Mr Coffee Cafe Barista Review 2023: Budget Espresso Machine


You might be wondering a coffee maker in your home performing well, and providing quality and cafe-style coffee, you are here at the right place.

In this article, I’m going to be making Mr coffee cafe barista review describing the pros and cons of the machine and who is that this machine suitable for.

Let’s see our pick here is the Mr. coffee cafe barista integrating the best components to increase its performance and provide quality coffee instead of heading to coffee shops very often.

Here I’m able to share all of the aspects of the machine is because I have been experiencing many things that should be described so you like normal customers never be lost while buying this sort of machine.

Probably you don’t care about paying through the nose when heading a coffee shop getting quality coffee. However, what if you can have a cheap machine as well as great performance.

I think Mr coffee espresso and cappuccino maker is the ideal in the market. So, let’s see the entire Mr coffee cafe barista reviews.

Mr Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso Maker

Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Advantages

There’s a lot more thing the Mr. coffee barista has included. Most of the cons could induce you to buy this meeting your needs.

Also, including huge good things at this cheap price will lead you to take the machine right in your kitchen with too much satisfaction. So, let’s see what the good is.

Everything at the push of a button: this is an absorbing thing I would say that this convenient system is featured in a sort of premium machine.

And I think it’s quite perfect. Because, this feature will enable you to brew a shot, steam milk, and create quality coffee at the push of a button.

One more thing that I really found comfortable is the removable milk reservoir, you can store it in the refrigerator. Also, you can fill it with ease.

Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Problems

When it comes to talking about the bad aspects of the machine, I would say it’s not a big deal with having some bad aspects of the machine at this cheap price. So, let’s see what were those that I noticed.

When you tend to brew at consistent temperatures, it won’t properly, I mean it gets trouble during brewing. Also, I think you might not get a pleasant flavor from the machine.

Moreover, the Mr. coffee cafe barista is often gets clogged though the consistent ground coffee is put in there. It will not feel to make as easy as the premium machine. So, I think, having these problems make sense. 

Our Verdict

As I mentioned before, there are so many good reasons to pay through the nose in heading coffee shops and getting quality coffee made with traditional machines. But the Mr. coffee cafe barista that provides cafe-style coffee at your home makes sense in spending such a cheap price.

Of course, this is not like the best super automatic espresso machine (like see our Saeco Picobaristo review) grinding and weighing beans with pretty much consistency, for grinding you have to purchase one of the best burr coffee grinders separately.

However, this Mr. coffee barista helps you save your money, even thousands of dollars. Neither the machine can provide straight espresso quality to compare with the premium one.

Still, if you want real espresso-based drinks and want to consume all the amazing benefits of drinking coffee, then this Mr coffee espresso machine is perfect to provide exactly what you are looking for from this machine.

Mr Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso And Cappuccino Maker Review

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 Mr Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso And Cappuccino Maker Review

You can use this machine also commercially in a cafe. Though this unit didn’t make it our best commercial espresso machine guide, it still has some quality features. Let’s have a look.

We have walked at a glance at Mr coffee cafe barista review. Now I will be talking about more details about the machine for people’s consciousness and let them get the right decision.

So, let’s see the entire Mr coffee espresso and cappuccino maker review with consistent discussion.

Mr Coffee Cafe Barista Dimensions & Design

Mr Coffee Cafe Barista Dimensions & Design

If you ask me, what about the design? then I must say it is quite nice and gently accommodated with a modern kitchen. However, wondering something very premium will lead you to increase your budget. But I said before that it was perfect for all the aspects.

It measures 12.4 inches tall by 10.4 inches wide and 8.9 inches deep. It means this is a pretty perfect and sizable appliance as far as it goes. Though I thought that it is slightly larger, however, it fits very neatly.

Also, Mr. coffee cafe barista is quite compact. So, I think this is very obvious that it is going to be your preferred kitchen appliance.

Refrigerator-Friendly Mr Coffee Cafe Barista Milk Reservoir

Mr Coffee Cafe Barista Milk Reservoir

Mr. coffee cafe barista comes with a removable milk reservoir. Also, it features a built-in steam wand to froth milk, so you don’t need to use an extra milk jug. It can easily be attached to the brewer.

One of the most conveniences of this reservoir is it can be stored in the refrigerator for the next time you need it.

Mr Coffee Cafe Barista Portafilter

Mr Coffee Cafe Barista Portafilter

The machine has a user-friendly portafilter for both brewing shots and storing the coffee grounds. It is essentially made with metal and comes with a sturdy handle.

Before brewing, you should lock it tightly into the place of itself. And don’t forget to store coffee grounds in the portafilter.

Mr. coffee cafe barista comes with two filter baskets for choosing single or double shots.

Sliding Drip Tray

Sliding Drip Tray

One of the good aspects of the Mr coffee cafe barista parts is the attached drip tray. You can position it to accommodate either large or small glasses and cups.

Also, it’s removable so you can both clean and empty it easily.

Removable Water Tank

Removable Water Tank

One of the worst things is I think the water reservoir is very small. It can contain half a liter of water only while it should have been over 1 liter.

Because almost every espresso machine is too big to fill up very often. But, in Mr. coffee, you may have to fill it up very often.

Let’s Watch a Video: Mr Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso Machine Reviews

Push-Button Cafe with Limited Interface

Push Button Cafe with Limited Interface

There’s a pretty simple interface along with a power button located on the right edge of the machine. Controlling it is very simple but not as a basic manual espresso machine.

The interface features three buttons which are sorted vertically (espresso, cappuccino, latte). You will find indicators on the left of each key for automatic modes. And on the right side, you will find labels for manual functions.

When you push the espresso button, it will lead the cafe barista to brew a single shot. Holding the button for three seconds will let the machine go on the custom-brewing mode keeping continue to push water through the filter until it’s pressed again.

Now, what about the rest of the buttons? say “cappuccino” and “latte”, these operate the same way as the espresso buttons. Without long pressing, the buttons are for cleaning, frothing, steaming wand respectively.

There’s a dialer attached to the milk frother to choose the adjustment of foam level in the milk you steam. You will dial to lower the end to make a latte and to the high end to make cappuccino.

We have a detailed article on what is the difference between a latte and a cappuccino. By the way, do you have your own best latte machine for home use? If not, you can read here the buying guide of the best latte machines.

Performance Of Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista

Mr Coffee Review

When it comes to pulling shots of straight espresso, the barista will deliver the mixed result through its vibration pump mechanism. You will be able to brew the machine that has some flavor that you are after.    

When you are going to get the first shot of straight espresso, you will find it intense taste. That being said to let you know that I’m not able to taste you to find the result by saying in this Mr coffee barista review.

To determine the concentration of the espresso, you can use a refractometer to measure the percentage of total dissolved solids (TDS) solids in solution.

I have noticed the percentage as TDS is 10.1 which is a very good result for an espresso machine. However, to achieve the score of the percentage out of 20 percent, it should have been scored near 14 percent.

I know this result is not expected, however, you might have a little trouble to get desired quality coffee.

Keep in mind, these results are outed from the large double basket holding o.4 ounce (11.3 grams) of grounds, and by pulling between 1.2 and 1.4 ounces (35.5 to 41.4 ml) of the water through the portafilter.

And unfortunately, with the recommended basket sizes are not appropriate along with very weak flavor.

Cafe Barista Mr Coffee

When you compare with a regular espresso machine, you will not find enough TDS percentage instead of getting over 16 percent out of 20 percent from the regular machine. This might be the worst part of this coffee barista.

One more thing was worse to me that it performed very badly when brewing light coffee roast levels of beans. And I think, it’s not as capable to create enough flavor as the premium machines such as Breville barista express and Breville oracle touch.

The machine failed to provide enough flavor though, it can give a slightly better result if it’s handled correctly. And I doubt it has a lack of performance to consistent brewing temperature and pressure. Also, it has no pressure gauge, thereby, it’s pretty hard to figure out how it brew goes wrong.

However, the thing that I really love is the machine is far better to make cafe drinks rather than espresso. Probably not all of the aspects of the machine are poor, but It can produce drinkable frothed milk and quality coffee mixtures in just a few minutes.

Mr Coffee Cafe Barista Cleaning And Descaling

Mr Coffee Cafe Barista Cleaning

Mr. coffee cafe barista is a simple machine determining the simple cleaning. And yeah, it was. The removable water and milk tank are easy to clean. You know it doesn’t make sense keeping the machine unclean that could provide an unfresh cup of coffee.

Descaling is simple as other machines, but it requires some vinegar and water solution to get rid of any residual kind of milk or coffee stuff. By the way, do you know how to clean a coffee maker with vinegar? It might take half an hour to finish descaling. You can end up flushing it with water five times so you can get rid of it.

Though the topic of cleaning, we just inform you that we have a detailed article on how to remove old coffee stains from clothes, In case if you want to check that out.

Let’s Watch a Video Review: How to Clean Mr Coffee Cafe Barista

Final Verdict

When it comes to getting the final decision will it make sense to buy the Mr. coffee cafe barista or not? I must say, if you are looking for a decent espresso machine at a lower price then it can be highly recommended.

Because in the premium espresso world, very few cash does not go a long way. Still, having a convenient milk reservoir as well as an attached milk frother and the ability to make drinkable cafe-style coffee, the machine can place on your choice.

And if you ask which person that the machine is suitable for? Then I recommend for those who are newbies in brewing espresso through a decent machine at home.

Also, it helps to increase the experience with such cheaper machines at first. I’m glad to have shared with you the entire experience with the Mr coffee cafe barista review so you can get the ultimate decision to value your money and time.


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