Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster Review 2023: CBR 101


Roasting coffee in a home is a great idea for those who still don’t believe that roasting coffee is available in their own homes. Yes, you will be able to do that after reading our gene cafe coffee roaster review.

Roasting is quite easy with this machine. It’s capable to roast about a half-pound of fresh coffee beans in just around 30 minutes. The gene cafe CBR 101 can be the best home coffee roaster ever.

We have made it one of our favorites due to its ergonomic design, heavy-duty gene cafe roaster parts, excellent performance, and much more.

Also why this machine is ideal for the home roaster is you can roast with adjustable controls: temperature and time. We were amazed by its design and roasting mechanism and for sure, you will be amazed by its quality and performance.

In this article, we are about to show how the gene cafe coffee bean roaster is ideal for home roasting and what makes it stand out. We will be talking about all aspects of the machine so you can get the right decision while purchasing such a machine.

Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster Review

Before we get into the gene cafe cbr-101 review, we should mention its manufacturer. It’s made in Korea by genesis having a great reputation as a market-leading company in South Korea.

We will show you how to roast pan-style if you choose. Gene cafe comes with simple and high-profile features that make it top-notch. So without further ado, let’s get into the entire gene cafe review.

Gene Cafe Roaster Review

Gene Cafe CBR-101 Home Coffee Roaster Review

Gene Cafe CBR-101 Home Coffee Roaster Review

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Let’s dive into Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster Review

Design and Dimension of Gene Coffee Roaster

Gene Cafe Roaster Review

It measures 12 x 16 x 14 inches meaning it’s can be set up in any counter space, and it’s designed with high-quality components that look fantastic. It’s made largely of plastic and pyrex meaning it’s durable as far as it goes.

Also, it comes with two colors available in the market: black and red (check the link below to purchase the black edition).

Moreover, though it kind of looks premium and commercial coffee roaster, it’s definitely not, however, in all directions it will satisfy you like a commercial coffee roaster.

You will notice that the first impression of the machine is pleasing while opening out of the box.

Gene Cafe Review
Black Edition

This is a hybrid machine featuring two methodologies. Moreover, it uses a hot air method to heat up the roast chamber.

Also, there are heating elements of steel inside the chamber and the surface of the machine warms up the machine as well.

Gene Cafe Cbr-101 Coffee Roaster Manual

Roasting coffee is not easy stuff, in terms of making your own coffee you should have that kind of skill to operate a coffee machine or coffee bean roaster.

There was the most interesting thing in the gene cafe coffee roaster is the diagrams are good, and the translation from Korean is not quite good but it’s kind of easy-to-read and good as far as it goes.

Setting It Up

Once you got this gene cafe fresh roast coffee roaster, you will see setting it up very easy, and you will be able to set the machine up in just a minute.

All you have to do is insert the chaff collector and insert the coffee roasting chamber, now you are good to go.

Features of Gene Cafe CBR-101 Coffee Roaster

The gene cafe coffee home roaster comes with a clever set of features that is simple and easy to operate, there’s nothing there to concentrate deeply to understand how to roast and what temperature and time needed.

The machine gives you a service like a commercial coffee roaster.

It has two dialers and an LCD display allowing you to operate the machine easily. Let’s take a look at how that dialer works.

CBR-101 Settings

1. Red Dialer

Once you had the machine you will see the red dialer and blue dialer, we will talk about the blue dialer a little bit later. The red dialer is to increase the temperature that can go up to 482º F anytime before or during the roast.

Also, you can start or stop the machine by pushing up the red dialer. When you want to stop the machine, press and hold for at least 2 seconds the machine will be in stop mode meaning it will stop the roasting cycle and begin the cooling process.

2. Blue Dialer

The gene face coffee roster features a blue dialer allowing you to set up the time depending on how much coffee beans you are going to put in.

In terms of a half-pound of beans, you will set up 30 minutes that’s perfect for the dark roast you were looking for.

When you tend to roast coffee beans, power on the machine by pressing the blue button, now the machine is ready to start roasting.

3. The LED Display

There is an LED display that came with the machine is quite well, it shows the temperature and time while setting up and during the roast.

The red display shows the temperature setting, besides, it shows the temperature reading as well. This helps you understand when air heating goes through the right side and exit the left side.

Make sure your left side of the chamber is not too hot, if it is, shut down the machine so you can stay safe.

Note: in terms of having a good start or temperature, preheat the machine to 350º F for five minutes or so to while first roasting, especially keep considering about preheating in the wintertime.

Because in the winter the machine is completely cold and preheat will help you to start the machine perfectly.

4. Off-axis Rotation Roasting Drum

Gene Coffee Roaster Review

One of the crucial parts of the machine to talk about in our gene face coffee roaster review is the drum. The cylinder of the drum is mounted by rigid plastic meaning it’s quite compact and looks like glass.

The main interesting thing is you will be able to see the coffee beans while roasting, in fact, throughout the roasting cycle.

Being able to see the beans during the roast is crucial, especially for those who are learning the roast, it will help them to notice the different coffee roast levels until the beans come into the desired levels.

There are heating elements inside the drum constructed in a way that it can heat up the beans and roast well, it means the drum contact the beans with both hot surfaces of the metal plate and the glass of the drum.

Let’s Watch a Video: Gene Cafe CBR-101 Instructions for Use.

Roasting Performance of Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster

The main highlight of the machine is roasting performance. This machine is ideal for roasting at home. When you tend to roast coffee beans, the machine allows you to roast as simple as you prefer to be.

It means, once you add the beans and set the precise time and temperature, start the machine, the most interesting thing is the machine will roast through some processes given below.

1. Yellowed Beans

Yellowed Beans

After a few minutes of roasting the beans will turn into yellow, all you have to do is choose the temperature to 320º F for five minutes or so, start roasting, you will be seeing the coffee beans start turning to yellow a little bit.

Then bump up the temperature to 460º F. you can also smell a kind of wet grass of smell come out of the exhaust on the roster which indicates we’re right where you need to be. Once the beans got yellowed, then the beans begin to steam.

2. First Crack

Once you smell the steam, it means the first crack is about to happen. You will see the sugars will start to caramelize and water will be got out of the beans, also the oil will start to move.

3. The City Roast

The City Roast

It’s the first crack roast stage where you want to choose your taste buds and what roasting levels you are looking for.

The city roast is considered as medium degree roast of coffee beans. In this roast, the beans are completed the first crack.

4. The City Plus Roast

The City Plus Roast

Once the city roast is done, and you want the beans to be roasted a little bit darker, you will have the same flavor as same as the city roast.

But the quality of the flavor will be changed a little bit. In this roast, the caramelization continues.

5. The Second Crack

The Second Crack

Also, it is known as fully city roast or Vienna roast, when you want to roast in this level, you will see the beans become a little bit darker rather than the city plus roast.

In this roast, you will be able to see the beans emphasizes bitter-sweet flavors, also oils can barely be seen on the beans’ surface.

6. Espresso Roast

Espresso Roast

Also, it could be considered as the french roast. We have a detailed article on what is french roast coffee, in case if you want to check that out.

This roast will be dark and have much body, depth, and sweetness. Everyone loves espresso roast meaning dark-roasted coffee.

Note: In order to make perfect espresso there have various brands of the best super-automatic espresso machine in the current market like see the Saeco Picobaristo Review model no. HD8927/47

Let’s Watch a Video: How to Home Roast Coffee by Gene Cafe CBR-101.

Noise Cancellation

In the subject of noise cancellation, it proves that it’s far from the noisiest home coffee roaster out there.

However, it’s not out of the noise at all. It does make some sound, you will be able to listen to that while roasting in the second crack.

Chaff Collection

Chaff Collector of Gene Coffee Roaster

The crucial thing about this gene cafe roaster review is the chaff collection of the machine. The chaff collector is extremely good. The forced hot air exits through the slotted port located in the drum which is kept clean by a metal chaff wipe.

The chaff wipe has a rubber bumper to keep it from hitting or breaking the glass of the drum. Before roasting, make sure your chaff collector is cleaned thereby the exhaust port can be kept clear.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster

Cleaning is the most important part to keep your coffee bean roaster more productive. Keep in mind that the airflow through the drum is important to maintain.

Beaning you will have to clean the intake screen on the bottom of the roaster, besides, the inside and outside screen of the chaff collector is important to keep clean.

Use detergent or kind of things to scrub it clean. Gene cafe roster parts are easy to access. if the replacement is needed you will easily be able to do that.

Though the cleaning issue comes here, please note that we have detailed articles on how to clean a coffee maker with vinegar and how to clean a burr grinder of coffee, in case if you want to check those out.

Things to Keep in Mind

While roasting coffee beans with the gene cafe coffee roaster, there will sometimes be smoke, no matter if you are a beginner or a pro, or how you will approach, in terms of the fact, open the doors, windows and turn on the extractor fans. Also, be ready to disable alarms as well.

Some users say they sometimes want to take it outside, though the machine is consistently made for use at home. But here, we think it’s not a big deal if you are used to operate such a machine, and know-how to roast perfectly.

There’s one more thing to keep in mind: never leave the machine unattended.

Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons


  • Can roast 0.5 pounds of beans at a time
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to operate
  • Can be set up in just a minute
  • Cancels noise precisely
  • Consistent chaff collector
  • Suitable for home roasting
  • Automatic time and temperature controls


  • Assembly can be confusing or difficult
  • Manual could be hard to read as it is translated from Korean

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section of the gene coffee roaster review, we have added a FAQs section to never miss any information that you are looking for.

If any crucial aspects of the machine are missed, you will find the information here as well as the opinions, recommendations of customers.

How does the roaster do in cool ambient temperature – say down to 30 degrees outside?

It takes longer to heat up, but the cooldown is much faster. Do not store the machine in Low temperatures.

If a hose is attached to the exhaust, does it really eliminate essentially all smoke? My kitchen has no exhaust fan, using a hose on my iRoast2

I have hooked a flexible, metal dryer vent exhaust hose to the roaster, running it out my kitchen sink window. I’ve used pillows to plug the gap between the window sill and the window, leaving a little room between the pillows and the dryer vent hose because it does get hot.

Exhaust Hose of Gene CafeI wrap most of the roaster exhaust and the dryer vent hose with aluminum foil. The dryer vent hose-end rests on the metal patio grill cover on the outside. This contraption does eliminate almost all smoke and allows me to roast in my kitchen in the dead of winter or heat of summer.

Can Gene Cafe-101 roast small amounts – say one-fifth of a pound?

Yes, The unit comes with a 1/2 cup scoop. You can roast between 1 and 2.5 scoops. This is a great machine.

Does the roaster come with the large chaff collector or the small one?

I don’t know. The chaff collector on mine is pretty big. I try to remember to empty it after each roast.


In the conclusion of the entire gene cafe coffee roaster review, we should say the gene CBR-101 is the ideal machine for home coffee roasting.

If you are looking to practice to increase your coffee roasting skill into the pro level, the machine lets you become the pro as quickly as you were looking for.

The great performance and amazing features let us induce to review it and share the experiences. So, we highly recommend the gene cafe CBR-101 coffee roster.

To check the price check Amazon right now.


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