La Pavoni Commercial Espresso Machine Bar-Star Review 2023


Figuring out the commercial espresso machine for your baristas (A person who serves customers in a coffee shop) is quite tough if you are a beginner level owner of a barista (A small restaurant that serves coffee).

The owners who were planning to build a coffee shop and looking for an espresso machine for commercial operation, La Pavoni bar-star 2v-r commercial espresso machine is ideal for small-to-medium-sized coffee shops as well as restaurants.

In this La Pavoni espresso machine review, we are going to cover all the aspects of this La Pavoni bar-star 2v-r that should be known to help you find the suitable machine you are looking for.

You will see, everything you need to know about the La Pavoni bar-star 2v-r espresso machine step by step and figure out why this one is best for your baristas and top-notch product in our favorite list.

La Pavoni espresso machine review

While planning to purchase a professional commercial machine for your baristas, you should consider the brand of how their products are?

And what most people are using. Moreover, think of a market-leading brand to ensure the high-quality machine in your purchase.

La Pavoni Commercial Espresso Machine

La Pavoni, The Brand

La Pavoni Brand Logo

La Pavoni is the oldest brand who have been providing both productive and technologically innovative machine over a couple of decades.

They have a long-lived reputation in the market for their product’s quality and excellence. They make beautiful machines with a multitude of different designs.

You will be able to find traditional lever coffee machines, semiautomatic, fully and super automatic espresso machines as they create domestic and commercial espresso machines.

So, you can purchase right now without any confusion due to its consistency and quality.

La Pavoni Commercial Espresso Machine (Bar-Star 2v-r 2-Group) Review

La Pavoni Reviews

La Pavoni bar-star 2v-r volumetric espresso machine offers a variety of features such as flexible brewing options, pre-infusion, and anti-vacuum valve to help you make milk steaming with more ease.

And this machine is excellent and extremely convenient for those who are owners of large cafes, restaurants, and coffee shops and expect high-quality coffee from their espresso machine.

Let’s have a look at its amazing specifications.


  • Temperature: 268 degrees Fahrenheit (131 degrees Celsius) max
  • Weight: pounds 200 pounds
  • Boiler capacity: 3.7 gallons (14 liters)
  • Measurements: H – 20.9 inches (530mm), W – 30.7 inches (780mm), D – 21.9 inches (555mm)
  • Voltage: 240V, 60 Hz
  • Power: 4370W
  • Color: ruby red
  • NSF approved
  • Made in Italy

Let’s Watch a Video: La Pavoni Espresso Machine Review

Design of La Pavoni Bar-Star Espresso Machine.

Design of La Pavoni Bar-Star Espresso Machine

La Pavoni bar-star 2v-r espresso machine is a commercial machine for the most standard coffee shop and restaurants which deliver quality coffee in the busy mornings.

If you are looking for a commercial machine that is suited for your business, you will have to look at the design of the machine first.

It measures 22 by 31 by 21 inches meaning it’s perfect for small and medium-sized coffee shops. It easily fits in your standard counter space.

Also, it looks premium machine and seems to have come with durable constructions. We are sure you will be satisfied with its ergonomic design.     

Features of La Pavoni Bar T 2 Group Espresso Machine

As I mentioned before this la Pavoni bar-star 2v-r commercial espresso machine comes with a clever mix of features that make it more professional. It has everything to fit your business.

In this La Pavoni espresso machine review, we will be talking about more details about the features that we have experienced with.

Programmable Dosing

Programmable Dosing of La Pavoni Espresso Machine

One of the greatest features of the La Pavoni bar-star 2v-r espresso machine is the volumetric electronic programmable dosing by which owners will be able to set the ideal volume of water with a digital control pad and microprocessor.

This amazing feature makes the machine capable of dispensing a precise amount of water for every espresso shot. The consistency of the machine can encourage your customer to return multiple mornings or midday rushes.

Also, this can be a kind of advertising that brings an excellent reputation for your business.

2 Groups Head

La Pavoni 2 Group Espresso Machine

The most striking thing to talk about in this commercial espresso machine review is 2 groups head which always better than one. Because you will be able to handle plenty of customers without letting them wait.

La Pavoni has come with the feature that gained a competitive edge in the market. This is not a four-group machine though it is constantly perfect for small-sized to medium-sized coffee shops.  

Multiple Brewing Options

What la Pavoni makes its high profile machine is the machine features four cup size selections including continuous brewing and instant stop buttons, therefore it’s responsible for long shots.

With this feature, owners will be able to have full control of baristas over the espresso extraction. Moreover, the productivity and easy customization of this machine will let you win loyal customers.

Hot Water Jets

Another feature of the La Pavoni bar-star 2v-r espresso machine that comes with hot water jets controlled by a push-button with automatic release, this feature makes this machine more productive and able to provide an ideal cup of coffee.

Also, it has an electrical cup warmer that keeps your cup as hot as possible. With a commercial machine, this convenience helps you grow your business and make everything as easy as it should be.

Copper Boiler

Copper Boiler of La Pavoni Bar-Star 2V-R

La Pavoni bar-star 2v-r espresso machine comes with a large capacity copper boiler that holds up 3.7 gallons (14 liters) built from iron-free copper. And it’s equipped with transversal heat exchangers and front injectors for each group.

The bar star’s copper boiler is rust-proof, heat-efficient, and antimicrobial which conserves energy and prevents bacteria growth.

Also, the machine has An independent radiator hydraulic system for both groups that deliver consistent water circulation throughout the copper boiler.

You will be able to make hundreds of drinks per day that makes your business to the next level.

Anti-Vacuum Valve

Anti Vacuum Valve of La Pavoni Bar-Star 2V-R

There are two steam wands that came with the machine requiring cleaning and flushing after each use to eliminate liquids trapped inside. The anti-vacuum valve is designed to stop liquids from siphoning into the steam wand, preventing clogs.

Thermal Stability

The most important thing in a commercial machine is the consistency of temperature that ensures the quality of the coffee. In this machine, temperature stability is controlled by the thermal technology that conducts quality control while brewing.

Owners should know about with slight fluctuations in group temperature espresso can be affected in different ways. To get rid of this variability thermal stability to the coffee groups ensures a constant temperature and cuts the risk of compromised quality.


La Pavoni Pre-Infusion

Saturation of the entire machine before brewing is the most crucial aspect to take into consideration. Pre-infusion is for saturating the coffee puck before the pressurized water comes through the group head.

As a result, pre-infusion ensures balanced extraction and allows you to get an espresso with a clean, vibrant, and full of flavor with the right amount of crema. This feature makes it the perfect choice for your commercial operation.

Those who are looking to build a large café with this machine it will be worth purchasing what we should recommend.

Water Softener

Think of that, you have a consistent machine that provides 100% quality coffee of all time. But unsurprisingly, the machine is delivering a considerable difference in your coffee due to water quality. Because water quality makes a difference in your coffee.

So the la Pavoni bar-star 2v-r espresso machine comes with a water softener to eliminate calcium and magnesium ions, which improve flavor and reduce scaling that can break the machine.

The water softener measures 12 liters of capacity meaning it’s higher than the highest water reservoir on the small commercial machine.

Energy-Saving Power Switch

Energy Saving Power Switch of La Pavoni bar-star 2v-r

Owners, who are pretty aware of electricity bills climb, la Pavoni bar-star 2v-r espresso machine offers them the machine with the four-position power switch that reduces electrical power by 33-percent during the night and other off-hours for cost savings.

When the machine is pretty busy brewing hundreds of cups of coffee the feature will help you to save money and grow your business.

More Features At A Glance

It comes with a double scale gauge for pump and boiler pressure control. And It features Electronic automatic water level control with sight glass. It Has a Flexible steam jet. Moreover, It features One hot water button with a telescopic flexible jet.

Also, it Has a Four positions commutator. It offers Electrical heating up with three poles manual reset safety thermostat. And It comes with Functions display and distribution counters.

Also, it Has an Internal electron pump. And It offers Telescopic handles for the machine carriage. Also, The second flexible steam jet included.

Moreover, It’s a Cappuccino Automatic Bar. It features independent electrical cups warmer with a warning light, in addition, it Has a Gas heating system.

Performance of La Pavoni Bar-Star Espresso Machine

Performance of La Pavoni Bar-Star Espresso Machine

One of the most important aspects of the machine is the performance of the La Pavoni 2 group espresso machine. Our entire La Pavoni reviews show that the performance from beginning to end is quite good.

Providing hundreds of cups of coffee with keeping quality proves that this machine can be the best choice for your commercial operation. The features of the machine have been found as same as it has been said.

At the end of the review, we should say it’s a hard-working machine and capable of brewing coffee over day and night.


  • Easy to use
  • Delivers high-quality coffee
  • Large copper boiler
  • Large water softener
  • Capable of making hundreds of cups of coffee over the day and night.
  • Excellent quality parts
  • Durable constructions
  • Easy to control
  • Energy efficient


  • It seems pricey
  • It could be a little bit better as a commercial machine, however, everything is good.

La Pavoni is Ideal For

Those who tend to use their machines for commercial operation. Also, this machine is best suited for a large coffee shop. Though it’s not four group machine, however, it’s capable of brewing over 500 cups of coffee per day and delivering coffee effortlessly.

We recommend those who have a small or medium-sized coffee shop or tend to build them as soon as possible as well as restaurants and establishments that aren’t coffee-centric. So, if you are one of them you’re good to go.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have added FAQ as always we have been adding for your convenience. Because of this section, you will be able to find those aspects of the machine which is missed in the entire La Pavoni coffee machine review.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look.

How Many Cups does La Pavoni Bar-Star 2v-r Provide For The Whole Day?

La Pavoni bar-star 2v-r espresso machine is capable of brewing 550-600 cups of coffee per day.

Does La Pavoni Bar-Star 2v-r Have E61 Group Head?

The Bar Star Model does not have the E 61 group head. The E61 group head was revolutionary 55 years ago when it was introduced as it was able to compress the water/coffee ratio to achieve crema.

However, with current technology, most high-quality espresso machines produce the same amount of crema. The coffee used is actually a larger factor, dark oil beans tend to produce less crema than a medium roast bean.

What U.S Plug Does La Pavoni Bar-Star 2v-r Espresso Machine Use?

This is machine uses a 230 V 3 prong plug. However the actual plug itself comes in a few different versions, some plugin, some plug and turn/lock into place.

Every county has its own electrical code, your electrician should know. He should then purchase a matching plug and outlet for the machine.

Is La Pavoni Bar-Star 2v-r Made In Italy?

Yes, it is, when you order the machine it’s been ordered from Italy. This machine comes with durable constructions that ensure stability.


There are many reasons why the La Pavoni bar-star 2v-r espresso machine is the top-notch choice for commercial use. We have described those things throughout the La Pavoni espresso machine review.

In conclusion, we should say the la Pavoni is the best and market-leading coffee machine due to having come through the long-lived reputed brand and high-quality parts, and consistent performance.

This machine is designed to conduct a business that has productivity, reliability, and incredible growth. And this one is the exact machine that you are looking for, so why not purchase it.


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