Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 Review And Buying Guide.

Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 Review

Times are changing, technology has boomed in the modern world. We can make anything using technology, can’t we? The greatest thing is we can have every single morning with our own brewed cups of coffee. If you are a coffee lover, and you want to make coffee either at home or office, we have ninja cf091 which is our top choice in the current market. We are going to make the Ninja coffee bar cf091 review to let you know how it becomes the best Ninja coffee maker in our top choice.

With this coffee maker, you will be able to brew coffee, froth milk, and have your favorite mug all the way you want. Also comes with a clever mix of features that allows you to make different taste. In this article, we will be talking about ninja coffee bar cf091 with pros, cons, features, performance, and the best experiences with this ninja coffee maker.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into Ninja coffee bar reviews.

Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 Review

Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 Review, Best Coffee Maker Ever.

Though this unit didn’t make it our Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Guide, it still has some quality features. Let’s have a Look.


Ninja Coffee Bar System

Currently, the ninja has been keeping a good reputation for people providing the best appliance. Also, ninja especially focuses on making the best coffee maker that is great for home and office. As one of the leading companies, the ninja can be considered that the coffee maker with what they have come with is well-built. In addition, you will notice how it worth it, and how it’s best for the price.

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The Ninja cf091 coffee maker is made with high-quality plastic that looks premium. When it comes to considering the size, you may have to get a big size on your kitchen to set it in. because it’s a little bit bulky and larger meaning you will need big counter space.

As I mentioned before, it’s made with high-quality plastic as opposed to glass that is better for brewing it. And you will be able to transit glass pieces easily and save it from breaking it up.

What you are going to get with this ninja coffee brewer is the 12-ounce double-walled tumbler for a hot and cold beverage. Also, you will get a double-walled carafe (for iced coffee), double-walled stainless steel travel mug and the 14-ounce glass specialty brew cup. Everything that it has come with is well-made and reliable.


Ninja has a clever mix of features that makes it our top favorite. Before buying it, let’s have a look at its amazing features:

6 Brew Sizes


One of the most interesting things in this ninja coffee bar cf091 review is to talk about the 6 brew sizes what this model comes with. From a single cup to a big carafe you will be able to make depending on your choice. The 6 brew sizes include cup size to make 9 and a half coffee, 11 and a half ounce cup, travel mug, multi-serve tumbler, half carafe, and full carafe. So make your own choice and take a sip.

Classic and Rich Brew Mode


Once you have chosen the size, you will be noticing a little bit after the classic and rich brew button.

The classic button is to produce well-balanced and enough flavor. If you love coffee with a smooth flavor, you are good to go.

One the other hand, the rich brew button is to make a cup of coffee as same as java coffee. If you love java coffee, this machine will let you enjoy java coffee at your home.

Specialty Brew

Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 Review

One more button comes with this machine is the specialty button to whip your signature drinks and espresso beverages, say if you are kind of a fan of lattes and cappuccinos you will be able to whip your coffee to get enough flavor. Also, it features a milk frother to steam your milk so that you can make lattes or cappuccinos. For this feature, this machine is also known as Ninja cf091 espresso.

Ninja Coffee Bar Cold Brew (Over Ice Brew)


There are so many people who love iced coffee of all time. However, in the summer, who doesn’t love iced coffee at all? Well, the over-ice brew button comes to make more refreshing and cold coffee at the highest taste.

All you have to do is put cold water on the water reservoir and put some coffee grounds, and have a fresh cold coffee. The over ice function is amazing and easy to use.


Cafe Forte Brew

If you want to get a stronger quality of coffee in your cup, this is great to provide full-bodied flavor and quality coffee. This one is similar to the specialty button, but the difference is it produces 8 ounces of a concentrated mixture.

Milk Frothing

Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 Review

The ninja coffee bar cf091 comes with a motorized milk frother with that you can create cafe drinks. The milk frother is quite perfect for lattes and cappuccinos. The single frother is packed out of the box, all you have to do is unpack and fit it on the backside where the motor is situated. It is now a Ninja coffee maker espresso same act of an espresso machine! We think it’s one of the greatest conveniences what ninja coffee bar comes with, makes it stand out.

Removable Water Reservoir


One of the most striking things is in the ninja coffee bar cf091 is the removable water reservoir which holds up to 54 ounces of water. This has to be placed on the side of the machine, also removing it is pretty easy. The only thing that might be disappointing is that you may have to refill it over and over. However, it comes with a hand-size that will allow you to remove and refill it with ease. There’s one more thing that you may notice is the water reservoir is made out of clear plastic, but it seems pretty durable and well-built. Moreover, the water reservoir shows you how much water you need to hold in when brewing different brew sizes.



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The main part of the entire ninja coffee bar cf091 review is the performance to ensure you how the performance is? And should you buy it or not.

We have got the machine, the same as it’s been said in the feature section. You will be able to adjust the amount you want to make with its simple dial by turning it a little bit. And as I mentioned before, it has 6 brew size options that were accurate while brewing. So, without any hassle, you will be able to get any size you want.

The most interesting thing is if you have a big family of coffee lovers, you will be able to make a full carafe with enough flavor. In addition, half of the carafe will allow you to make coffee for a few numbers of people if you have then.        

Whether you want to make a cup, mug, or carafe, all you have to do is put some grounds on the built-in pod (where you can put your own coffee grounds). The system is incredible slides so you can put grounds with more ease. Well, once you have put grounds, slide it, and start brewing.

On this built-in pod, there’s a permanent filter that is reusable. If you want to use a paper filter, you will be able to. There’s an instruction to use a paper filter.

Ease of Use

There’s one more interesting thing to talk about in this ninja cf091 review is the ease of use. The reason behind becoming it our favorite is its ease of use. It features a big interface where you will be able to operate a big button focusing clear instructions.

This machine is suitable for both beginners and pros. If you are a beginner and don’t know how to operate and make your own coffee, there’s nothing to worry about, the ninja coffee bar manual will guide you to make your expected coffee.

Every part came with the machine looks premium and seems durable. The water reservoir on the side and milk frother perform well as far as it goes. Ninja replacement carafe, a glass of iced coffee pitcher, the reusable filter, a small spoon to scoop are as good as it should be. And all the things that came with this model to make it easy and simple.


The most important part of a coffee maker is cleaning, whenever you tend to make coffee with your own coffee maker, make sure it’s clean and ready to produce fresh coffee.

Cleaning the ninja coffee bar was easy, there’s a clean button on the bottom of the machine to clean it. All you have to do is take some vinegar and mix them in the water, then tap the clean button. Great the machine is ready to brew.

There’s one more thing you should notice about is take time to clean it to brew for the first time. You may not use vinegar during your first clean. As a bonus, you will get a book of recipes with the manual where you can learn standard coffee recipes.        

We also have a detailed review on How to Clean a Coffee Maker with Vinegar, in case if you want to check that out.

Let’s Watch a Video: How to Deep Clean Ninja Coffee Bar CF091.


Though we have included some glimpse about the durability, here we are going to make it as clear as you want to. When it comes to talking about the durability, we should say that this ninja coffee bar is not a premium machine at all. However, it’s made out of black, and thick plastic which looks durable though. Also, the bigger control panel has bigger buttons and clear instructions which will stay a long time.

This model comes with a 1-year warranty though, we may expect it a more long-lasting. Overall the entire machine is the package that ensures high-end quality and reliability.


  • Provides exceptional coffee
  • Big interface, big buttons with clear instructions
  • Easy to operate and use
  • Excellent motorized milk frother
  • Durable plastic and stainless steel finish
  • The user-friendly removable water reservoir


  • This is not automatic. So user need to push a button to stop brewing
  • When a hot plate is not warm, the carafe stays warm for only one hour.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have included FAQs so that you can get some answers to those questions that you may have. Also if some information is missing, you may get them in this section. Here we go

Question 1: Can it do just hot water?

Answer: Yes it can if you don’t put coffee ground it only provides hot water.

Question 2: How long have you had the Ninja Coffee bar and are you happy with it?

Answer: I have had it for a couple of months thus far. My wife and I are very pleased with it. As I said in my review, the only downfall is that you must heat the milk in the microwave for a latte or other hot coffee drink. Then you must use the frothing attachment. Ideally, you will heat milk (3-3.5 minutes) while the coffee is being put into your cup. Then you will froth it while the coffee drops the final drips into your cup! If someone is not happy with this device, I will be surprised!

Question 3: Do I need to use a paper filter?

Answer: It is not required, the filter that comes with it works fine and does not eliminate some of the greatest flavors. However, you do espressos, the coffee grounds are quite refined so the paper filter keeps you from getting the fine grounds in your coffee. The filters are 4.00 for 200 (I believe that was the price). I personally use the paper filters because I grind my beans to a very fine, almost powder, level.

Question 4: Does the CF091 have a water filter, and if so, is it replaceable?

Answer: No, there’s no water filter in cf091


We have shared all the aspects of this ninja coffee bar cf091 review. We hope you got it. We highly recommend this product for its quality and great performance. Also, we make it one of the top choices to be as good as the best ninja coffee maker should be. If you want to buy the best single serve coffee brewer it could be in your choice as it has been ours.

As I mentioned before, you can put it on your choice as it comes under the shark ninja brand that ensures the quality, durability, and productivity. To get more information and customer reviews check it on amazon.


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