Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder Review [2023]: All Variants


Capresso brings in a line of affordable electric burr grinders. This grinder has been attracting attention for a while now. I tried all the models, so why not write a Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder Review for others’ benefit.

I’ve reviewed the base model; Infinity Conical Burr Grinder from Capresso. Being a coffee aficionado, I expanded my boundaries over time to broaden my expertise and used all the existing models for a thorough experience.

I’ll tell you why it’s the best kind. Conical-shaped burrs don’t produce a lot of heat, the flavor and aroma of coffee beans are highly sensitive to heat. In disc-shaped burrs, a considerably large amount of heat is produced while grinding. A “big no-no” for ground coffee!

I talk about the good and the bad I’ve experienced with the Infinity Burr Grinder from Capresso, a little insight on the new and improved models, and lastly some useful tips for coffee enthusiasts.

Other brands might not be able to ensure this kind of performance at this price point. There are few drawbacks to this product which I’ll tell you in a second.

Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder

Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder Models Breakdown– 560, 565, 570 & 575

I can’t explain how stressful it was to figure out the different models of the Capresso Infinity burr grinder lineup.

Well, let’s make it easy to understand their weird naming strategy.

Capresso Infinity VS Infinity Plus

Capresso Infinity VS Infinity Plus

Capresso infinity burr grinders can be primarily divided into two groups – infinity and infinity plus.

Capresso Infinity burr grinder includes 560 and 565 models (smaller sized models)

Capresso Infinity plus burr grinder includes 570 and 575 models (larger sized models)

The Capresso 560.01, Capresso 560.04, Capresso 565.04, Capresso 565.05, Capresso 575.01, Capresso 575.05 are the 6 different models available altogether.

Capresso 560 vs 565 vs 570 vs 574

Capresso 560 vs 565

The Capresso 560 has two series – 560.01 and 560.04. Their only difference is based on the colors. 560.01 is black and the 560.04 is silver.

For the series under Capresso 565, we’ve got –565.04 and 565.05. When it comes to the difference it’s on the casing. The 565.04 has a zinc die-cast, whereas, the 565.05 is made with stainless steel.

The Capresso 560 and 565 are all the same when it comes to the mechanism, the only difference is their build material. 560 is made of plastic and the 565 is made of metal.

The heavy-duty casing for the 565 provides resistance against noise and vibration. So, of the two grinders, the quieter performance is from the Capresso 565.

The Capresso 570 and the 575 on the other hand have a lot more differences from 560 and 565. They’ve got a larger dimension, with a bigger hopper capacity and somewhat around an inch extra on the height. This again adds to the weight of the grinder.

The 570 is also known as the 570.01 because of the ABS plastic casing, similarly, the 575 is known as 575.05 since the housing is a heavy-duty zinc die-cast. Both are under the Capresso Infinity Plus, the difference is only in their casing.

Of all the grinders from Capresso, the Capresso 575.05 Infinity Plus Conical Burr Grinder is the quietest.

Is Capresso A Good Brand?

Capresso Brand Logo

Capresso has been a great brand establishing itself as one of the top leading brands in the coffee brand. This company has had a stellar reputation for its innovative edge.

Capresso focuses to help out coffee makers by making machines that make brewing coffee fun and enjoyable. Quite a while back Capresso merged with Jura to take their standard to the next level.

They’ve accomplished many firsts like: –

  • – The first-ever electric sensor integrated electric burr grinder
  • – A conical burr grinder integrated with a programmable coffee maker
  • – A fully vertical grinding mechanism inside an electric burr grinder

Many more inventions were a first for the coffee industry. Capresso was born in 1994 and reborn in 2008, from then on Capresso has never stopped outgrowing itself. Click here to know more about them.

Why Buy The Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder?

Why Buy the Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder

The Capresso Infinity is a well-priced decent looking machine available in different variations. The spectrum is huge and this helps cater to people with specific wants. There is a range of choices available on the casing and dimensions.

The grinder weighs significantly less than a conventional one with a plain and simple design. What blew me away is the quality delivery and the technological advancement.

This grinder has quite consistent delivery with low noise operations. Since it’s got a low-speed gear motor the sound is comparatively less from an average grinder.

With precise steel conical burrs, this grinder focuses on producing uniform grind size keeping the taste and aroma of the coffee beans intact.

Besides, advanced features like the safety lock, the auto-off, and the timer dial are all the more reasons for someone to consider this.

For your information, the grinder comes with a small cleaning brush (you’ll need a better one), a small measuring cup, and a manual.

It’s not the most perfect burr grinder, but from my experience, it is the best you can get in this price range.

Suggested Reads: –

Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder Review (560.01) With Pros & Cons


Product Dimension: 16.6 x 12 x 10.8 inches
Product Weight: 6.74 pounds
Material: ABS Plastic
Color Option: Black, Silver
Motor Output: 100-watt
Grinding Speed: < 450 RPM
Grind Setting: 16 grind settings
Timer: 5 to 60 seconds
Hopper Capacity: 8.8 oz
Ground Coffee Bin: 4 oz
Burrs Type: Conical Steel Burrs
Burr Size: 40 mm
Portafilter Holder: Not Available
Ease of use: Easy
Ease of cleaning: Complex

Design and Build Quality

Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder's Design and Build Quality

Aesthetics: This machine is plain and simple when it comes to looks. I suppose Capresso opted more on performance rather than looks. The exterior is plastic and may not look the best, but relatively the interior is advanced.

This comes in silver and black.

Burr Design: With solid 40 mm commercial-grade stainless steel burrs, the advanced grinding technology delivers a good range of grind settings.  The precision of the burrs equally allows fine and coarse grind settings.

Motor Design: The infinity burr grinder from Capresso is equipped with a 450 RPM gear reduction motor which essentially grinds slow to preserve the aroma and essence of the coffee to the maximum extent.

Hopper and Grounds Bin: The hopper is entirely made of a see-through plastic that can hold 8.8 oz i.e., 250 grams(around 17 tablespoons) or so. The grounds bin can only hold up to 4 oz of grounds coffee which is around 100 grams (around 7 tablespoons).

Storability: The machine is pretty compact. This can easily sit on any kitchen counter. With a dimension of 5 x 7.75 x 10.5 inches the footprint this grinder has is pretty minimal. It didn’t weigh any more than 3 pounds, I could easily handle this grinder.

Best Features of the Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder

Features of the Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder

Multiple Grind Settings: Though it comes with four marked grind settings – extra-fine, fine, regular, and coarse. I hate to confess: it does not do a great job at pulling all the 4 types decently. Being an entry-level grinder all around it gives a decent consistency with the grinds.

Auto-off and Safety-lock: As long as the hopper is not locked into the machine it does not grind, this is the safety-lock system without which the machine is automatically paralyzed at its track.

Timer:  The grinder has a timer dial which has a range of 5 to 60 seconds on it. This dial sits on the front of the machine. The finer grind settings need more time to grind than the coarse grind settings.

Easy use: It is pretty simple to use. It takes a little bit of time to get adjusted to but all in all the user interface is not at all tricky.

Tip: There’s no pulse button. If you need to halt grinding then twist the hopper in an anti-clockwise direction till it moves out of the grind size markings range. Don’t worry about the timer it runs its course back to 0.

Quality Build: While there is a stainless-steel version of the Capresso Infinity burr grinder, better yet the plastic models are equally high quality and durable. Complete with ABS plastic casing this grinder can withstand heavy-duty tasks quite efficiently.

Low Noise Level: Because this grinder has a low-speed motor and conical burrs it naturally makes less sound in comparison to disc burrs. However, it is not completely a noise-free operation.

Since my kitchen is downstairs and my family lives upstairs it wasn’t an issue for me. I could happily turn the grinder on without having to worry about waking anyone.

Note: It is an electric grinder so, it is natural for it to make a bit of noise while grinding. For noise-free grinding choose a manual grinder.

Performance of the Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder

Performance of the Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder

This grinder is designed to deliver drip, French press, pour-over, that kinda coffee. For espresso making this might not be the best option, and if you still want to go ahead, then use a pressurized to get better results. Although they market the machine with superfine grinding ability, the reality says different.

It’s decent for manual coffee and beginners.

Another thing I noticed sometimes is the static in the grounds bin. It’s a bit annoying when the grounds don’t settle. I just tap on the grounds bin and that helps the grounds to settle.

While this is not the best grinder for true consistency but the pricetag Capresso offers makes it a worthwhile investment. When I changed to a new grind setting, I noticed it took a bit of time for the grinder to actually register and then kick into action.

Pro tip: I pour beans very slowly into the running grinder. Not choking the shoot produces much more consistent grind sizes in my experience.

The Capresso grinds at a slower speed which helps in preserving the original flavor of the coffee and makes a consistent tastier brew in every cup.

Besides, oily beans are not the perfect coffee bean type for this grinder. I must say the retention rate is a serious drawback for me.

If you’re someone who grinds fresh for every shot that might be an issue. Chances are you’ll be getting stale coffee if you don’t clean up thoroughly after every grind.

With the proper care and maintenance, this grinder can deliver on quality for as long as it runs.

However, with the overall performance, I was very happy. It’s comparatively quiet, and the grind is consistent for a great cup of coffee.

Personal Note:

– One thing that bugged me the most was the high retention percentage. The ground beans don’t have access to an easy-flowing channel. A lot of ground coffee gets stuck in the chute.

– A hard and thick plastic brush is recommended for getting all sorts of grounds

Warning: Don’t run the grinder for more than 3 minutes at a time. Overworking it might not be a good idea.

Price Level of the Capresso Burr Grinders

The Capresso Infinity has 4 models – Infinity 560, Infinity 565, Infinity Plus 570, and the Infinity Plus 575. All of them have the same mechanism, the casing and dimension are what make the difference in price point.

The Infinity comes in both ABS plastic casing Zinc-die casing. Depending on the casing the price of this model depends. The plastic casing comes in cheaper than metal ones.

For the Infinity plus, the same thing applies for the casing selection, they come in zinc die-cast and stainless steel, the price point mainly varies for the hopper capacity and the casing material.

I really liked their competitive pricing. They are making it easier for beginners to get into coffee grinding. No other brand can provide this many features in a price range that’s under 100 bucks.

Capresso Burr Grinder Manual: Setup And Use (How To Use Capresso Infinity Grinder?)

Capresso Burr Grinder Manual

The machine does not come aligned from the company, carefully set the machine. Check the manual to see if you’ve got all the parts and nothing is missing.

Before using it for the first time check for the sensitive parts like the soft collar under the upper burr, if the bean container is properly set in place or not if the grind setting is dialed in or not etc.

Step-1: Plug the grinder into an electric outlet and set it to one of the grind sizes you desire. Align the black dot with the marked grind size. If it’s aligned out of bounds from the settings it’ll not grind.

Step-2: Pour a decent amount of coffee beans of your choice into the hopper.

Note: There is a safety lock mechanism so, it wouldn’t start grinding without the hopper in place.

Step-3:Turn the machine on and set the timer from anywhere from 5 to 60 seconds. As soon as the timer is set and the hopper is locked grinding starts. It takes longer for finer grind settings.

Make sure you always run some coffee beans through the grinder before you actually start using the ground for making your coffee. New machines might have plastic odors to them.

Pro Tip: when you change your grind settings from coarse to fine or the other way around, you need to clean the grinder first for fresh and consistent grind size.

For more information check out the Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder Manual.

Capresso Burr Grinder Cleaning: (How To Clean A Burr Grinder Explained)

Capresso Burr Grinder Cleaning

I can’t stress enough how crucial it is to have a clean burr grinder at all times. The flavor of coffee revolves around the whole concept of good handling. Care in every single step is quintessential when it comes to brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

Note: The removable burrs and the collar sitting beneath the upper burr are not dishwasher safe.

Step-1: Unplug the grinder cord from its power source.

Step-2: Take the removable parts which are dishwasher safe apart and set them to wash. The parts which are not safe i.e., the burrs and the soft collar are to be cleaned using a soft damp cloth.

Step-3: Due to oils from coffee beans the ground coffee residue would be left in the crevices on the interior around the burrs, inside the burrs, possibly around the chute, and the feeder channel. Use a sturdy cleaning brush (dry) and brush off all that you can see.

Disclaimer – A tiny amount of leftover ground beans can turn a newly ground batch rancid. Clean the chamber thoroughly. Besides, make sure you clean more often when using oily beans.

Step-4: For the exterior take a soft damp cloth and wipe it down.

Important: The grinder is always to be kept dry for the best conditions.

Read “How To Clean A Burr Grinder? 8 Steps Guide For Coffee Lovers” for a thorough idea.

Check out this video specifically for the Capresso Infinity.

Capresso Burr Grinder Not Working – Troubleshooting

Capresso Burr Grinder Not Working

Grinding Issues – Instances, where the grinder is not working even after being plugged in, could stem from not carefully dialing in the timer or the grinder setting not pointing right. In this case, the easy solution is to readjust the grind setting in between the range of the markings and turn the timer to a required time and it’ll work.

Stop Grinding – Grinding stops only when the timer is done running its course. To kill out a grind session twist the hopper counterclockwise to the right beyond the last marked setting i.e., coarsest setting. This manual option instantly stops an active grind session for the Capresso grinders.

Don’t worry about the timer, it sets back to 0 after it is done running the course.

Jammed Feeding Channel – This happens when ground coffee exceeds limits, the container fails to hold it all in the grounds coffee bin, and eventually it fills up the entire tub, in some cases, it goes back into the feeder channel and jams the entire grinding system.

My suggestion from Capresso infinity burr grinder review is simple – just don’t over grind and you’re good to go.

Disclaimer – Over-grinding can burn the grinder’s motor, leading to a perpetual breakdown.

Pros And Cons Of The Capresso Infinity

Pros: Cons:

 Compact design

 Super affordable

 Value for money

 Great consistency on grinding

 Easy to operate

 Easy to maintain

 Very low noise while grinding

Θ Doesn’t do a good espresso grind

Θ Needs regular cleaning

Is The Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder Worth It? (Personal Review And Who This Is Right For)

Is the Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder Worth It

Considering the price point and the features that come with it this is a great burr grinder. So, in short, this is worth it! It comes with these amazing smart technologies which helped me have a better experience.

Usually, the most common complaint from a burr grinder user would be the noise, for this product the noise is dimmed down to an absolute maximum extent. The zinc die-cast helps a bit more with the noise cancellation.

The timer, smart lock, auto-off, all these interesting features do take a little bit of getting used to. Apart from that, this is undoubtedly a great pick for someone who’s grinding coffee beans for the first time. Anyone who’s under a strict budget of $150 can give this a shot.

The Capresso Infinity is way too simple for someone who’s experienced. I’d suggest Baratza Encore which offers more flexibility in comparison.

Let’s Watch a Video: Capresso Infinity Review

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Capresso A Good Grinder?

Yes, Capresso Infinity is a good grinder. It is both technologically advanced and equipped with a quality fitting. This grinder is considered to be the best entry-level grinder under a budget.

Where Are Capresso Grinders Made?

Capresso grinders are made and assembled in Switzerland. Capresso is owned by Jura. Jura is a Switzerland-based company so, everything Capresso is made in Switzerland.

Is Capresso Infinity Good For Espresso?

No, Capresso infinity is not the best for espresso. A pressurized portafilter is recommended when making espresso using the Capresso infinity burr grinder.

What Is The Best Burr Coffee Grinder For Home Use?

It’ll depend varying on the home. The best Burr coffee grinder for a newbie’s kitchen would be the Capresso Infinity, and for an aficionado, the pick would be Baratza Encore.

What Setting Should A Coffee Grinder Be On?

That depends on the style of coffee you prefer. If you need coarse grind then the machine should be set at higher settings, the lower you go on the settings the finer it gets on the grind.

Does A Finer Grind Make Stronger Coffee?

No, it does not work like that the grind size is related in terms of surface area contact with the hot water, which means with finer grind it brews faster. The strength of coffee mainly depends on the type and roast style.

Check out coffee roast levels and how to make strong coffee to know more.

Final Thoughts: Conclusion

The Capresso Infinity burr grinder review is centered around my experience with the ABS plastic casing version. Those who can spend a little more than $100 should opt for the metal casing, it helps a lot with the sound.

I had a pretty good time with the Capresso Infinity. Being a professional I wanted more; this grinder delivers above average for the price tag it comes with. I would recommend a newbie to add this to their coffee adventure.

If you need a larger version of Infinity then opt for the Infinity plus. The Capresso line does not allow a lot of flexibility under this price point which also isn’t a priority for beginners.

I hope you enjoyed reading it as well as learn from my experience. If you think I missed out on anything or you’ve got quick questions to ask, don’t forget to comment down below and let me know. I’ll be more than happy to answer and help you with anything coffee!

Happy grinding!


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