15 Best Cappuccino Makers 2023: Affordable Home Machines


Failing at making a Barista-style cappuccino? Don’t give up yet! We will help you choose the best cappuccino maker for you.

In the old day’s coffee was just a plain drink. Nowadays we see many modernized versions, starting from the simple French press, drip-style coffee to lattes and cappuccinos.

Coffee beans have expanded their horizon from being the classic espresso. Now you don’t have to go to a café to enjoy a barista like coffee at home. You heard me right! Get a cappuccino machine for home and you’re all set.

We went through some of the best cappuccino makers that your money can buy. This article will guide you through the products and help you choose a cappuccino machine that fulfills your needs.

Best Cappuccino Maker

Also, we’ll add in all the important info you need to know about cappuccino makers so that you can brag about being an expert.


List Of Our 15 Best Cappuccino Makers With A Comparison Chart

Name of the ProductTypeBest FeatureEase of Use
Breville Barista ExpressSemi-AutomaticBest for OverallProfessional use
Keurig K-Cafe Coffee MakerPod Coffee / Semi-AutomaticBest for Fast ServiceEasy
De’Longhi 15 bar Pump Espresso MachineSemi-AutomaticBest for Small SpaceEasy
Mr. Coffee Cafe BaristaSemi-AutomaticBest for BeginnersEasy
Saeco PicoBaristoSuper-AutomaticBest for EfficiencyComplicated
Breville VertuoPod CoffeeBest for Pod CoffeeEasy
De’Longhi MagnificaSuper-AutomaticBest quality Burr GrinderComplicated
EspressoWorksSemi-AutomaticBest for Power SavingEasy
Mr. Coffee One-Touch CoffeeHouseSemi-AutomaticBest for Versatile PortafilterEasy
Nespresso Lattissima PlusPod CoffeeBest for good looksEasy
Delonghi ElettaSuper-AutomaticBest Super-AutomaticComplicated
Gaggia Classic ProSemi-AutomaticBest for Commercial GradeEasy
Rancilio Silvia Espresso MachineSemi-AutomaticBest for ProfessionalsEasy
Breville Dual BoilerSemi-AutomaticBest High CapacityComplicated
JURA S8Super-AutomaticBest High EndComplicated

Best Cappuccino Maker Reviews With Pros And Cons

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Now let’s start the reviews of our top 15 best cappuccino coffee machines and here these are below:

1. Breville Barista Express – Best Overall Semi-Automatic Cappuccino Maker

The Breville Bes870xl Barista Express


Top notch quality
360-degree frothing wand
Built in burr grinder
Large storage space
Durable stainless steel component


Θ Takes up space since the size is big
Θ High maintenance

The Breville BES870XL barista express espresso machine is approved by aspiring baristas and critiques all over the world. From the price point, it might seem like an expensive buy but wait till you see all the features you’re getting in the machine.

Don’t get overwhelmed by all those buttons. They make coffee making experience all the more fun and easier for you. With the press of a few buttons, you can get a quality cup of joe at the comfort of your home.

This is the best cappuccino machine with grinder, the head-turning feature for this machine is this built-in burr grinder. Your espresso is as fresh as it can get with this added feature

The coolest feature of the machine is the 360-degree swivel. This wand is easy and slow enough for any amateur coffee lover to get accustomed to. Using this wand, you can froth the milk to your liking and can make a vast range of coffee drinks I.e., lattes, cappuccinos, flat white, macchiato, and many more.

Besides, important aspects like a built-in water reservoir and tools like the tamper, coffee scooper, razor dose trimming tool, portafilter, and a stainless-steel jar for frothing milk all come with the machine like a packaged deal which means with one investment you get all these.

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Let’s Watch a Video Review of Breville Bes870xl Barista Express:

2. Keurig K Cafe – Best For Fast Service Pod Coffee Cappuccino Maker

Keurig K-Cafe Single Serve Coffee Maker


Fast coffee making
Automatic milk frother
Easy to make cold beverages


Θ Not the best ground coffee beans

The Keurig K Cafe single serve coffee maker is designed for convenience and speed. With its smart look and compact size, it bedazzles your countertop. The pricing for this machine is fair, considering the settings this machine offers.

This coffee maker is suitable for both coffee pods and ground coffee. Three specific buttons for coffee, latte, and cappuccino make your coffee making journey more cozy.

On top of that, the milk compartment is a smart addition, there are three functions: cold, latte, and cappuccino. These let you get your milk frothed to the consistency you prefer with the press of a single button. The ‘cold’ button cools down your milk to make a cold coffee drink.

The plastic and stainless-steel duo look makes it look both smart and practical. Overall, this is a very easy to operate coffee machine.

For all the lattes and cappuccino lovers this is a must buy, since this version of Keurig K-Café specifically caters for it.

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Let’s Watch a Video Review of Keurig K Cafe Coffee Maker:

3. Delonghi EC155 – Best Small Cappuccino Maker (Semi-Automatic)

Delonghi Ec155 Review


Compact design
Easy to operate
Versatile portafilter 3 in 1
Dual heating system

Easy to clean reservoir
best affordable cappuccino machine


Θ Plastic body

De’longhi has come up with such a brilliant piece of the best small cappuccino machine for all those who want excellence at a budget price and size.

This little machine is perfect for the newly blooming coffee enthusiasts. This De’longhi 15 bar pump espresso and cappuccino machine is automated with necessary options like a single shot, double shot, and a steam function for the milk. Although this might seem compact but it can brew a mean shot of espresso very well.

Delonghi 15 bar pump espresso machine comes with an in-built water tank on the back of the machine and besides that, you get a nifty little space of storage for your coffee baskets. The versatile portafilter can switch to accommodate to two different styles of shots, not only that, you can even use coffee pods with this machine.

The steam wand feature lets you venture out on making a variety of coffee drinks like the latte, cappuccino, flat white, and many more.

Designed for dial operation accommodated on the front give you access to most of the features of this machine more practically.

A cool detailing to the design is the water tank level visibility from the front. Makes it easy to gauge the time for a refill. You can easily clean this plastic body machine.

4. Mr Coffee Cafe Barista – Best Cappuccino Machine For Beginners (Semi-Automatic)

Mr Coffee Espresso Cappuccino And Latte Maker


Very easy to operate
Complete automated coffee making
Comes with a recipe book
Affordable pricing


Θ Plastic body
Θ A bit on the noisier side

Mr coffee espresso machine manual shows you an overview of the delightful experience with its controls. Brewing the perfect cappuccino with the soft touch controls is made possible with this machine.

The automation of Mr Coffee espresso cappuccino and latte maker machine is beyond excellent. For milk, it has a separate compartment in which it froths up the milk from latte to cappuccino like texture. This milk container is removable letting you store it in a freezer.

The nozzle through which milk comes out has a controller which lets you maneuver the head without directly touching it.

The machine is programmed with three controls: espresso, latte, and cappuccino. These drinks can be served in two sizes, just press on the controls twice and you can jump to the larger size.

When the machine is being heated up all the controls keep on blinking signaling the preparation. After it’s done preparing the lights to stabilize. The water reservoir sits in the back which is removable for cleaning purposes.

All in all, it is super easy to operate and clean. You can be the barista of your home and make Starbucks like coffee drinks all you want with the accommodated recipe book which comes all included in the fairly priced machine.

Let’s Watch a Video: Mr Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker Review

5. Saeco PicoBaristo – Best For Efficiency Super-Automatic Cappuccino Maker

Saeco PicoBaristo


Fully automatic
Digital display
Efficient programs
Smart data saving for drinks
Super high end


Θ On the expensive side

Saeco PicoBarsito is definitely on the expensive side considering it is fully automatic. This machine promises to make up to 5,000 cups of coffee at a stretch without having to be descaled. Making your coffee-making experience more efficient.

Saeco PicoBaristo super automatic espresso machine has a digital display and its programmed with dispatching coffee for a minimum of 11 types of coffee drinks. The milk compartment is a plug-in system like the one we’ve talked about in Mr. Coffee.

Automatic technology used in this machine lets you save your coffee settings to your preference making it more convenient than ever.

It is a cappuccino coffee maker with grinder, there is a built-in coffee grinder and water tank in the back of the machine. Overall, it is heavily accented with stainless steel, plastic is only used on the sides.

If you’re looking for a machine that does all the work for you, and you don’t have any issue with space then definitely go for this one.

Let’s Watch a Video Review: How to Use Your Saeco PicoBaristo HD8927

6. Breville Vertuo – Best Pod Coffee Cappuccino Maker

Breville Vertuo Review


Single control operation
Barcoded program executes recipe
Smart coffee pod disposal
Small in size


Θ Limited pod options

Breville Vertuo coffee and espresso machine is an amazing machine for those who’re mostly in a hurry. This machine is relatively expensive, considering the functionality that comes with it.

The Breville Nespresso Vertuo has two tanks on its sides, one is for water and the other one is for storing used coffee pods. The used pods automatically drop into the bin once you open the top of the machine.

The milk frother comes as a separate part of the whole system. It’s a single button operation, the whisk attached at the bottom of the cannister can froth up the milk to make cappuccinos, lattes, macchiato, and many more.

The machine only works with coffee pods, it comes with a line of coffee pods where there are different flavors and recipes but you don’t have to do anything to make it other than press the only control on the machine.

The machine reads the barcode on the coffee pods and provides the right amount of water while brewing a cup. It is super convenient since the machine does all the work for you.

Saves you lots of time and effort. Since its only got one control, options are very limited. It doesn’t take up a huge amount of space on your counter making it a more practical buy for those who want fast coffee.

7. Delonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica – Best Home Cappuccino Machine With Quality Burr Grinder (Super-Automatic)

Delonghi Magnifica Review


Spout extends for small drinks
Data for espresso can be saved
Convenient water tank location
Easy to use and clean


Θ Noisy burr grinder

The De’Longhi esam3300 super automatic is a lucky find for many. The quality performance of this machine for the price makes it great.

The main user point of this machine is through dials. One of the coolest functions of this equipment is the alarm, if any of the units are not aligned on their sections properly, then the lights for that unit blinks in the front signaling the malfunction, conveniently letting you know.

This doesn’t have a portafilter function, a built-in spout replaces it. This spout is extendable for brewing small shots, making it easy for you to brew your cup of espresso.

The built-in burr grinder is pretty impressive as well, though a bit noisy. It is best to use a medium coffee roast level of beans for this grinder for cleaning purposes.

The machine will brew a perfect shot of espresso for you and with the steam wand, you can texturize the milk to your liking with the steaming wand and make some latte or cappuccino.

Let’s Watch a Video: Delonghi Magnifica Review

8. EspressoWorks – Best For Power Saving Semi-Automatic Cappuccino Maker

Espressoworks Review


Automatic power off after 25 minutes
Large water tank
Value for money
Easy to use


Θ Not the best grinder

The customers who’ve bought espressoworks barista series machine all turned in positive comments about the EspressoWorks. It comes with two porcelain cups, a portafilter with two types of baskets, a stainless-steel mug for frothing milk, and a measuring spoon. All of this comes at an affordable price rate.

Accompanied with an electric grinder to grind your coffee beans very conveniently to your liking. The water tank is very large and it sits on the back of the machine.

Since it does not come with a built-in grinder, it comes with an electric coffee grinder machine all-inclusive with the total expense.

The Thermo block technology makes the machine ready for brewing in a very short time. You don’t have to worry about turning it off, it automatically shuts down after 25 minutes of idleness.

The espressoworks coffee machine has a dial which only has two functions: to brew espresso and the other is for the steam wand for you to froth and heat up the milk for coffee.

In case you’re facing an issue regarding the machine they provide 24/7 customer service. Most buyers rave about their customer service: saying it is one of the most responsive coffee machine helplines.

9. Mr Coffee One Touch CoffeeHouse – Best Cappuccino Coffee Maker For Home For Versatile Portafilter

Mr Coffee One Touch CoffeeHouse Review


Versatile portafilter basket
Large milk cannister
Affordable pricing
Allows ground coffee and pods
Built in cleaning setting


Θ Loud milk frother
Θ No coffee grinder

The Mr Coffee One Touch CoffeeHouse gives you the perfect cup of espresso at a good price.

The milk compartment is designed to automatically froth the milk into cappuccino or latte as you want it, all with by maneuvering the dial. The milk cannister itself is detachable and you can store this in the fridge.

The water container sits adjacent to the water compartment. Both the compartments merge seamlessly. This way you can read both the levels at one go.

The portafilter basket for this machine is engineered to accommodate both ground coffee and coffee pods making any style of service easy. This way you won’t have to risk missing out on coffee even if you have only one of the two options on you.

Cappuccino makers for home this machine is fully automatic giving you flexibility in choosing your shot size and shot type. Impressively, this has a ‘clean’ setting, unlike any other automatic machine.

Another impressive setting is the pre-program and the manual option. You are free to make any tweaks or chose an option as you prefer.

This doesn’t come with a grinder, so you can source your coffee ground from anywhere you like.

10. Nespresso Lattissima Plus – Best Pod Coffee Machine For Cappuccino

Nespresso Lattissima Plus Review


Compact size
Easy use
Convenient cleaning
High quality
Great design


Θ Too small space for a standard coffee mug to sit

The Nespresso Lattissima Plus machine is a sleek looking compact coffee machine which has taken the pod coffee game to a completely new level. This version of Nespresso from the pod coffee line is a bit evolved both in terms of functionality and price.

The machine has four operation controls. Two for espresso: a large and small size and the other two are for latte and cappuccino.

You can opt to make specialty coffees with this line of technology as well. The milk compartment sits on the front and has a spout channel. You can automatically mix the milk for two consistencies, a light foam, and a heavy foam.

Another cool feature of this machine is the pod storage compartment. It comes out from the front and can easily hold 10 to 12 pods.

The water tank is pretty small and sits on the back, so, you’ll have to fill it up after making any large drink.

Nespresso pods coffee make everything fast and easy to take care of.

11. Delonghi Eletta – Best Home Cappuccino Maker For Advanced Super Automatic Version

Delonghi Ecam44660b Eletta


Digital Interface
Takes care after itself
Can brew enough for two drinks
Easy to use
Programmable features


Θ On the expensive side

De’Longhi Eletta super-automatic espresso machine is definitely something to put your money on. It can effortlessly make you a great cup of cappuccino with its preprogrammed automation. Many specialty drinks like latte, macchiato, and flat white are all possible with this machine.

Surprisingly, this machine’s single shot of espresso is large enough to make two coffee drinks. This stylish and elegant piece of technology is no joke.

Other than looks; it can do a lot more than any average super automatic version. The espresso shots pulled from this machine is equally as good as it can get to a professionally pulled espresso.

The water tank and milk canister of Delonghi ecam44660b Eletta are designed to blend within the machine seamlessly. You get quality brewed coffee at the comfort of your home with its smart programs and easy controls.

The machine alerts you on when things need to be descaled, cleaned, and changed so you never have to worry about anything. If you still feel any sort of complication, they have a support line available ready to be at your disposal any time of the week.

12. Gaggia Classic Pro – Best Commercial Grade Semi-Automatic Cappuccino Maker

Gaggia Classic Pro Review


Compact size
Easy use
Convenient cleaning
Steel body


Θ small space for a standard coffee mug
Θ No grinder

New coffee afficionados are the best fit for the Gaggia Classic Pro. It can take on the challenge and live up to serving many styles of coffee with its semi-automatic functionality.

Starting from brewing a plain shot of espresso to specialty coffees this machine can take it all. The machine uses rocker switches which are very easy to use. This machine can pump out coffees in every 30 seconds making amazing espressos and silky-smooth cappuccinos.

Gaggia classic pro steam wand is another standout feature of this machine which is a commercial steam wand, it does a wonderful job in frothing and steaming your milk. The water tank sits right in the front. You can easily monitor the water level without any hassle.

The machine does not come with a built-in burr grinder so make sure you’re investing in one of the best burr coffee grinders.

Gaggia classic pro espresso machine definitely yields more with its stainless-steel fit, making it sturdy to stand through extreme conditions.

The Gaggia Classic does not fail to make a mean cup of espresso and if you’re thinking of easy clean and easy operation all at an affordable price, go for this one.

13. Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine – Best Professional Folks Semi-Automatic Cappuccino Maker

Rancilio Silvia Espresso Maker


Versatile portafilter accommodates pod basket
Heats up quickly
2-liter water tank
Simplified interface
Good for home and office use


Θ On the expensive side

The Rancilio Silva espresso machine gives you a similar experience as you’ll get with the Gaggia Classic Pro. The sturdy built not only promises longevity. Given the price point of average semi-automatic machines, this is a bit on the expensive side.

The machine itself is of commercial grade service with a huge water tank of 2 liters it can brew a lot of cups than any average machine. So, you can also use this machine as the best commercial cappuccino machine professionally in a small cafe.

Other than pulling a great shot of espresso this machine is equipped with a steam wand which makes it possible for you to brew any sort of articulated coffee drinks like a flat white, a macchiato, latte, or a cappuccino.

The operating controls are easy rocker switches and the dial for the steam wand, completing the user control panel. The machine does not have a built-in burr grinder, it comes with a portafilter which can double up to accommodate coffee pods as well.

This dual functionality gives you the opportunity to explore multiple forms of coffee.

Other than great extraction, the design of this machine is completely stainless-steel which makes it a great fit for any household.

Let’s Watch a Video Review of Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine

14. Breville Dual Boiler – Best Automatic Cappuccino Machine (High Capacity)

Breville Dual Boiler Review


Good looking machine
Two functions can sync side by side
High-end settings
High capacity and quality


Θ A bit complex maintenance
Θ On the expensive side

With the Breville dual boiler bes920xl, you can simultaneously work on two things. Breville introduced this top-of-the-line machine so that you don’t have the fuss of waiting to finish one task at a time.

The price point for most of the machines from Breville always stand at a higher end for all the quality they promise behind all their functions.

Compared to the Barista Express from Breville, the Dual Boiler is a more synchronized machine when it comes to express delivery. You can make any kind of espresso-based specialty drink with this machine by your side.

Other than having the basic automatic functions this machine has a thermometer which shows you the heat level. That way you won’t have to burn your tongue accidentally. The water tank is conventionally settled in the back of the machine.

Breville bes920xl dual boiler espresso machine comes with all the necessary equipment; a portafilter with multiple sizes of baskets, a built-in tamper, and other essentials.

The operations are mostly a blend of dials and buttons with a digital display. For those who are seriously invested in coffee, this gives a more high-end delivery.

15. JURA S8 – Best High End Super-Automatic Cappuccino Maker

Jura S8 Review


Vast range of varieties
Easy to use
Smart alerts
Built in burr grinder


Θ Highly expensive

The Jura S8 Automatic coffee machine is the best of the best in the art of making coffee. The price point is definitely on the expensive side considering the complete touch control panel and the variety of settings.

The machine has all the functions you can imagine, starting from the very basic coffee programs to language settings. Anything you’ll possibly need; it has already been thought about to elevate this machine’s performance.

The water tank has a filter aka Jura s8 filter which tells you the pH level of the water to when the filter needs to be changed. Jura s8 coffee machine can detect when the grinder doesn’t have sufficient beans.

Giving you a heads-up on bean refilling time, proving its efficiency in terms of service and performance.

The steam wand has a spout build which mixes the milk with more froth as it builds into a larger wand. The larger the wand the more foam it makes.

All these smart alerts and many more features with the power saver setting make this stand out as. Those who are willing to invest a bit heftily on an automatic machine should definitely go for this.

Types Of Cappuccino Makers

Catering to different needs there are four standard types of cappuccino makers.

They are semi-automatic, automatic, super-automatic, and coffee pod machines. With the term ‘automatic’ repeating in the three types it is misleading to the buyers. We’ll make it simple for you.

Semi-Automatic Cappuccino Maker

Semi Automatic Cappuccino Maker

You are free to play around with your coffee in a semi-automatic machine. A semi-automatic is a better version of a manual where you might have had to exert more physical effort. On the other hand, you have some manual features where you don’t have timed espresso shot. So, you are in complete charge of pulling the perfect espresso shot.

Before you plan on using it you need to warm the machine up, even the portafilter needs to be warmed up. This might take around 25-30 minutes. After preheating the machine you need to run a test shot with water for consistency control.

Some machines might have a single boiler technology where others might have a dual boiler system.

A spout or steel nozzle works as a channel to let go of the extra hot water that was used to brew the espresso. This wand again doubles up as a steaming or frothing wand for the milk. Using that, you can texturize and give a body to milk in terms of volume and stretch to your liking.

So, in this machine, you won’t have all the functions automated as the name suggests. Like a barista, you’ll have space for editing your coffee drinks to your liking.

  • Pros:
    • You get a lot of room to grow your skills.
    • You’re in full control.

  • Cons:
    • Monitor on intervals.

Automatic Cappuccino Maker

Automatic Cappuccino Maker

Much like semi-automatic machines, the automatic machine functions in the same way. The key difference would be the presence of a timer. Which makes the process a little less troublesome.

A standard timer of 25-30 seconds is programmed into the machine. After that, the water flow from the boiler automatically stops, so you don’t have to worry about your coffee overflowing.

This set time is mentioned to fill up a standard serving of coffee, hence this exact period. The rest of the machine functions exactly like the semi-automatic cappuccino machine.

  • Pros:
    • Consistent timing
    • Automatically stops after the timer is over

  • Cons:
    • You can’t do much about the short delivery time.

Super-Automatic Cappuccino Maker

Super Automatic Cappuccino Maker

The super-automatic makes the art of coffee completely hands-off. Equipped with high-end gears and multiple technologies this machine can cater to different types of coffee drinks.

This is great for those who want cafe-like coffee drinks without effort. It is programmed with a timer, different coffee drink recipes, and even comes with a decent espresso maker.

All these are yet customizable to various degrees letting you make complex coffee drinks at the press of a few buttons.

  • Pros:
    • Completely automatic functioning
    • Versatile programming
    • Hands off machine

  • Cons:
    • You can’t do much than the programmed functioning offers.
    • Needs professional care once a while.

Pod Coffee Cappuccino Makers

Pod Coffee Cappuccino Maker

Generally, coffee brewing machines like this give instant coffee. This machine solely revolves around the pod brewing technique. This is simply coffee that is pre-extracted in the pod and served on the go to eliminate fuss from your life.

A pod structure can change and all pod brewing machines cannot accommodate all designs of a pod. A pod is made out of either plastic or aluminum or a combination of both.

Usually, these machines only come with a single control button. After loading the pod in the machine, with a single press of the button, your coffee drink starts its quick preparation.

This machine does not need any extra time to prepare itself and the pods automatically end up in a trash cannister designed in the machine, taking care of itself.

  • Pros:
    • Fast coffee.
    • Easy cleanup.
    • Simple functioning.

  • Cons:
    • Not a nature-friendly option.
    • Specific pods for different pod machines.

What Is A Cappuccino?

What Is Cappuccino

A cappuccino is a cup of espresso dialed down with layers of milk. Typically, this coffee drink has an equal distribution of espresso, steamed milk, and frothed milk. The texture of the cappuccino is super creamy and soft with velvety smooth milk.

Cappuccinos are usually served in small containers i.e., 6 oz in volume. This drink is famous for its thick layer of milk foam. The look of a cappuccino is a certain way.

A barista usually starts with an espresso shot at first, later adding the stretched milk. Here’s the thing: the dark edge around a cup of cappuccino is from the espresso shot.

The trick is to move the espresso all around the cup before adding in milk, so when the milk is finally added and layered with the milk foam on top, the drink rises with the hue of espresso etched to the sides.

This simple trick elevates the presentation and defines your cup of cappuccino.

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What Is A Cappuccino Machine?

What Is a Cappuccino Machine

Since espresso is the base to making cappuccinos you might assume an espresso machine to dual up as a cappuccino machine. Well, it doesn’t work like that.

A cappuccino machine is an upgraded espresso machine. Both the machines can brew an espresso.

To double up as a cappuccino machine for specialty drinks like latte and cappuccino, other than being the best espresso machine there has to be an added feature for cappuccino coffee makers.

A steam wand or a milk frothing compartment is a must-have as an important feature for a cappuccino or latte machine.

Some machines have a built-in coffee grinder with a coffee hopper while others have options for coffee pods only.

High-range expensive machines come with a variety of options that lets you do both, while budget cappuccino machines usually offer the basic settings.

How To Make A Cappuccino?

How To Make Cappuccino

With an automated system making any specialty coffee drink is easy. Other than just having an espresso you can indulge yourself with more varieties.

To make a good cup of cappuccino you need to concentrate on pulling a good shot of espresso and froth the milk so that it is mostly stretched to an airy foam.

You need to look out for the taste, looks, and consistency of your drink. Turning your machine on and pressing the buttons simply won’t make you a cup unless and until it’s super-automatic.

For the semi-automatic and automatic versions, you’ll need a proper amount and recipe to follow to brew a cup of cappuccino and latte.

Cappuccino Recipe

  • Standard 5 to 7 oz serving cup.
  • 1/3 espresso
  • 1/3 steamed milk
  • 1/3 foamed milk

Start with pulling the espresso shot for base and mix in steamed milk then finally layer with the foamed milk on top. All the elements sit in equal proportions so, the top of the cup should look like a rich milk foam etched with dark brims from the espresso.

A cappuccino is a mellowed cup of espresso. When you sip into your cup expect a velvety rich smoothness of the milk foam combined with the tuned down notes of espresso.

All the machines in the review list are adept cappuccino espresso maker, only top-rated cappuccino coffee maker that live up to their value is enlisted.

10 Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Cappuccino Coffee Maker

How To Choose The Best Cappuccino Maker

Being a cappuccino lover, I’m sure you thought it’ll be better if you invest in the best cappuccino machine for home.

Keeping in mind that your ultimate goal is to invest in a machine that gives out the perfect cappuccino, we need to seriously consider some factors so that you don’t have a nightmare of an experience when you should be enjoying.

1) What Type of Coffee You Want

Every machine out in the market does not accommodate brewing all forms of coffee. Most of the machines are designed to accommodate a portafilter that can only take ground coffee. While there are other sorts of coffee machines that are engineered to take in coffee pods only.

Coffee pods are pre-extracted coffee that often comes in different flavors and are instantly disposable after use as it comes in a plastic capsule.

The machine which is designed for coffee pod has a single automation button generally. With the press of a button, you can get your coffee pretty fast and without any effort. Those machines are designed to give you express coffee with minimum effort.

Most coffee machines are designed to accommodate ground coffee. It is most definitely not your express coffee.

Generally, with ground coffee, you get a lot more flavor and body than pod coffee.

A pretty simple explanation is that pods can’t embody the true essence of coffee but with ground coffee, you are not compromising on anything.

2) Size and Dimension of Your Cappuccino Machine

Sizes of Cappuccino Machine

Cappuccino machines are usually big, but some brands have come up with brilliant compact designs without leaving any important feature out of the picture.

If you don’t have space issues then you can opt for any size of cappuccino maker. Those who have limitations can choose a machine that fits their small space.

3) Milk Frothing / Milk Steamer

Milk Frothing Steamer

Different brands incorporate the milk steaming and frothing technology as they seem fit. In most of the super-automatic versions, there is a separate compartment to steam and froth milk.

The canister is infused with a technology that helps mix the milk to a foamy soft texture. All this with a press of a button or a by turning a dial.

In the semi-automatic and automatic versions, a steam wand is there for building the milk into the consistency you prefer. This is a pretty hands-on job and needs a little getting used to.

Nonetheless, all the versions do a great job in mixing the milk, be it an automated canister or a steam wand.

4) Types of Boiler for Cappuccino Machine

 A boiler unit prepares heated water for both brewing coffee and steaming or frothing milk.

Based on boiler technology there are three types of cappuccino makers: Single boiler dual unit, Heat exchanger, and Dual boiler.

Single Boiler

Single Boiler Espresso Machine

In a single boiler, only one action can be completed at a time. The machine is only equipped to heat the water and pump it in one direction at a time. You are limited to either brewing your cup of coffee or frothing the milk at a time with this technology.

To heat water to a minimum temperature you need to give the machine at least 2 minutes. So, if you thought of making multiple shots on one go, take it slow.

Those who’re not looking to entertain should think twice but if you’re looking to enjoy coffee all alone and don’t want to invest heftily then this is a smart choice.

Heat Exchanger

One Boiler Heat Exchange

Although it is a single boiler this technology stretches out its limitations. You can brew a cup of coffee and froth the milk all at the same time.

A copper rod heats up in the boiler and the heat of water is regulated in that process. This water is then passed on for brewing coffee and steaming milk.

Experienced baristas can work with this technology at ease.

Double Boiler

Double Boiler for Espresso Machine

A double boiler technology like the heat exchanger technology lets you brew and steam at the same time.

The only difference is in the build of the boiler. There are separate compartments of the boiler for brewing and steaming which assist in producing consistent results. Anyone can easily make a good cup of cappuccino with this technology by their side.

5) Ease of Operation

Ease Operation of Cappuccino Makers

Those who prefer to get fast coffee without much hassle should opt for a fully automated machine much less a coffee pod version.

Most of the semi-automatic and automatic versions are a bit more work than the super-automatic version.  All this being said, different models require different care as per their engineering.

Keeping all this in consideration choose the version that best suits you.

6) Speed of Your Best Coffee Cappuccino Maker

Performance of the machine regarding pace depends a lot on the technology. Super-automatic machines can brew a cup in around 30 seconds. While semi-automatic and automatic may take a bit longer.

7) Cleaning and Maintenance

For the most part, each machine reviewed in our article is very easy to clean. Some super automatic machines give out warnings even. The semi-automatic and the automatic usually do not have warnings.

Wipe the machine clean after every use. With a wet cloth wipe down the machine to prevent any sort of crusting and damage.

For a thorough cleanse, do a monthly rundown servicing if possible, to ensure your machine is performing at its top caliber and you get the best output.

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8) Water Storage

Water Storage of Cappuccino Maker

All cappuccino makers come with a built-in water tank. The expensive technologies even have an added filter in them which helps detect the pH of the water.

Some water tank sits at the front while most sit at the back of the machine.

9) Accessories

Accessories of Cappuccino Maker

The usual accessory to expect with an espresso/cappuccino maker is:

1. Portafilter, to hold the ground coffee.

2. Baskets (pressurized and non-pressurized) for the portafilter.

3. Tamper / leveler, to set the ground coffee in the portafilter.

4. Stainless-steel jug, for frothing milk.

5. Razor dose trimming tool

10) Quality Fittings

Mostly expensive brand lines feature a stainless-steel body. There are plastic and aluminum cappuccino machines as well but the most durable would be stainless-steel.

It is adept to handle heavy-duty loads and the chances of breaking apart are much less in stainless-steel fittings than it is with plastic and aluminum.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s The Difference Between Coffee And Cappuccino?

On a filter, ground coffee is set and steaming hot water is run through it, this is how you brew a cup of coffee.

For a cappuccino, you need a shot or two of espresso coffee extracted with boiling water using high-pressure technology- and milk stretched to a foamy texture.

Is Cappuccino Stronger Than Coffee?

Cappuccinos are not stronger than coffee. It is because cappuccinos use espressos which have fast extraction and later this is layered with foamed milk.

Drip coffee or filter coffee on the other hand lets the coffee ground sit for a longer time than an espresso shot. This helps the coffee retain more caffeine than cappuccinos.

How Do You Use A Cappuccino Maker?

The general control panel for most cappuccino makers is the same. Pull the espresso shot first, let it sit, and move on to steaming the milk under the wand. Push your cup up so the tip of the wand is completely submerged.

Warm the milk and near the end take the milk cup down so the tip of the wand only meets the surface of the milk at an angle. Froth till it’s stretched and mix it with the cup sitting with the espresso.

For an automatic cappuccino maker, you have to put the right amount of coffee, water, and milk; all you have to do is press a button and it does the job for you.

How Long Does It Take To Make A Cappuccino?

A minimum of 30 seconds for pulling an espresso shot and an extra 15 seconds to mix in the layered milk. All in all, 45 seconds is standard timing for making a cup of cappuccino.

Why Are Cappuccino Machines So Expensive?

We’ve reviewed machines from the most affordable to super expensive ones. The one thing you see generally is as prices go up so do the features.

A lot depends on the pricing of a machine; the technology, features, settings, delivery, and quality of materials. All these together determine the cost. Besides brand value is also an important factor in pricing.

Is A Cappuccino Maker Worth It?

Aspiring baristas and all those who want to enjoy the warmth of coffee at the comfort of their home are highly encouraged to invest in a cappuccino maker.

You’ll be surprised how enjoyable the experience is and how much you can do with it. The expense might seem like a lot but there’s a hell of a lot more output.

You’re not limited to brewing espressos for cappuccinos, you’re free to make other specialty coffee like the latte, flat white, and macchiato as well.

Final Thoughts On The Best Cappuccino Machines

We hope our reviews helped you select the best cappuccino maker for home use. We tried to put as much valuable information to help you pick the right product for your space.

Our top pick is the Breville Dual Boiler. This is non-compromising in terms of delivering quality performance every time with its flexible technology. The only complaint we have is with the hefty price tag that tags along with all its qualities.

With the Breville Dual boiler by your side, the coffee-making experience elevates to a completely different level.

If you’re low on budget then go for the De’Longhi 15-Bar Pump espresso machine or the Gaggia Classic Pro.

The ability to have cappuccino at your own home at your own preference is a pure blessing. It’s not always that you feel like dressing up and going out in a crowded place to have your favorite drink. We do understand that some people like to put their own effort for the perfect cup of coffee.


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