two types of coffee bean roasters for you.

Air Roasters:

Best Air Roasting Coffee Roaster
Air Roaster

If you have studied basic science, you have probably heard of heat transfer through the ‘convection’ process. Air roasters use exactly this process to roast the coffee beans. Apparently, hot air passes through the coffee beans and roasts it.

Now, this is not particularly the best process to depend on. The reason is that this process does not provide a consistent roast. You see, hot air may not reach all the parts equally. Plus, you do not have much control over how the air moves.

This is, by far the greatest con, and other than that, you may have to spend more time on it.

Drum Roasters:

Best Drum Coffee Roaster
Drum Roaster

If you know about convection then you know about conduction as well. It is the process of how heat transfers in most solid mediums like metal. So, in this type of roaster, you keep the bean to let heat pass through it.

Luckily, it deals with the problem air roasters provided and roasts the bean consistently. Also, this roaster can usually roast quite a lot at a time.

Based on what you need, choose your coffee roasting machine between these two types available.

We also have a detailed review on a drum roaster and that is gene cafe CBR-101 home coffee roaster. If you want to check that out, see our Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster Review. The machine gives you a service like a commercial coffee roaster.

The Size You Are Looking For Coffee Roasters Home.

Normally as a coffee drinker, you may have a coffee maker in your home, now either it is a grind and brewer or an espresso machine, maybe you want to drink hot or cold brew coffee or a cup of bulletproof coffee by making any keto coffee creamer recipe, or maybe you want to drink your favorite cappuccino or latte. Whatever it is, want to say when you need coffee, you absolutely need it and cannot wait. If you roast your coffee every time you make it, then you will need some time before you can consume it. Therefore, many prefer to roast a week’s worth of coffee in one go.

This is where you have to consider the size of your roaster. Especially, the part you will put your beans in. As you already know drum roasters usually have larger capacities than air roasters. However, you will find air roasters of suitable capacities as well if you look hard enough.

Other than that, also consider the size of the whole roaster itself. You need it to fit perfectly in the room or counter you plan to keep it on. It a look small as that would be compact and portable but it should look too large, right?

So, consider these factors when checking out the size of a coffee roastery machine.

The Cooling Process That Holds More Value Than You Can Imagine.

When you think about roasting coffee, you just think about heating up enough, right? Apparently, cooling it down right when it reaches the required state is equally important. Many seem to overlook this fact.

Think of it this way, when you keep baked food in the oven for longer than it actually absorbs some more heat and gets cooked even better. The same is with the coffee beans however instead of being cooked better it’s just roasted above the level it is needed to be.

So, a fast and efficient cooling system is necessary and roasters provide that using either of two techniques. Apparently, a few roasters use a cooling pan in the roasting chamber itself. So, when the beans reach the desired roast per temperature, the cooling fan immediately cools them down.

Roaster With Cooling Pan
Cooling pan in the Roasting Chamber Itself

This is quite compact. On the other hand, some roasters use a separate tray on which the beans are gathered right after roasting and then cooled there. This is a faster method of cooling so you get a more accurate roast level.

Separate Cooling Tray
Separate Cooling Tray

So, it is up to you which kind of cooling chamber you prefer to select when you are going to buy a coffee bean roaster for home.

The Options Of Coffee Roast Machines You Have.

When it comes to a roaster, you can choose to do most things manually or totally leave it up to the machine. Now, the present world needs more time from you, and choosing a machine that does everything on its own can be expensive. Then, again, its end product boosts you up for work so it is fair play if you ask me.

You can choose to buy a coffee roaster home that just needs you to turn a knob or switch to get your perfect roast. Or, you can buy a roaster that lets you adjust everything from the temperature to time. This will definitely give you greater control over the type of coffee roast levels you make.

Apparently, even the simplest and cheapest roasters offer you some basic control. In fact, there is no end to features you can get on these products. Just look for the one that suits your needs.

Apart from that, check out the ease of use as well. You may be looking for touch-screen, LCD, or LED screens in these cases. Just a knob would do for a few of you too. After all, it is the temperature we are talking about.

Other than that, some roasters even allow you to set up profiles. You set the profile and the desired roast settings. Then, when you click it, you get roast you preset it to.

The Cleaning Requirements.

When you are dealing with coffee beans, you will face the most issues when you are dealing with oily beans. Apparently, when you use oily beans in any kind of coffee gear, (Either it is a roaster or the best coffee maker with grinder, whereas the best super automatic espresso machine or it is the best commercial espresso machine or even it is the best burr coffee grinders) it creates a mess. And, you want as less mess as possible.

You cannot just stop using oily beans so you have to look for a roaster that is easy to clean no matter what. Some roasters have their own cycles to clean themselves. And, others have features that help you clean them.

Cleaning machines involved in making food is extremely important. You want the machines to be clean so that the roasted beans come out clean as well. Moreover, you want the machine to be easy to clean as well.

Subject to the cleaning, we also have three detailed articles on how to clean a coffee maker with vinegar, then how to clean a burr grinder and how to remove old coffee stains from clothes, in case if you want to check those out.

The Durability and Warranty.

When you are buying a machine like that of a roaster, you are actually spending quite some money. Therefore, you want it to be made of the best possible materials and also in the best way. Furthermore, it should be long-lasting.

For example, stainless steel parts are encouraged as that can deal with rust better. Other than that, whichever price you are buying at (Do not go too cheap) you should look for a warranty for safety.

Benefits Of Home Coffee Roasting

Why would you buy a home coffee roaster when there is instant coffee available? Apparently, there are many reasons for you to buy one if you actually love coffee. These reasons are:

Benefits of Home Coffee Roasting

The Flavor:

Anything tastes best when freshly served and so does coffee. Apparently, coffee beans tend to oxidize fast and lose their best aroma if left for some time after being roasted and ground. So, when you roast your beans right before you plan to use it, you get to taste the best form of the beans. Not only the taste and flavor but also get the amazing benefits of drinking coffee by consuming its caffeine. Now, do you know what is caffeine? And how much caffeine is in a cup of coffee? Check out those complete articles, in case if you want to.

The Perfect Blend:

When you roast your coffee yourself, you get to choose the perfect blend, temperature, and more. It may be hard work, to master it at first, but with the time you become an expert and you find your go-to beans. So, only your best coffee roaster home machine can give you the barista feels you require.

The point of barista feels we also have two complete articles on Breville barista express review and Mr. Coffee cafe barista review, in case if you want to check those out.


As we mentioned earlier, the task of a coffee roaster at home is a kind of art. You can pretty much see the whole process happening, beans changing colors and you do not even have to do much. Not an ounce of uncertainty is there so it puts your anxiety at rest for a while.

The Verdict: Which Is The Best Coffee Roaster?

In my point of view, Fresh Roast SR540 is the best coffee bean roaster if you want to roast applying minimum effort, and if you need not roast a lot of coffee beans in one go. Though it is a small batch roasting machine that has benefits too, every time you can enjoy the freshest coffee because you don’t have to wait too long for the next batch. The price is also affordable.

On the other hand, if you want to roast a big batch of coffee beans, Behmor 1600 Plus is the best coffee roasting machine for you. Apparently, it has one of the highest capacities in the roaster world- 1 pound in one go.

FreshRoast SR540

Best Small Batch Coffee Roaster

Fresh Roast SR-540

Check Price On Amazon

Behmor Coffee Roaster

Best Drum Coffee Roaster

Behmor 1600 Plus

Check Price On Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Should A Popcorn Maker Not Be Used To Roast Coffee Beans?

Popcorn makers pretty much use the same method for making popcorn like air roasters. However, the reason popcorn makers should not be used is that the flow of hot air is uneven and it will create a highly inconsistent roast. This will provide you with some raw beans and others with dark roasts. And, that is not something any good barista would want.

What Are The Different Roasts Of Coffee?

There are 4 types of different roasts of coffee. Those are Light, Medium, Medium Dark, and Dark roasts. Actually, the timing and the temperature of roasting differentiates the coffee roast levels. You can also identify the differences based on the bean color, oil residue, shininess, and flavor. It requires time, effort, and experience to get the right roast level. Other than that if you have your own best coffee roasters machine you can easily get your required roast level of coffee.

At What Temperature Is Coffee Roasted?

It varies based on different roast levels of coffee. Reaches a temperature of 401-degree Fahrenheit to be called a light roast. Keep the highest temperature between 410 and 428-degree Fahrenheit in the range of a medium roast. At a temperature of 437-446 degrees Fahrenheit for the medium-dark roast. And the temperature of 464-482 degrees Fahrenheit is the level of dark roast.

Final Verdict

Your morning is probably the most important part of the day. If you start it well, the day is likely to go well. And, what else can lift up your mood as much as coffee can?

Apparently, the process of making coffee itself can be a mood lifter. When you roast your coffee beans you do not only assure the best taste to start the day but also a certain thing to tackle the uncertainty.

However, you will only get the best results if you use the best home coffee roaster. It is not an easy job finding the best ever. Therefore, consider everything we mentioned and check out as many roasters as you can and you will have a good idea about what you are getting into.


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