Breville Oracle Touch Review With Its Pros & Cons.


Are you a coffee lover? You must be. Because there are a few people who don’t love coffee. And the most interesting thing is we love coffee brewed from professional espresso machines causing more fluffy, tasty, and precise coffee what we like. If we get the best espresso machines like a professional and coffee that we love in our home, It would be as great as we think. Well, I would say don’t waste your time thinking of getting sort of like this one. We have come with Breville oracle touch review that will cover everything why this machine makes it stand out

You might be an expert or beginner in brewing coffee, no matter in which level you are, you don’t have to be, this machine is best for all including beginner, intermediate and expert. My long-time research with this model demonstrated that it’s worth the price, though it’s expensive. If you want to see how? Then read the full Breville oracle touch review and know why you should take this one. So, without further ado, let’s see.

Breville Oracle Touch Review

Breville Oracle Touch Reviews, Bes990bssusc

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The best coffee machine Breville oracle touch is not only on my favorite list but also everyone loves it. Because of the automation system and convenient touchscreen interface, the Breville espresso machine is one of their unique creations.

After a long time of research, I’m about to share all the aspects including pros and cons, and discuss deeper so you get the point that you were looking for. So, without further delay, let’s dive into the Breville oracle touch review.

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The Breville Oracle Touch

This machine, Breville Bes990bssusc is one of the finest creations of Breville. We are almost all known about Breville providing the best products all over the world.

Some crazy things made the Breville oracle touch stand out such as the touch screen interface that allows you to make drinks considering your choice like a latte, espresso, americano, flat white, and cappuccino. (We have an article on what is an americano, in case if you want to check that out).

One of the most fascinating things that you should choose is the automation system at every stage. So, you no longer have to compromise while making coffee automatically.

Moreover, this machine comes with full-bodied flavor and silky milk texture which is more interesting in an espresso coffee maker. And the steam wand allows you to make a thousand tiny bubbles in your milk and turn your milk into a silky smooth micro-foam.

Besides other Breville espresso machines, this model feels similar to a traditional machine in your kitchen. And you will be able to easily adjust the coffee strength, milk texture, and temperature to suit your taste.

After this, you can have your favorite coffee by saving this with a unique name so you can always make your coffee without wasting time.

What Comes Out of The Box

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Pulling the Breville oracle out of the box was an amazing experience. It’s quite a bit bigger and looks pretty nice. When it comes to seeing what comes out of the box, I was pretty excited. So, let’s see what were they.

Knock Box

The Breville comes with a beneficial knock box which is used as a garbage can. So, once you finished coffee brewing, you just knock the portafilter on this knock box, it falls out what in the portafilter after brewing and clean the portafilter. And it looks like it will last quite a long time.

Water Filter

It has a nice water filter to keep water fresher so you can have fresh coffee though the water stays in a long time. It also comes with an applicator to put in there.

Cleaning Disc

It comes with a cleaning disc that goes into the portafilter. And it also has cleaning tablets. note that once you used the portafilter, filter buckets, and sort of small stuff belonged to the espresso machine, soak them underneath the hot water, and don’t forget to include the tablets.

Besides, it comes with a little needle pin to clean out if there’s any residual milk stuff. This machine comes with an integrated burr grinder. If you are using it, it is mandatory to learn how to clean a burr grinder as well as how to clean a coffee maker with vinegar.

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Grinder Brush

Breville oracle touch comes with an integrated grinder which activities are almost the same as other best burr coffee grinders in the market.

As it is the best coffee maker with grinder there’s a built-in tamper in the machine which is quite convenient in an espresso machine.

And at the end of the grinder brush is a magnet to clean out the tamper. When you tend to clean the tamper or while Breville oracle touch not tamping, just put it up there and it takes it right out.

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Single and Double Baskets

As usual, the Breville oracle comes with single and double baskets depending on which one you are going to use.

Milk Frothing Pitcher

Milk frothing pitcher came with the Breville oracle touch looks quite nice and seems 16 ounces milk frothing pitcher.

Let’s Watch a Video Review: Unboxing and Setup


Design and Dimension (Important Thing to Know Before Setting it up in Your Kitchen)


The design of the Breville oracle touch looks premium, and it not only performs like a traditional machine but also looks like.

I think it’s as quiet bigger as it seems when pulling out of the box. Because the machine is 18 inches tall and 15 inches wide. And it might not be fitted in your kitchen, so consider it before buying.

The touchscreen interface is pretty bright and responsive and the machine looks quite nice. It comes with a stainless steel color which is similar to a traditional machine.

Smart Features of Breville Oracle Touch

Breville oracle touch espresso machine with grinder also comes with a dedicated brew and steam boiler that allows you to both brewing and milk frothing at the same time.

And the boiler offers fast heat times. Also, it features PID-controlled temperature stability. And the electronically heated group will help to keep its dedicated heating element to keep shots hot.

Breville Oracle Touch Review
Auto Grind and Tamp

Automatic dose and tamping are quite easy to make a cup of coffee. You don’t have to dose and tamp yourself. Because, it grinds, doses and tamps 22 grams of coffee itself.

Also, you can set the time as your drinking time, then it will be ready to get a shot and a cup of coffee.

Milk frothing steam wand to make an adjustable amount of air and allows it to create perfect milk foam and temperature every time.

And the touchscreen menu will guide you when making coffee with easy and understandable Breville oracle touch settings, offering extra flexibility.

Breville Oracle Touch Settings: Easy Programmable & Automation at Every Stage


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The most interesting thing in the Breville oracle touch espresso machine is its easy programmable settings. Think of like swipe, select and enjoy the coffee, how easy it is.

You will able to choose by swiping 5 pre-programmed favorites drinks such as espresso, americano, latte, flat white, and cappuccino. And enjoy the cafe at your home.

This Breville coffee machine is fully automated almost at every stage. Because it grinds, doses, and tamps itself.


Moreover, this machine convenient settings allow you to save and name 8 customizable coffee settings. That was quite nice to me.

Though you have no experience brewing an espresso coffee machine, you will easily understand what to do and how to, by its obvious menu and adjustable grind settings.

Also, milk temperature and programmable texture systems allow you to test your favorite coffee.


Milk Frothing Steam Wand of Breville Oracle Touch


One of the striking elements in this machine is the steam wand.

This steam wand performance always makes me happy. And sufficient steam pressure creates an adequate flavor of coffee, also it runs automatically to texture milk in order to get the preferred texture and temperature.

The smartest thing is once you used the steam wand, it will clean itself. It capable of creating tiny bubbles and turns your milk into a silky smooth micro-foam. And it essential for latte art.

You can program in the touchscreen interface what temperature you want your milk to be in each drink and also the amount of foam more or less.

Removable Water Reservoir at Breville Oracle Touch


There’s a water reservoir at the backside of the machine carrying 84 ounces which kind of perfect. You can put the charcoal filter that came with the machine in it.

Though this water reservoir is removable, you no longer need to remove it without any emergency purpose.

Are you a little bit shocked how to put in water to it? There’s an opening on the upstairs of the machine, water goes right there rather than having to turn the machine around.

Who Is The Person That This Would be Well-Suited For?

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Before going to the full Breville oracle touch review, the best espresso machine with grinder we need to get one thing out of the way first is who is well-suited for this machine.

This one is the best for those who want to get his best super automatic espresso machine where you go out and push-button and get a quality drink at the end of the day.

Though this machine produces cafe-quality coffee, you can treat it as the best commercial espresso machine also. And can run your one small cafe, if you want to.

The thing that makes me amazed is this machine as easy to operate as I had never before. When you are willing to brew, put the portafilter, and let it do its grind and tamp and turn it over the brew head, and then take your milk and put it to froth. Your coffee is ready. This is too easy as if it feels nothing complicated.

Moreover, those who want to make coffee traditionally at home, this Breville espresso maker is the best choice and it’s perfect considering the reasonable price. Though I thought it was quite expensive than other espresso makers, however, it makes you feel satisfied.

Let’s Watch a Video: Breville Oracle Touch Review


  • Automation at every stage
  • Looks and feels well-built
  • Touch interface with manual guidance
  • Best steam wand in the market
  • Produces cafe-quality coffee
  • Dual boiler for brewing and steaming at the same time
  • Easy to use


  • Pretty big like a traditional machine therefore, it might not be fit in a small kitchen.
  • Though it seems pricey, however at this price point it’s worth it.

Questions and Answers Regarding Breville Oracle Touch (FAQs)

Here are some customer’s questions and answers so that if anyone has any confusion or question, the given answers can help them. So let’s see

Question 1: Does this machine provide hot water on demand like the old one?

Answer: Yes, it gives hot water on demand.

Question 2: Is the actual height precisely 18” to the tip-top of the bean hopper? If so is there any way to shorten it at all for an overhanging cabinet?

Answer: The height is exactly 18 inches to top of the bean hopper lid. There are no adjustments you can make to shorten the machine. I hope you find a way to make this work, it is a wonderful machine. I have had mine for several years, not a hint of trouble just a nice latte every morning.

Question 3: Is this machine compatible with European (220 volts) electricity, if I use a simple adaptor?

Answer: Nope. It will fry.

Question 4: Can the milk wand be used manually?

Answer: Yes. There’s a manual setting (switch ‘up’) while ‘down’ is temperature-controlled automatic.

Question 5: Does this machine have a PID and/or thermometer with temperature reading at the group head?

Answer: If I understand your question correctly this machine shows the temperature of the water. I set mine at 205 degrees. It won’t brew until the water reaches the temperature you have set it for.

Question 6: I recently received this machine and tamping is not neat but instead has loose grounds that are not level. Has anyone had this issue?

Answer: Maybe the tamping screw is not correctly placed. I had to adjust it by hand a little when I received the Machine. I have some loose grounds too, but negligible. If you adjusted the grind in the low numbers, as the ground is coarse, It won’t be as tight as when the grounds are finer (15 o above). Also, It will depend on how you drink the coffee Coarse for American or finer for espresso. I would recommend you try different settings ( Grind, Brew Time, different coffee bean brands, etc.) After a couple of days, trying different settings I found the one fit best for my taste. I hope this helps. cheers.

Final Words

This machine is not only a shortcut but also a quick customizable tool that can provide you the best performance ever in coffee brewing experience.

You might be wondering if having an espresso maker allowing you to get quality coffee every single morning, lucky you because this machine comes with everything you needed.

Besides, everything you need to know is shown on the convenient touch screen interface. I think it’s wise to recommend highly for its consistency, better design, and great performance.

This Breville oracle touch review included all the crucial things so you can buy considering all the aspects of your dream product. I hope this helps.


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