How To Make Best Whipped Coffee: The Dalgona Trend In 2023


Wanna try the not-so-new whipped coffee trend recipe that everyone was going crazy over? This whipped coffee a.k.a Dalgona coffee frenzy has taken over the internet like a storm a few months back. It got its minute of fame from a TikTok video and now everyone is trying it out.

As more people are staying indoors social distancing you cannot but try this simple four-ingredient whipped coffee. This café looking delicious beverage is now a whipped coffee Starbucks alternative for many since lockdown.

It’s better late than never. You don’t owe any explanation to anyone for trying out this late.

Whipped Coffee

All in all, you can still join in on this trend and share your experience online.

Go ahead and give this article a read to know how fun and interestingly the story of Dalgona coffee unfolds.

What Is Whipped Coffee?

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What is Whipped Coffee

A beverage made by whipping an equal part of instant coffee powder, sugar, and hot water until it gets creamy texture, and then adding it to hot or cold milk.

It can be topped with cocoa, coffee powder, crumbled biscuits, honey, or anything according to preference.

Whipped coffee is also famously known as the Dalgona coffee; all thanks to TikTok Dalgona coffee trend for introducing the Korean native beverage.

Other than the Korean identity, whipped coffee has been around many cultures and countries. Batido Coffee (Spanish for beaten) is another sort of Dalgona coffee authentic to South America. It follows the same recipe as Dalgona coffee, we see many more sorts of Dalgona coffee across India and Greece as well, with different identities.

This coffee took off after someone on TikTok showed how easy it is to make. People instantly felt invited to give this a try and they weren’t one bit disappointed if you ask me.

Judging by the response on the social media platform, no doubt it took the spotlight from the classic mainstream coffee.

How To Make The Dalgona Coffee? (Whipped Coffee)

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How To Make The Dalgona Coffee

Whipped Coffee Ingredients

For a standard serving size you’ll need:

  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of hot water
  • 2 tablespoons of instant coffee powder
  • A glass of milk
  • Ice as per your liking

Preparation-How to Make Whipped Coffee (Dalgona Coffee)

Preparation-How to Make Whipped Coffee

It’s easy!

Step 1:

Start with instant coffee powder, sugar, a little bit of warm water, and a cup of milk. The ratio is 1:1:1 for instant coffee, sugar, and warm water. Mix all these ingredients in a mixing bowl. At first, it’ll look like a plain dark whipped instant coffee mixture.

Step 2:

Whisking for a while, the mixture builds in both color and consistency. You’ll see how it changes from dark and watery consistency into a rich caramel color and thick consistency.

Step 3:

After continuously whisking the mixture it builds into stiff foamy peaks similar to meringue. That is when you’ll know you’re done whisking.

Step 4:

Dalgona coffee creamer

Spoon it over your cup of hot milk like a whipped coffee creamer. You can have this warm or chilled. For that, just add ice to your cup of room temperature milk.


Did you know you can have it like an Americano! that’s right, you heard me. You just spoon a dollop or two over warm water and stir. If you prefer chilled Americano then you can put in ice as much as you like. Another version of whipped coffee with instant coffee.

A note of suggestion would be to use an electric whisk machine or electric mixer for the whisking process. It puts a lot of strain on your hands if you go for a hand whisk. It’s all cool if you’re looking for some sort of arm workout.

Tips For Making Whipped Coffee

>> When you’re making Dalgona coffee make sure you do it with an electric whisk or hand mixer/ blender. This helps cut down on a lot of time than if you choose to do it manually.

>> Freshly ground coffee beans don’t give you the same result as instant coffee. Since it hasn’t been processed yet, it fails to give you the same result.

>> If you sift your fresh coffee ground and make it a bit aerated it might work and give you close results.

>> There are components in instant coffee that help stabilize a structure but more to that is sugar. Sugar helps hold a stiff structure and combined with the carb and protein in coffee it doesn’t just dissolve instantly.

>> If you’re omitting sugar then opt for a granulated substitute mimicking close to sugar since whipped coffee without sugar won’t be able to give you the same results.

Other Serving Suggestions

Dessert Toppings
Dip A Cookie As Dessert Toppings

You can try your hand at making dessert toppings or pavlova with the Dalgona coffee fluff.

Even dip a cookie or two in your cup of whipped coffee. This makes a delicious topping for brownies and other desserts.

Try baking a pavlova maybe? Or maybe spoon a dollop on top of your coffee ice cream and make it more appealing.

Can You Make Whipped Coffee With Espresso?

You can make whipped coffee with espresso, some people did try it. You don’t need to add warm water in that case. You just add sugar to your espresso and whisk it till it froths up.

It does make a cream but it’s not as stable as the ones done with instant coffee.

In order to get the espresso, there have the best super automatic espresso machine also the best commercial espresso machine available in the market, if you need a machine read our review.

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Can I Make Keto Or Vegan Whipped Coffee?

Keto Vegan Whipped Coffee

If you’re on a Keto diet but can’t forego the idea of whipped coffee. Don’t worry you can have a whipped coffee keto version and still be on the Keto diet.

You can alter this coffee and make it keto. Surprised? We know you are more delighted than surprised.

You’ll use instant coffee powder and an alternative to sugar as per your liking and any kind of milk works just fine. You can add a drop of MCT oil to make it more keto.

Voila! Your keto whipped coffee is ready to serve, or you could say whipped coffee without sugar is ready.

For vegan options switch from normal dairy to vegan dairy i.e., nut milk or soy milk of choice. Keep everything else the same as regular and just tweak the milk to your choice.

These are all the changes you need to make in a regular whipped coffee recipe for a vegan whipped coffee!

Where To Store Whipped Coffee?

It’s true that while you try storing your extra batch of whipped coffee the foams will deflate a bit. But that being said it’s possible to store this coffee and enjoy it for later.

Get an airtight container and put the batch of your Dalgona coffee inside. Keep it in your freezer and enjoy it whenever you want.

Whipped Coffee TikTok

Whipped Coffee TikTok

This whipped coffee a.k.a Dalgona Coffee exploded over the internet with TikTok. All those TikTok videos show how easy it is to make a café style beverage at home.

The fluff you can make with instant coffee, sugar, and warm water wowed everyone. Almost everyone who likes mainstream coffee has given this Dalgona Whipped coffee a shot.

What’s interesting is how it evolved on TikTok, at first you would see people using a manual whisk to fluff it up, later on, some started using an electric whisk enjoying the coffee-making process more and more.

Some people came up with a keto and vegan version, some used alternatives for sugar.

Since this seemed like a fun activity that didn’t require much, people gladly accepted it.

Let’s Watch a Video: How to Make Dalgona Coffee?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Make Whipped Coffee With Regular Coffee? (Whipped Coffee Without Instant Coffee)

Yes, you can make whipped coffee with coffee grounds but it won’t be able to give you the softest fluff.

The regular ground coffee beans aren’t pre-processed so it’s considered a raw product but instant coffee is pre-processed, and so it gives you a more prominent and stable fluff.

How To Drink Whipped Coffee?

You are free to drink whipped coffee any way you like. Most prefer it cold and so they add ice to their cup and those who prefer it hot get a cup of warm milk. Customize it and sip it as you want from the cup via spoon or straw. Just make sure that you enjoy it.

Why Does Instant Coffee Whip?

A preservative called xanthan gum helps stabilize the whip in coffee, and also the sugar helps a lot in holding form and not draining.

This is why the whipped coffee trend seems to only work great with instant coffee and not freshly ground coffee beans.

How Long Does Whipped Coffee Take?

Generally, it takes around 2-5 minutes with an electric mixer to build a soft, frothy texture but if you choose to do it manually with a whisk then it’ll take around 8-15 minutes.

Why Is My Coffee Not Whipping?

To get your coffee whipping either your choice of utensils isn’t right or your proportion is maybe too small.

Let’s say you’re whipping in a mug instead of a mixing bowl now where it’s lagging is in space. In a mixing bowl, you’ll easily be able to whip in some air and make volume, this is not easy to achieve in a mug.

Even after using a mixing bowl if it’s still not rising then just double the ingredients, that should help build a volume.

Is Whipped Coffee Unhealthy (Bad) For You?

It is a low blow to your sugar intake for a day. Since the smooth foam is made using granulated white sugar it is counted as unhealthy. But there are ways to cut whipped coffee calories. Since a regular cup of this coffee takes only two teaspoons of sugar only, that should be self-explanatory from person to person based on what they are supposed to eat in a day.

If you’re interested to know ‘how to make whipped coffee without sugar’ then you can use alternatives; agave and stevia give great results as well. Mix thoroughly with your cup of milk.

Can I Make Dalgona Coffee In A Blender?

You can use an immersion/hand blender. It helps cut down on time and creates a silky-smooth foam in no time. It works the same as an electric hand whisk and gives you the same results.

Much better results than making Dalgona coffee by hand.

Caution And Conclusion

Whipping the coffee with your hand is going to be a vigorous workout for some. So you better opt for an electric whisk if you are not up for that.

Isn’t it just amazing how versatile whipped coffee drink can be! And now you know about it too.

There might be many more approaches out there somewhere, we let you know about the ones we thought would be great additions for your flavor palate to play with.

Enjoy this fun activity with the people you love and know that there’s always a cup of Dalgona Coffee for everyone.


  1. It was a pleasure to read your post! Dalgona has taken over the coffee world, with several variations available today. The delightful frothy drink is a preferred choice for millions due to its visual appeal as well as its taste. However, for those who are concerned about their health, I recommend substituting stevia for sugar.

    • Hi Ava,

      Thanks to read my article. Yes Guys; Ava Wilson is right, If you’re interested to know ‘how to make whipped coffee without sugar’ then you can use alternatives; agave and stevia give great results as well. Mix thoroughly with your cup of milk.

      And detailed about Stevia you can read my another article 5 Best Keto Coffee Creamer Recipe And Guide For Keto Lovers

      Thanks Ava Wilson, and thanking you all of my readers.


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