What Is Caffeine In Coffee? Do You All Even Know?


You may not have heard of caffeine but you surely have heard of coffee. There’s hardly anyone there in the world anymore who would ask you, what is caffeine?

In fact, you may be someone who cannot live without coffee. When you see people running to the office with a Starbucks cup in hand, you mostly see people running with their caffeine dose for the day.

Coffee is not consumed only because it is tasty. Apparently, most people consuming it do it for the kick it gives.

Caffeine is what helps to boost your nervous system, which helps you stay focused and alert. It is one of the benefits of drinking coffee. And coffee is just the edible form of caffeine.

So, now the question is what exactly is caffeine?

What Exactly Is Caffeine? What Is Caffeine Found In?

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What Exactly Is Caffeine

It is, in fact, an ingredient or psychoactive substance found is some naturally occurring plants. Apparently, it is found in different plants. It is extracted from the beans.

For example, the caffeine that is extracted from coffee beans is used in coffee. Then, the one extracted from cocoa beans is for chocolates. Finally, the caffeine that comes from tea leaves is present in tea.

You see, caffeine is not only present in coffee. In fact, you may be eating a piece of cake and feeling the same effects that you would feel after having coffee. This is because chocolate contains caffeine as well as so does many other drinks.

Furthermore, it also has numerous effects on your body and mind. So, in order to consume caffeine that comes from coffee beans, you have to drink coffee regularly.

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Is Caffeine Legal?

If you are like me, you may have confused caffeine with cocaine at times. Cocaine is a highly addictive drug that can cause a number of negative effects. However, Caffeine is nowhere near cocaine.

It can be slightly addictive when you consume it for years. Not exactly addictive but your body may go through some withdrawal symptoms like headaches and fatigue. However, it is not harmful when consumed within the limit.

So, yes, It is completely legal and you can chug in jugs of coffee with caffeine and nobody will arrest you for it. This is true for almost all of the world.

The Effects of Caffeine On Your Body

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The Effects Of Caffeine On Your Body

There is a reason people consume coffee on a daily basis while they vary the diet they have. In fact, this is because there have quite a lot of caffeine effects on your body. Let us check out what it does below.

1. It May Cause Anxiety- (What Is Caffeine Anxiety?)

As you may already know, our emotions are nothing but chemical reactions. Consider the chemicals that are present in caffeine and the ones present in your body.

Apparently, we have these two hormones epinephrine and cortisol in our body that are responsible for a ‘flight or fight’ response.

What epinephrine does is it increases your response to danger by increasing your heart and respiration rates. As a result, you are more aware and you react more.

And, what caffeine does is, it increases the epinephrine in your body making the fight or flight feeling more aggressive. It is not always life or death situations that can stimulate such anxious states.

In fact, you may be waiting to give a presentation where your reputation is concerned.

Caffeine intake before such an event that can make you nervous can really increase the anxiety. So, this is how it can cause anxiety.

2. Wakes You Up So Well That It Can Also Cause Insomnia.

This is an obvious effect as you do not see millions of people running with coffee in their hands in the morning for no reason.

Apparently, caffeine boosts up your nervous system by operating on the hormonal and neurotransmitter levels. There is another hormone in our bodies called adenosine.

Adenosine receptors are what helps you sleep, relax, and not feel aroused. When caffeine attaches itself to adenosine receptors, it inhibits its functions to some extent. SO, you do not feel sleepy but get active.

You do not relax and may get nervous. While this is great for daily life, too much caffeine can cause trouble. You will feel too nervous, too active and it may even lead to insomnia.

3. Elevates Your Mood.

Coffee dates exist for a reason, don’t they? While it is a light beverage to be consuming, it does have deeper effects.

Apparently, caffeine increases the operation of serotonin. And, Serotonin is something that is responsible for our mood, good mood.  

The more it reaches parts of our nervous system, the better we feel. So, to feel not only awake but also good, caffeine intake in reasonable amounts is a great idea.

4. May Decrease Iron Absorption.  

While Caffeine has its many benefits, it is not always an angel and certainly not for everyone. In fact, it can limit your body’s ability to absorb iron and also reduce the Vitamin B.

However, it does not affect everyone in the same way and it will only cause trouble when consumed in more than normal levels.

Apparently, people suffering from iron deficiency may end up having anemia if they consume too much coffee.

5. It Can Cause Nausea and Diarrhea.

You do not always consume caffeine with water. In fact, most of the time people consume it by mixing it with milk. And, milk is a laxative.

It somewhat helps the laxative action more. Therefore, when people consume more coffee, they have often had to respond to nature’s call immediately.

Other than that, it can often cause nausea as it dehydrates your body a bit when consumed.

All its effects lead to the question

Is Caffeine Good or Bad for Your Health?

Is Caffeine Good or Bad for Your Health

You see caffeine affects your health in many different ways- some good and some bad. Apparently, how it affects your body depends on your body as well. Some people can tolerate it while others cannot at all.

Even people who can tolerate caffeine can only tolerate it up to a certain level. Over-consumption can be harmful and bring out only harm. So, the key is to see how your body reacts to it and also consume within limits which we will get to later.

Apart from that, many people depend on it too much. This is something you should not do as it can cause problems when you have no access to caffeine. Deprivation will cause fatigue, headache, anxiety or much more.

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So there you go. That was our ultimate answer guide to your question: What is caffeine?

That should have answered most of your common questions around it but if you still have one, feel free to put it in the comments and we will do our best to assist.


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